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Ve chocolate in them I would love to go on Dangerously Dark tour but not in that vanYou might get hungry for chocolate reading this book There are some recipes in the back of the book for you to tryI was given this book to read by Net Galley and Kensington In return I agreed to give a honest review and be part of Dangerously Dark book tour I like my chocolate dark dangerously dark The darker the better Hayden Mundy MooreI read the above line and felt like Hayden and I were kindred spirits when it comes to chocolate I love dark chocolate the best and think that white chocolate isn t really chocolateI thought it was interesting by the author to have this story begin just days after Criminal Confections Zu schnell ended Hayden is still a newbie investigator and when her BFF Carissa s fiance Declan is found dead in her food truck Hayden believes it is not an accident and there is a killer on the loose And of course there is Travis Hayden s financial advisor that we have no idea what he looks like but she does like to flirt with him in factach call begins with what are you wearing There was a funny dialogue between the two talking about his fish and what he was feeding them fish meal and other things Hayden is devastated to learn that they are cannibals and of course referenced Finding Nemo Without getting into the whole conversation my favorite line here was Hey Sleepless (Bird of Stone, eat lunch or be lunch Injoyed this book for than just the chocolate and of didn t figure out the killer ahead of time I did get annoyed with Hayden because it seems like she is ADD and all over the place Or maybe it was just too much description We give this 4 paws up and look forward to the next book in this serie. N the midst of habanero hot chocolate and mocha chunk gelato a choco crazed killer waits to strike again Hayden will need to use than her xtraordinarily gifted taste buds to bring this murderer to justice but she just might have bitten off than she can chew in the process.

Hayden Mundy Moore is in Portland Oregon to attend her college friend Carissa s ngagement party Sure it was a whirlwind romance but Hayden Mundy Moore will do anything for her old friend Hayden Mundy Moore her name ALWAYS has three parts is impressed by her ditzy friend s new ice cream business Carissa s ice cream cart featuring chocola In Colette London s Dangerously Dark the second installment in the Chocolate Whisperer Culinary Cozy mystery series this one would hook you and tempt you on the first page When Hayden Mundy Moore first arrived in Portland she was there to help her best friend Carissa with her wedding details as her matron of honor But right before Carissa could say I Do her fianc is found dead in the trailer for the Chocolate After Dark tour While Carissa grievedthe loss for Declan Murphy it was up to Hayden to do some snoop and check out the CAD tour from Cartaroma But as Hayden and her bodyguard Danny observe the people of the tour they took a real good look into Declan s life Hayden came across a poisoning of sort in her own drink an accidental shelving incident and multiple scare tactics to throw her off the tracks of the culprit She suspected the people who knew Declan best ven Carissa since it seemed that veryone had a motive to do him in by liuid nitrogen And when one of her prime suspects had figured it out she Invisible (The Curse of Avalon ended up in a car accident that almost claimed her life While Hayden and Danny had bet their money on whodunit Hayden had later suspected the one who had harmed her in a toxic face off REVIEW DANGEROUSLY DARK by Colette LondonA Chocolate Whisperer MysteryAcclaimed chocolate whisperer Hayden Mundy Moore she of thexuisitely sen. Chocolate whisperer Hayden Mundy Moore has just arrived in Portland Oregon where she's about to scarf souffles and sip cacao based cocktails at her friend's ngagement party Fresh from nabbing her first candy covered killer the last thing Hayden wants to do is mix her love.

Sitive taste buds is fresh from her recent discovery of a murder victim in the San Francisco Bay area and anticipating leisure and fun visiting college friend Carissa in hip bohemian Portland Oregon She s not xpecting to be Jenny on the spot with yet another corpse nor to be pressed into service to fulfill the deceased s Chocolate After Dark Tour At least it s chocolate after allThis second in the series which debuted with CRIMINAL CONFECTIONS will definitely appeal to foodies chocaholics aficionados of smart feisty heroines and armchair travelers such as this reviewer who njoy learning local color Yummy book It is full of Chocolate murder and mystery This is the second book in the A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery series It kept me guessing about who the murder was and whyI like the characters Hayden Mundy Moore is the main character She goes to different places to help trouble shoot different chocolate problems She is single loves to travel and has the money to do it She has a financial advisor that she has to check in with Travis Turner She is curious about him I want to know about himDanny is Hayden s friend and bodyguard at times He has met Travis and doesn t like him Danny is hot a xconHayden is in Portland OR to attend a bridal weekend with a old college friend Carissa Jenkins Carissa owns a food truck Cartorama is a group of food trucks that only sale food with chocolate in it Carissa sells only chocolate ice cream flavors When Hayden meets Carissa and goes into her cart she finds her fiance Declan dead and they almost die tooDeclan the you know about him the you don t like him Lots of people have issue with himI did not realize how many different foods ha. Of chocolate with criminal mischief again But then the groom to be turns up dead before beginning his renowned Chocolate After Dark tour Hayden's friends insist that Declan's death was a freak accident but she knows there's no mistaking the bitter aftertaste of homicide

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