Ralph P. Himmelsbach: NORJAK the Investigation of D B Cooper

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M someone further from the case for perspective but having this account is very interesting Easy to read moves fast and sticks to the story very wellWhat do you think happened to Cooper Book is of course inconclusive as no trace of him ever found yet. Obably received military training and that he was familiar with the Pacific Northwest Himmelsbach also gives the reasons why he believes Cooper died in the fall.

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Nt of the incident from the perspective of the investigating FBI agent for whom Cooper became something of an obsession although he claims not Book written in the 80s and a little pedstrian at times It would be interesting to read another account fro. Bach goes into behind the scenes detail about the investigation and reveals his own opinions on the case that Cooper probably had a criminal record that he'd pr.

Story of DB Cooper who hijacked a Northwest 727 in 1971 extorting 200K from the airline before parachuting into a stormy night over Washington State Never seen or heard from again so the great mystery is did he make itThis is a straightforward accou. NORJAK the Investigation of D B Cooper tells the story of D B Cooper from the point of view of Ralph Himmelsbach the lead FBI agent assigned to the case Himmels.