Julian Massaglia: The Lingo Of Ares

Essive and unforgiving cerebral and violent this is a tale not for the faint of heart – or mind this is a modern epic on the scale of the classics of one man versus the entire planet A tale about a man who will carve out a bloodbath in his wake as he presses on relentlessly to find meaning the truth and honor in a world that seems so devoid of it at time.

2055The American General Dante Corvigni has been sent to Italy with one of the last standing human armies from the West to crush an invading force and win ‘The War for Democracy’ After Dante completes his orders something mysterious happens that changes his perspective on the entire universe and his place within it that causes him to renounce his forme.

R loyalties to the United Nations and go rogue By doing so he not only gains the ire of his former country which is now run by the Occuparty he also gains the attention of a ruthless and dangerous shadow order of Illuminati demons that will stop at nothing through spiritual warfare to wipe out Dante and his legacy from existence Provocative and absurd aggr.

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