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O other creations on the internet This book has been provided by publisherauthor for an honest reviewAs many of the Nerd Girl fans know I am pretty old school I collect my books but still keep my review books handy on my Kindle for the late night lights out insomnia reading I love to make things and always have It s a great way to relaxI always search the Internet for fun ideas but then I will have to print them out shuffle through unbound pages and stand to loose something along the way Well well well just like my beloved recipe books the DIY Dammit A Practical Guide to Curse Free Crafting by Joselyn Hughes is stress free and bound On to do that it s bound in a book so you don t have to waste time on the Internet print and then sometimes loose paper and patientsJoselyn is fun and witty and her DIY projects are fun for you and your family A perfect gift for someone into up cycling and being well craftyA crafty 4 stars Grab it todayThis review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official Anyone lse sick of the same ole craft books I was and so I picked up the Cognitive Radio Networks e galley of this one hoping for something new While most of the crafts presented aren t new or spectacular how they are presented will have you howling with laughter I m not sure which one liner I could label as my favourite since there are so many good ones but definitely pick this one up and give it a flip Fun ideas that I have used in library displays and will adapt for DIY adult programming Fun Wide variety of projects to make or use as a starting point with own tweaks. Joselyn by your side you’ll laugh learn andnd up with handcrafted creations that will impress your friends family and strangers you accost on the street She’s already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to What are you waiting for DIY Damm.

I usually don t include craft books in my read pile as those books do not usually lend themselves to be read front to back but I am including this one because I did just that As a craft book it has some obvious blunders such as the two headed poncho cozy template that I had to stare at to make sure I was not reading the pattern wrong and some of the blithely written directions that Personnel Management in Government encourage you to just google it if you need further instructions The crafts are made to be simple and curse free and they are but the real reason I gave this book four stars is because it is hysterical The author captures the real reason for crafting it s fun Injoyed her irreverent attitudethe drinking guide to doing crafts and her overall non perfectionism It is not a book I would necessarily recommend to do the crafts but would recommend for a crafter that has had too many Pinterest fails It is a uick fun to read book Well this book was the most fun I ve had for a while If you ve Out of This World ever tried to do a craft andnded up wanting to take a hammer to your sewing machine and be honest who hasn t this is the book for you Warning Don t read if 4 letter words offend you because there s a lot of The Time It Never Rained em in here I found myself laughing a lot as I turned through the pages Here s the author s take on X ACTO knives You re packing when you ve got one of these in your craft den I m sorry did you think I was just a helpless little crafter Wha BAM Think again This boos is by far one of the best DIY Books I have read this year I have been on the hunt for a DIY book that would spar. Doing it yourself always seems so simple Only 3 steps Just 5 supplies Less than 30 minutes Yeah rightThe truth is craftin’ ain’tasy But it also doesn’t have to be an xasperating lesson in your own clumsinessJoselyn Hughes knows the struggle

K my creativity and make me xcited to craft This book did all of that and The book was super detailed super funny and the instructions are Childrens Phantasies easy to understand and read with good pictures Joselyn makes you feel likeven if you fail you can still rock it later on something lse I normally get my books through my library but I will be buying a copy of this book for later use and that is saying something Love it not my kind of stuff some humor in the book but the crafts were kind of tacky I felt Glad that I checked this book out at my local library It had a couple cute ideas and also some really not cute ideas too I m looking at you not so Classy Clutch andW T F Cute as a cupcake liner garland dead serious I guess I m being nice here this would be a good book to laugh with at if you re a crafter but not much lse Also in the author s attempt to be hip with her flippant attitude which is usually fine by me she s made a few big rude blunders Some bigger than others That being said I did laugh sometimes took the uiz was told I was Martha Stewart not but I ll take it and want to make one thing My light switches are truly hideous and I like to cover stuff with fabric It s worth a whole star to me As for me this DIY Don t is back at the library waiting for someone The Soviet Union else hey it might be their cuppa tea Toach their own Finally a crafting book that Gods and Heroes embraces the imperfections of crafting You don t have to have name brand products you are most likely not going to get it right on your first try and most importantly don t compare your finish creation He’s lived it And now with  DIY Dammit she offers up foolproof craftables that deliver maximum cute with minimalffort There are asy to follow instructions and realistic shortcuts because waiting for paint to dry is as boring aswell you knowWith.


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Joselyn Hughes is a Los Angeles based writer and performer She was recently named as one of 30 Under 35 Female Comedians to Watch by JaneDoughcom 25 Female Comedians Everyone Should Know by Flavorwirecom 18 Funny Women You Should Be Following on Twitter by the Huffington Post and 30 Under 30 Comedians You Should Watch by Splashlife and Funny or Die Joselyn has appeared on Chelsea