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Logan and Izzy s story continues in this second book of the When you re one seriesIt s been 6 months they were apart because Logan wanted to protect her and that what he still does Nothing eventful happened but you are never too carefulBella on her side tries to life her life but if she has to admit she never really The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, got over Logan She is kept herself busy with work and doesn t want to think of something else or better say someone elseIf I have toive a word to summarize the first part of the book it would be HonestyWhen they meet again Logan and Bella doesn t simply fall into each other s arms Logan knows he has an explanation to Inverloch Volume 4 give and he also knows Bella won t believe anything else than the truth the whole truthAt this point of the story it felt like things were realistic between them They have a conversation where they don t lie Logan says he loves her but it felt right when he says it And when Bella says she could haveet over him at some point I felt there were to this story than romance Because I think it could easily have fallen into a stupid love story and it s totally not the case hereBella is tortured at first because she can The Good and Beautiful God get her mind off the fact he lied to her even if it was to protect her She is also scared of the attention they could draw She has the impression everythingoes to fast with LoganI loved the conversation she has with her best friend Nic While Bella is nothing but worried her best friend is there to show another side of what Logan is and what he offersAnd so they start a life together But is it really safe Is the threat really oneI didn t ive a higher rating for this book because I was wondering why their story was told in 3 books I don t know how can I explain myself because I liked both books the first than this one but still Logan and Bella are reat together and nothing is forced between themTheir story is beautiful but I feel like book two is a sort of transition and yeah I wanted moments between them moments with Logan on stage and Bella backstage time to see their love rowAnd with that kind of ending all I want is book 3Thank you Taryn Elliott for the chance to review your bookFor reviews Bulletproof Weeks The Horse in Celtic Culture generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review4 We fit StarsWhen I read book one of the When You re Gone series one of my main reflections on the story was Taryn Elliott convinced me of the magic these two Logan Izzy possess together Bulletproof Weeks maintained this fact building upon the anguish of book one s end picking up months later to reinstate the passion between these two characters The presentation of the heroine in this series holds as one of perseverance andusto Izzy is an independent woman focused on her work scorned by the betrayal she felt when Logan dismissed her Learning a secret truth about him she stops at nothing to find him exerting her fierce personality She oozes honesty and I love that about her She refuses to settle for anything less than the truth and ives the likeness in return Logan King remains memorized by the fight in the feisty woman he can t stop thinking about He s tortured by the security complexities of his fame and the utter despair he feels if can t protect Izzy Persuaded by her forthright proclamation to live their lives they embark on another passionate journey to find peace for themselves Just when you think their connection has been firmly rooted Elliot finds a new way to take your breath away These two are surrounded by secondaries who spice the story up creating a fun atmosphere even when the threat of danger forces their. Being a famous rock star for almost two decades means putting his life on display But for the last two years Logan King has dealt with the uglier side of fame When his stalker escalates to issuing veiled threats against the first woman he's allowed in his life Logan locks down and shuts Izzy out His stalker isn't just anyone she's as famous as he is with a financial reach that makes her infi.

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Not from his mindIt s been six months since that whirlwind week they spent together Izzy is etting and successful business and tries to loose herself in the constant travel When she notices someone watching her and figures out that Logan hasn t stopped thinking of her either she s determined not to let him run any Especially when she figures out the depth of his feelings He lived for the pain and the pleasure And in the dark where there was nothing but a tiny line of firelight in his room he loved her with all that he had and finally felt alive As she slowly begins to unravel his secrets and Logan begins to open up to her and the imminent danger draws near until it finally hits with a strike so devastating you ll never see it coming All I know is thank Every Boys Dream gawd that i have book 3 already because if I had to wait for it after that cliffhanger I m pretty sure I may have cut a bitch True storyBulletproof Weeks was just as sexy as book one but for me it also fell into that middle book of a trilogy itis syndrome What I mean is there were certain parts of it that felts stretched out and slowoing for me I tend to prefer my stories with just a little meat which is why for some reason this happens to me with pretty much any middle book of a trilogy that I read But that just may be my book ADD kicking in tooWhile I want to say that it could have been done in 2 books I can also see why their story needed this one It was like the calm before the storm It ave the reader a little depth into both characters and to truly et invested in their romance It may have been slow paced and stretched out at times but let me tell you that cliffhanger will leave you begging for the next book Guaranteed ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit The story continues with Bella and Logan still separate but the circumstances that bring them together was interesting and not protracted Here we et a chance to experience their romance and Logan finding himself in his music again There s plenty of steam and sizzle but of the dynamic of their relationship emerges Always in the background though is the threat called Aimee It all ends on a serious I mean huge cliffhanger It s also a shame that I must wait a couple of weeks to learn the outcome To say would be spoiler ish and I m beyond hooked on this series I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review It s heartbreaking seductive and explosive in that order The continuation of the When You re Gone series is addictive in the sweet and sultry persuasion of two people from different worlds that fit together perfectly and left me open mouthed with incredulity and wanting I m a better man with you because of you We fit together We make sense together It s been months since Logan s worst nightmare manifested herself at the carnival causing him a panic attack an Izzy pain and humiliation than she ever thought possible Leaving Izzy without explanation and letting her believe the lies the media has printed is what Logan believes is best for her distancing himself and leaving him to bear all the burden of his demons But even if he s not physically present he s still keeping a worried and watchful eye on her Those topaz eyes are my addiction Those topaz eyes are my destruction Topaz eyes won t you be my absolution Isabella Please be advised If your version of the book ends at CHAPTER 12 then please have your file updated via The book was corrected upon release day so should only affect preorders The book should end on CHAPTER 18 I m terribly sorry for the inconvenience 45 StarsLoving this series. Hen she begins to unravel the secrets that surround the man she still loves she discovers her personal security detail and demands answers And they all point to Logan Letting him back into her life comes with many challenges–and rewards–than she could've ever dreamed But loving a man like Logan comes at a dangerous cost One that has a lasting effect that could echo into all their tomorro.

