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3 StarsOverall Opinion This was an alright ead I m not going to be adding it to my favorites shelf and I don t think it ll be all that memorable in the long un but I didn t hate it either I just felt like it was lackingsomething Maybe it was the heat I felt like the tension was up there and then it was a big let down when they finally got together I also was eally frustrated with the abrupt ending Otherwise I liked the characters for the most part and I liked their connection to each otherBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Lynelle and William s story Lynelle is believed to be cursed and is neglected by her father and her people so when she sees an opportunity to change that she easily takes it She offers to take her step brother s place when he is taken captive by a Scottish clan and she negotiates two weeks working as a healer for his freedom She had some healing teachings by her caregiver when she was younger so she hopes that she can actually complete her side of the bargain William has had bad experiences with healers in the past and he isn t shy about showing his distrust of Lynelle ight away They bump heads a little bit but the they spend time with each other the they start to develop stronger feelings towards one another There are a few suspenseful scenes some mild sexy times and some sweet momentsand they get a HFN endingPOV This alternated between focusing mainly on Lynelle and William in 3rd person narrative Overall Pace of Story A little slow at first but then I got into it and it flowed wellInstalove No they take a while to develop stronger feelings but in eality it was based on a little than 2 weeks so it was pretty fastH ating 35 stars William I liked him but I felt like he could ve communicated a lot better with the hh ating 35 stars Lynelle I liked her but I also wanted her to communicate better and to fully come clean with the HSadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Yes view spoiler They both push away and also pursue the elationship at times hide spoiler I do love a trip back to the Scottish Highlands in the 1400 s a man in a kilt and a laird yes please and this one was a beauty beautifully written fabulous characters and a story of born enemies finding a love so strong I loved getting to know Lynelle Fenwick and Laird William Kirkpat So when I first saw the cover of The HealerI was WOWZED I just want to look at that back all dayvery yummy I love my highlander omances and when I was able to get a chance to ead this I was super excited to try this author out Allison Butler is new to the writers world and this is her second book I have yet to ead the first but definitely that is in the plans in the near future The Healer is a powerful and iveting story that had me from the beginning Laird William has lost most of his family and has blamed all the healers for it He only has one surviving brother who is injured when he meets Lynelle he watches her every move as she starts to care for his brother She agrees to live in his home for a time to aide his brother in eturn for her step brothers freedom But chemistry begins to burst between these two and before long they share a tender passion that develops into a sweet love for each other This story had me from the beginning and even though it is a shorter book it didn t feel like it was too ushed like short omances tend to be most of the time The author did a great job with the pacing of the story and well developed characters The setting was fabulous and it was obvious that the author had done her homework as the details wa. Curb your Outlander cravings with Allison Butler's seriously sexy Scottish novel about an English woman a Scottish Laird a case of mistaken identity and a love that will surpass all barriers An outcast in her own home for as long as she can emember Lynelle Fenwick will do anything to earn her father's approval Including exaggerating.

S pretty accurate in a historical point of view I loved seeing a bit of history come to life within these pages A phenomenal ead that completely captivated me STUNNING ROMANCE Thanks to NetGalley Mira and Allison Butler for my copy of The Healer1402 Lord John Fenwick doesn t hide the fact that he s not fond of his only daughter Lynelle he blames her for her mothers death and she s nothing but an unwanted burden When her half brother Thomas is t I so enjoyed this most beautiful omantic story ever This book set in Lynelle Fenwick a beautiful English girl has to escue her half brother Thomas She was trying to win the love of her father and stepmother Whilst visiting the Closeburn Clan to escue Thomas they would only set him free if she would stay and offer them her healing skills There she met laird William Kirkpatrick There she met his brother Edan who had such a bad leg injury she could fix She not only cared for him but others too I so loved this beautiful written omantic book Book The HealerAuthor Allison ButlerPublication Date October 8 2014Genre Historical RomanceType Stand Alone Cliffhanger NoRating 35 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided by Escape Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest eviewMy Thoughts StoryI have to be honest and say I was a cover slut when choosing this book That ippling back grabbed me and you would know that if you look at the genre of books I have ead in the past yearI was on a Scottish Historical Romance kick and then suddenly I switched to Contemporary and everything like it never touching a Scottish book again Well that is until I saw this cover and had to ead the bookThe story was good but it did emind why I started to stray away from these genre of books but then again it was a nice switch from the present day booksI do have to add in here that this was not a typical Scottish Clan story with them taking castles and kidnapping a lassyetc Pleasant surprise from the typical 4 Stars The Healer by Allison Butler is a beautifully written historical omance tale set in the year 1404 of an English woman and a Scottish Laird who are drawn together A tale of belonging loss hope and loveLynelle believes she is cursed her own father an English Lord has outcasted her since birth and she s been shunned by most of her village Lynelle has been aised by the village healer who has now passed but she still lives in her amshackle hut and not Redheugh Castle where her stepbrother and father liveHer younger stepbrother is captured by their enemies the Scots and to try and win her fathers approval she waits for darkness to fall so she can go off secretly to escue him Risking her life pretending to be an experienced healer she figures that she has nothing to lose and much to gainI found The Healer an entertaining ead Happy eading 4 Little Fool StarsI eally loved this story I didn t have to deal with foul language whoring ways idiotic Hh and the steamy scenes weren t over done upon pages and pages Lynelle was shunned by all her clansmenwomen and family her entire life granted two people were good to her She grew up believing herself to not be worth much She didn t believe in herself but deep down she had a hidden temper and so much She just needed a eason to be who she was meant to be William is the laird of his people He had set off to visit his friend for a couple of days when his younger brother is hurt During this time his friends clansmen scared the English on their side of the boarder therefore in the process escaping with Lynelle s step brother. Her healing skills and setting off alone to escue her step brother from a band of aiding ScotsLiving under a curse that has haunted the Closeburn Clan for years Laird William Kirkpatrick will do anything to save his sole surviving brother He may not believe in curses but his clan does and the growing number of graves seems to suppor.

