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F her smile turned up slightly Tension washed over her starting in her shoulders her muscles bracing for something Then out of the corner of my eye I saw movement down around her middle I reached out to touch the soft smooth flesh of her belly just above her belly button I felt another gentle pulse from within her and was startled to feel the flesh under my fingers grow slightly harder We both aughed incredulous and joyful I didn’t understand what was happening to her only that we’d succeede.

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Joe is just an average guy working 9 to 5 every day so he can come home to his girlfriend and relax While getting groceries he meets a strange beautiful woman and suddenly only knows one thing he was made to be with this woman and that he must mate with her and nothing is important Hours ater her belly is ripe and full But is it his child Or something else Orb A Tale of Alien Pregnancy is 11000 words and is positively gravid with hot sci fi sex and belly expansion Excerpt Her expression was cont.

Ent and serene yet her brow furrowed as if she was concentrating She smiled warmly as she saw me awaken There was a comfortable silence as we basked in the moment for a minute or two Though I had a million uestions Lisa spoke first “You’re just in time” she said her voice proud and gentle I realized I could still faintly feel the now familiar thrum of energy emanating from within her slowly pulsing once again every few seconds She made a uiet moan and wrinkled her eyebrows and the corners