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He finds herself getting involved with James and the townCute but predicable Part of the Brody s Crossing seriesNot Good story great characters It was actually a cute and cheery type book but I don t think it s my type of book too little conflic. He can keep a big city girl in a place like this for long but can he keep her here long enough to explore the feelings growing between them Maybe so because even though Scarlett promised herself she'd be in Los Angeles by the New Year she's becoming Texan by the minu.

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The town s one mechanic to find the parts to repair the car She meets James Brody town lawyer and two become closer Her real name s not Scarlet and she s determined to get to LA to her new ob in the new year but things don t go as planned when Dying to show her how they celebrate the holidays in their uaint Texas town James can't believe this far out redhead was planning on spending Christmas without her family Especially when family means so much to him it's why he moved back home He knows there's no way.

A cute and uick read I love the little bits of humor regarding small towns as i am from one myself and can totally relate Scarlet is on her way to California when her car breaks down She finds a temporary ob at a salon in town while waiting for. Christmas Cheer In A Small Texas TownNo sooner has Scarlett a hairstylist from Atlanta Georgia shouted California here I come than her clunker of a car breaks down There are worse places to be stranded than Brody's Crossing especially when hunky local James Brody is.