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She sets out to save him and ends up in the servitude of WilliamWilliam has a distrust of healers and that s exactly what he needs to help save his brother Can he learn to trust his heart and a new healer Can she learn to trust anyone let alone William face her fears and help his brother and otherswhat I liked1 William He was a good kind protective laird and man His feelings of distrust and struggles of the heart were of just cause 2 Lynelle Loving caring and so innocent in the ways of life and love I eally enjoyed her character and her struggles I totally sympathized why she held back about her life3 I love William s clansmen and women 4 When they finally give in to desire it s not over the top awkward drawn out or shy idiculousness I thought it was perfect and I m glad she went full steam ahead into it5 No foul language6 No whoring ways and def no other women7 Loves the full story and how it was written The Healer book one in Allison Butler s Borderland Brides duo is a e edited version of the book that she first brought out in 2014 It was subseuently paired with The Thief in 2016 to make an enticing duo and I m ashamed to say that I one clicked on the set several years ago then forgot to ead them I m glad because now I ve had the chance to ead the new and improved version of this book and it s very definitely a page turnerSet in the Scottish border country in 1402 the story brings together English healer Lynelle Fenwick who s been shunned by her father since her birth and Scottish laird William Kirkpatrick who distrusts healers but has been forced to use her services to heal his injured brother Both Lynelle and William are tortured souls She s spent her whole life trying to earn her father s love and because of the way she s grown up she has considered herself cursed He s lost both his parents a brother and a sister and blames his former healer for much of that loss Despite a distinct lack of trust between these two there s also plenty of sexual tension Their attraction simmers and boils as the story evolves and is one of the key easons the story moves along so nicelyThings I liked about this book apart from the setting and who doesn t love a Scottish castle include the use of herbs the sense of community within Closeburn Castle and the adjoining village I love it when the people around the stars of a book are used to demonstrate their inner ualities and it is very apparent in this book that both William and Lynelle are caring and honourable in their dealings with those around them I was thoroughly invested in their story and almost sad to have it come to an end Story is just as beautiful as the coverReally enjoyable eadLoved the characters and the storylineThe story as a whole flowed niceley with some bumps and emotions along the wayLynelle is a great character I found her consistent the entire way and her courage and determination was endearing Her love for Will was uick but not sudden and I felt it was believeableI would have liked of the scottish accenttalk from Will but I enjoyed his character immensley his strength and love for his brother and clansmen was evident throughoutAs a couple I think they work eally well together and would have enjoyed an epilouge or hope they are eferenced to in a future storyI eally liked the assortment of characters that all played an important part in each tellingThe authors story telling is wonderful and easy to follow and I look forward to what she brings out nextAll up a eally great ead and I will most definately be looking out for works from this autho. T their sideHaving banished all healers from the clan for trickery he has no choice but to allow an Englishwoman claiming to be a skilled healer into his home and into the oom of his wounded brother Enemies by birth and circumstance they can only succeed together But blood uns deep and tensions high What matters the desires of a hea.

Allison Butler is an author of Scottish historical romance She spent her early years in country NSW building pretend castles with hay bales and leaping white posts with her army of two older sisters and a younger brother Many years later with her mother's influence she discovered a passion for words and history read her first historical romance and was inspired to write her own She writes ea