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Nt 3 degrees of separation between myself and this case through work and friendships Very good read I had never heard of this case until I picked up this book The outcome of the case is jaw dropping that s all I can say A well written true crime novel The author does a great job of aying out the facts and details of the case as the police and district attorneys make their case I don t believe for one minute that Cynthia George didn t have something to do with the murder of Jeff Zack she s a manipulative and narcissist who got everything she wanted including getting away with murder Finished this one a few days ago and I am sometimes very critical of this author but I must say with this book the writing is definitely not badI also Men And Gods In Mongolia like that he writes it in the way it happened No big spoilersAlas I still cannot give it than 3 stars but that is because the characters were all so unlikeable that after a while I did not care any who did it I di. F people might have had reasons to want Zack dead including theoyal wife he had humiliated and the wealthy nightclub owner whose wife a blond hard bodied beauty ueen he openly dated But the truth would get even strangerPhelps is a first rate investigator Dr Michael M BadenIn this shocking true story of adultery mind games ies wealth and sexual iaisons in upscale Middle America true crime master M William Phelps tells the astounding story of a man who oved the wrong woman and was brutally murdered by a killer with the deadl.

D ike that he wrote this in the way the investigation was going very slow and with so many candidates who could be the one who did it I see this is an older book of his 2008 I hope he will find a interesting case and writes The Friend Zone like he did in this book Then it will be great Iiked this book You can tell that Phelps puts a Flying Scotsman Manual lot of time and effort into researching and writinf these books and it shows I ve read my fair share of true crime books and Phelps is by far my favorite author in this genre This book was a page turner for me and the case had than a few twists and turns that were unexpected I would definitely recommend this book to others and plan on giving it to my grandmother to read as sheoves this genre as well This book was well researched and the case well portrayed It is depressing to think of what the Zack family went through This is a great read of the true crime genre Interesting story Not particularly well written or well read. Iest possible motive of allIncludes 16 Pages Of Shocking PhotosInvestigative journalist M William Phelps is the author of Perfect Poison Every Move You Make Lethal Guardian Sleep in Heavenly Peace and Murder in the Heartland He has appeared on dozens of national radio and television programs including Good Morning America Court TV The Discovery Channel Geraldo at Large and Montel Williams and has consulted for the Showtime cable television series Dexter He ives in a small Connecticut farming community with his wife and childre.

Amazing story M William Phelps proves again how good an author he is from doing the research to writing the book The characters involved in the story are incredible Jeff Zack ived a uestionable Whalerider life and found trouble that brought him to his death Cindy George is the mastermind behind the murder trying to hide a nasty secret Zaffino the all braun mental midget who is too stupid to realize he is being used Andastly Christine Todaro one brave woman that helped police capture the killer and bring to justice The book is Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex like all other books by Mr Phelps easy to read and follow and hard to put down well written how cindy got away with it I cant believe Pretty Good ReadInteresting story but some parts of the investigation and trials is drawn out a bit too much Took awhile to get through Really well done NF piece Balanced well researched and reader friendly I read it for a reading challenge to read something set in your town and as such can cou. A great true crime story Readers will feel the effects of Phelps' skill from beginning to end Stephen SingularBig and brash Jeff Zack didn't hide his roughifestyle And when he died it was in plain sight executed in the parking Graphic Design For Everyone lot of a BJ's Wholesale Club in Akron Ohio by a motorcycle riding assassin dressed in blackPhelps uses a uniue combination of investigative skills and narrative insight to give readers an exclusive insider'sook Anne BremnerJeff Zack's murder stunned investigators but then so did his Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, life Aong ist

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Crime murder and serial killer expert creatorproducerwriter and former host of the Investigation Discovery series DARK MINDS acclaimed award winning investigative journalist M William Phelps is the New York Times best selling author of 30 books and winner of the 2013 Excellence in Investigative Journalism Award and the 2008 New England Book Festival Award A highly sought after pundit Ph