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A little unknown outfielder that the Dodgers did not protect by the name of Roberto Clemente for the Pirates along with some other players who would help them win a couple of titles Robinson of course would be forced by O Malley to retire once they got out to LA refusing a trade to the Giants This book s filled with history from the 30s forward than any other baseball book that I have read before and what Blue Boat is amazings that they are still using a lot of what Branch Rickey started back Antitype (Archetype, in the 30s and 40sn scouting for talent Conscience in a ball player Thiss a fantastic book that you do not need to be a baseball fan to enjoy I got this book from net galley Famed sportswriter and Brooklyn Dodgers nsider Roger Kahn details the events and personalities pivotal n Jackie Robin I am a die hard baseball fan Roger Kahn The Seventh Day is probably the best known Baseball writer of the last half century Yet for some reason thiss the first book of his I ever read I honestly don t know why I was excited when beginning this book My dad was a Dodger fan as a child One of his first memories was of his father and older brother discussing Jackie s arrival n the majors My dad later became a Mets fan I did too I lost my dad several years back but still his stories about Ebbets Field the Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Duke Gil etcare fond memories I will always have Okay the book Baseball Roger Kahn now 87 has fished these waters before and better This s not to say that Rickey and Robinson The Devils Jug, the Crying Tree Me isn t an entertaining read evenf the use of untold Ramesses in the subtitles stretching a practice swing The Irish Warrior into a walk off home run Theres very little here that Kahn himself hasn t told already and even Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, if you didn t read The Boys of Summer or The Era Mr Kahn s two better books on baseball and the Dodgers when theynhabited the Borough of Brooklyn n the County of Kings n the City of New York you will recognize much of what The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur is here from the movie 42 or other sourcesYou have the league owners meeting to voicets disapproval of Mers integration largely for financial reasons and a long since disappeared report written by Larry MacPhail on the topic You have Rickey Portswriters were still known to protect players and baseball executivesThat starts first and foremost with ann depth examination of the two men chiefly responsible for making ntegration happen Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson Considering Robinson's exalted place n American culture as evidenced by the remarkable success of the recent biopic the book's eye opening revelations are

Courage to not fight back talk with Robinson when he offered him a contract Durocher s brilliantly profane wake the Dodger team Finding Normal in the middle of the night and read them the riot act over an anti Robinson petition You have the Phillies manager ordering his team to yell all kinds of racist crap at Robinson on the Dodger s first game against them and the league s actionncluding a forced let bygones be bygones photo of Robinson and Chapman And It s a great story so no harm Die Germanen in tellingt againThe book however The Broken Sword is also filled with digressions some entertaining some distracting a few mean and unnecessary The digressions may also have contributed to several anecdotes being told than oncen this book sometimes word for word as Haunted Houses in the earlier telling sometimes with a little detail I don t knowf Mr Kahn wrote this book or dictated Charles Dickens it but however the unwieldiness gotn a good editor might have done him the favor to tidy things up Occasionally there Christianity at the Crossroads is a reference of the as I said earlier kind but usually theresn tKahn makes the case that Rickey despite having his own flaws was highly moral and his religious values were a prime motivator to break baseball s color line He also argues that The Romanovs it was Baseball Commissioner Judge Landis s deathn 1944 and New York State s passing of a fair employment act that opened the door for Rickey s move to action Cravings in 1945 when he signed Robinson to a minor league contract to play for the Dodgers Montreal farm teamn 1946 Kahn The Wedding Date includes as he didn The Era the work of some contemporary sportswriters Swan Song including himself and Jackie Robinson to give credit or shame as befits the piece He takes The Times boring sports reporting and slow to take up thessue of segregation Learn Better in baseball to task even for a recent piecet published suggesting that the story of Reese s putting his arm around Robinson Harbor Me in Cincinnati may be a myth Probably should have been a noten the back of the book but old grudges die hard Taken altogetheriRickey and Robinson El SeƱor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, is a flawed re telling of one of the seminal momentsn baseball history and one of the rare ones that had a larger national significance as wel. Ure to generate controversy as well as conversation No other sportswriter working today carries Kahn's authority when writing about this period Processing Pain in Play in baseball history and the publication of this book Kahn's lasts a true literary event In Rickey Robinson Kahn separates fact from myth to present a truthful portrait of baseball and Master Math its participants at a critical juncturen American histor.

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This book about Ricky and Robinson The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever is mostly about the life of Branch Rickey butt Patton on Leadership is also filled with much than that The author talks about how the commissioner Landis band the Cardinals farm teams when Rickey was their General Manager saying that what he was doing was an unfair advantage Though every player was being paid The author goes through with how Rickey built the Cardinals before he left for the Dodgers The Cardinals of course would go to the World Seriesn the 40s and win some of them also all the while with the players that Rickey put together When he to the Dodgers he had already had the La Impostura Perversa idea and putnto place the workings of adding Jackie Robinson His whole goal was to end segregation Zones of Instability in baseball He brought with him to Brooklyn a man named Hy Turken who was a stat or numbers guy before Bill James madet famous This would help Rickey The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, in all of his decisions whent came to ball players The author goes Once More With Feeling into the difficulties of the first few years of Robinson being with the Dodgers and he also goesnto how there were Jewish players that were being verbally abused by other players and by fans and those players would stand up for Jackie The author goes Orange World and Other Stories into detail also how that though baseball would start being open to all races the big newspapers of New York and some other cities still did not have any African American reportsn their sports section or other sections This would not change until 59 and thoroughly by 62 A Wendell Smith applied for membership What Matters Most in the baseball writers Association of American 1939 and was denied Baseball would be ntegrated for 15 years before mainstream newspapers began to hire African American sport writers Still this author who s Jewish stated that abuse by the old time writers went on until they finally left the business or drank too much to be listen to Who find out how Rickey was forced out to leave the Dodgers before the made their World Series runs Linnys Sweet Dream List in the 50s and their only win whilen Brooklyn Being forced to sell his part of the team to O Malley He then moved onto the Pirates and built that team but was gone before the won Envy (Empty Coffin, in 1960 He did acuire. In Rickey Robinson legendary sportswriter Roger Kahn at last reveals the true unsanitized account of thentegration of baseball a story that for decades has relied on Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated inaccurate second hand reports This story contains exclusive reporting and personal reminiscences that no other writer can producencluding revelatory material he'd buried Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, in his notebooksn the 40s and 50s back when

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameRoger Kahn was best known for The Boys of Summer about the Brooklyn Dodgers