Hands Wit fun and passion mingle together to make a love story worth reading about this troubles rock star and the woman who makes his blood sizzle Bulletproof Weeks leaves you turning the pages easily wondering the fate of these two people Suspense fun and sarcasm provide a ood reading ride and the ending leaves you wanting of this story right away Did what I think happen really happen Can one woman be capable of such destruction Will these two lovers prevail unscathed I m excited to have started this series and wait in anticipation to read book three to find out how Logan Izzy s journey will end WoW What can I sayI just love this trilogy and author This book kept the flow and picked up a couple months after the first left off What I loved about this readthe chemistry and love between Izzy and Logan unwavering friends and bonds the H O T moments together and the laugh out loud dialoguesituations I could not put this book down Izzy dives into her work to try and The Multi-Orgasmic Man get over Logan She is working so much that she travels constantly Isabella notices something is a miss which leads her back to Logan Logan FINALLY mans up and explains himself This read is about them finding themselves and pushing the boundaries Trying to live their lives but still knowing Amiee is out there Itets to a breaking point and what they can take and who is onna rule who s life and take ownership As in fashion like the last bookcliffhanger I am dying and NEED the next book I love this couple and am rooting for themThis is my honest review based on ARC from author Thank you Full Disclosure I received an ARC from the author in exchange for my honest reviewWhat I enjoyed most about this book is that it s ot a solid plot with some HOT sex added in it s not a sex free for all book that tries to force a storyline in between the naked bits The story picks up a short time after the end of book 1 and shows Isabella living her life without Logan She s doing tons of traveling for work burying herself in books so she doesn t have to dwell on what could ve been Logan is The Great Passage going about his life as well but he s not thatreat at hiding his feelings The band s newest album is dark and angry and angsty and even the album s cover shows the broody LoganThe first few chapters reminded me of the start of a police thriller The Beast House / After Midnight genre story of which I am a huge fan with that familiar f Taryn does it again I LOVE her writing She stays true to her characters flaws be damned and I respect that about her Logan and Isabelle are not perfect They have their ups and some serious downs but they love eachother Love is messy and sometimes full of stalkers and miscommunication Love is also full of wickedly hot love scenes Boy can Taryn turn up the heat with hers 3 I m excited for the final installment Down side The darn wait 35 Stars It didn t seem fair that a week could do that much damage to her That his touch had become a phantom tattoo with all the permanence that entailed Can you lose your heart to someone after spending just one week with them One incredibly passionate unforgettable week is all it took for Isabella to fall head over heels for the broody rockstar Logan What is it about Logan that made her fall as hard as she didThat may have been it But really it was his all encompassing presence that completely drew her in But then he shattered her heart when he left her But what Izzy doesn t know is it broke Logan even to do it In order to protect her from his deranged stalker that fancies herself in love with him he had to sever all ties with her That doesn t mean he s let heronot in his heart and definitely. Nitely treacherous Falling for Logan King wasn't part of Isabella Grace's plans and their spectacular public breakup didn't make it easy to move on Whispers and pitying looks from people in her small town send her fleeing from the first place that finally feels like home Her solace becomes her travel for work but the niggling sense that someone is watching her follows her from city to city

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