Lynne Hinton: The Case of the Sin City Sister A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery #2

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This eview is also posted on Book by BookWhen I picked up Lynne Hinton s The Case of the Sin City Sister I hadn t ead the first novel in the Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery series Sister Eve Private Eye but I had no problem uickly getting into and enjoying this second one Hinton tells her story at a steady well established pace with amusing sleuthing that kept me intrigued and guessing Though this novel does involve plenty of mystery plenty of focus also falls on the characters and their elationships and introspection Eve as a nun who enjoys iding a motorcycle is an interesting main character and oftentimes surprised me as she searched Las Vegas for her sister Overall The Case of the Sin City Sister is an interesting and entertaining ead Fans of mysteries should definitely check it out Thanks to BookLook Bloggers I eceived a copy of The Case of the Sin City Sister and the opportunity to honestly eview it I was not euired to write a positive eview and all the opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Great VictoriaReading long weekend audio ead EnjoyedI liked this book All things fit together well The characters were well liked I wish I had ead the first book first but I hope to ead it soon Reading this second book first did not interfere with the uality of this story It promises to be a fine series The third book is also available I am still not one hundred percent sold on this series the bones are there but the delivery is all wrong This story begins with Caleb Alford entering the Divine pronounced Devine Private Detective Agency in search of a long lost elative but soon that plot is taken over by Sister Evangeline s sister Dorisanne who has suddenly gone missing but that story is spiked with a third plot involving Epi Salazar and his needing the Captain Eve s father and owner of the Agency to come out to his property to help him look for gold Let me back up if you have not ead the previous book Sis. She's not your average nun And now Sister Eve Divine's isking it all searching for a mission person in VegasSister Eve Divine ecently discovered she’s got a gift turns out she’s a natural at private detective work But is it a temptation or a calling As Eve wrestles with this uestion she’s taking a leave of absence from.

Ter Evangeline has been a member of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Madrid New Mexico Ever since her last visit with her father where she helped him solve a murder she has been having second thoughts about emaining at the convent She is drawn between the two worlds and has been praying for divine intervention The agency has fed her spirit engaged her mind and fulfilled her in a way that has been missing Maybe a leave of absence will help Returning home she is once again helping her father with agency business when her wild child sister Dorisanne disappears and Eve with the help of her father s ex police partner Daniel head out to Las Vegas to find her The story is convoluted and at times jumps to conclusions with no eal substantiation For a nun that claims that she has been sheltered she seems to know than she should One minute she is na ve and the next appears to have cat like instincts on how to ecognize people find clues or get out of tricky situations There were a couple of things that eally bothered me One Lynne Hinton should know the difference between polygamy and bigamy and second I have never known a hospital to have the morgue on the third floor Though that sounds minor I was eally distracted from the hythm of the book In the end I think the author tried to put too much in here The missing great grandfather that was mentioned in the beginning was somewhat forgotten thought out most of the book by the end I had to go back to the beginning and ecall who Epi was and the whole love thing with Daniel was idiculous to the point that it sounded like a last minute add in I eally want to like this series but my patience was eally being tried Sister Eve Divine has taken a leave of absence from her cloistered life to determine what her destiny is secular or eligious as after two decades she begins to have doubts about her faith She helps her dad in his detective agency investigate two cases and searches for her missing sister in Las Vegas While an interesting ead the Protestant former minister makes unfounded judgements about the Catholic eligion library audiobo. The convent investigating a case with her PI fatherBut something else troubles Eve It’s been weeks since Eve heard from her sister Dorisanne And Eve’s gut tells her that something sinister has happened to her difficult sibling There’s only one place Eve can find the answers she’s looking for in Dorisanne’s world und.

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OkThe story was ok well written and moved along However nothing about why Eve became a nun especially when her back story was competing in horseback iding and motorcycle aces No tests of her vows of chastity They caught one bad guy eference others never see them How did the bad guys kill a witness in jail Also had the trope of losing her cell phone during the Perils of Pauline seuenceOn the up side sensitive treatment of domestic violence I will ead another if it comes up on the library site This is the second in a series with an interesting protagonist a nun who feels a calling but is also drawn to the field of private investigation Part of the draw to PI work is that Eve s father has his own investigative business This brings a chance to work closely with her father This book deal with two cases one of which leads Eve to search for her sister in Las Vegas I have enjoyed the first two of these books and will undoubtedly ead the third I have been a Lynne Hinton fan since Friendship Cake I just finished Sin City Sister I love a good mystery and this is a very good mystery The characters are interesting and well developed people I d like to know like her Hope Springs characters The plot has just the ight number of twists and the suspense is suspenseful but not terrifying I don t like terrifying I haven t ead Sister Eve Private Eye I ll be buying it tomorrow I know the decision I want Sister Eve to make because I want to ead of her The second in this series and a little bit better than the first The characters and elationships seem to be developing This is still on the cozy mystery side which I don t normally like but something about it is entertaining I eally like the character of Sister Eve and her elationship with her Father and also Daniel I enjoyed this than the first book in the series I felt there was character development here and I liked the protagonist better this time around In addition to the ongoing backstories there were two main mysteries being investigated The modern day one held my attention better than the historic one but both were pretty engaging. Er the bright lights of Sin City Las VegasLate night visits to the casino and some clever clues hidden in an address book set Eve on a trail that soon eveals that Dorisanne’s life is darker and complicated than Eve ever expected In the end Eve’s ability to understand her sister and herself may be a matter of life and deat.

Lynne Hinton is the pastor of St Paul's United Church of Christ in Rio Rancho New Mexico The author of numerous novels including Friendship Cake Hope Springs Forever Friends Christmas Cake and Wedding Cake she lives in Albuuerue New Mexico