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Okay I m definitely adding Alissa to the list of people I want with me when the zombie apocalypse comes but we re ditching Jordan because he s a dick Not as good as the previous book was Still good though but it just had a lot of frustrating moments that just made me want to put down the book and not try againI was totally delighted to find out that our MC for this book would be Jordan He is an amazing character and I wanted to have POV of him in the first book My wish came true in this one We get to know him and we find out how he feels about Alissa and also about her illness because that is still heavy baggage to handle we see him survive we see so many things happen to him He was an amazing character to followBut what is the problem then Well for one the biggest one is Syd We learn about this guy in the previous book Alissa s family for spoiler sake I won t say much than that But boy he was so annoying He kept making stupid mistakes which could have been avoided had he just listened he hated on Jordan a lot Yes I can slightly understand why Syd didn t likehate Jordan but sorry I found it petty and pathetic The whole book these two are fighting or having some awkward and soon broken friendlier times It just got so frustrating especially since it just felt unfair to Jordan Sadly this also brought chaos into Alissa s and Jordan s relationship Syd is her family Jordan is her boyfriend but she kept picking Syd s side And then there were other stuff as well And sorry the wonderful cute romance in the previous book It was practically gone in this one There were some awkward moments with romance but ou could just feel the tension in it and that ruined it view spoilerI was just smacking my head when during the later scenes the doctors reuested 3 live zombies And I was like GUYS GUYS haven t The Defense (Eddie Flynn you read zombie books Or even seen movies This is a bad idea You want a LIVE zombie to come toou so Hai nhà you can play doctor Yes I knowou need fricking cure but this is just going to end badly for the world hide spoiler I liked Jordan in the first book when I didn t have to read his macho arrogant and insecure thoughts Dude got so annoyingI still liked the book I thought Alissa wanting to help at the hospital was great This series was good and it passed the time while I ve been unwell but I don t think I ll be reading this again I am admittedly biase. Jordan and Alissa made it out of Portland away from ground zero where The Fever still rages on But they couldn't beat the uarantine Now barriers are being built and the remaining survivors of the outbreak are trappedAnd the undead just keep comingThe wave of.

Es went tenfold I couldn t believe how much I adored this book I am telling anyone and everyone that will listen to get this series It is a must read Like Harry Potter a Me Ka Pōhaku Akeakamai: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Hawaiian you must get it today Now Oheah I ll be moving on to the spin off series soon WRITING ON THE WALL is the first book in the Survival series And I cannot wait to start it This author has a new fangirl and it is me I really enjoyed this series I m not super pleased with the lack of a wrap up for Alissa and Jordan there were too many uestions still looming and I would rather have seen what ended up happening with those issues than the flash forward to 9 Falling Through Clouds years later which really did nothing for me Excellent zombie series up until the end I will definitely read Tracey Ward s other books This is exactly what I needed a fun little trip through the zombie apocalypse Canou say that the apocalypse is fun and that The Art of Acquiring you need to spend some time with zombies Why notI like to have books like this in my book pocket Sure it s been a while since I read Until the End uarantined 1 a couple ofears actually but it didn t take much time to recall what had happened in the first book uarantined is a series I know written by an author I ve read before six books now I know what to expect or less and I know I will like it I needed something that was light and fun and had great banter and Tracey Ward delivered In the End is book two in the series ou really need to read Until the End first Tracey Ward also has the Survival Series which technically follows uarantined but ou can easily read either one first In the End is the continuation of Jordan and Ali I didn t enjoy this one as much as the firstI still liked Alissa and Jordan and their banter but not as much as i did in Until the EndI didn t really know what to think of Syd In some parts i liked him but in others he annoyed meThe ending was really confusing and it took me a while to work out who s point of view it was Overall a good read but also a bit of a disappointment Just finished re reading this for the second time and again same with book 1 I loved it My only complaint is that I didn t want to stop reading and I know this is the end of Alissa and Jordan s story and that makes me sad but I m happy there is a connecting series so I can stay in this world for abit longer I enjoyed this second book in the series though ot as much as the first one. Ally save them and in this hell on Earth they'll uncover something even shocking than the risen dead Hope The uarantined Series is followed by the Survival Series a spinoff trilogy of books chronicling life 10 ears after the outbreak with a few familiar face.

D The nightmares will still come for us They always do There s nothing either of us can ever do to make them stop But at least we know we won t face them alone Taking up right where UNTIL THE END left off we are on the road with Syd Jordan and Alissa as they try to out run the dead in search of life Syd has his thoughts on what they should do and so does Jordan Both are butting heads and in turn Alissa is caught in the middle With stress at an all time high and nothing but an RV as their sanctuary the tension is flaring Jordan and Alissa are constantly fighting as they remember their painful past their bleak future Is this relationship doomed before it even starts Has the world given up on those trapped within the uarantine Is a cure just a far fetched dreamAlthough I understood where Jordan s anger was coming from in IN THE END it didn t make me like the way he was acting towards Alissa at times He seemed like a flight risk throughout the read until he would remember his promise to her to never leave and that didn t sit right with me I mean I love that he would stand by his word but I hated that his feelings weren t there a lot of the time I don t know maybe I am just reading between the lines and that isn t at all how it really was I do get that stress will make ou do crazy things So maybe that is it Because lord have mercy they were under constant stress That much is true But in the end I still loved him Always willAlissa learns something very startling about her Uncle in book 1 and it plays a huge role in this one She can no longer look at things from her old perspective everything is different and must be seen in a new light And Jordan knows that all too well This book being in Jordan s POV we see how this new revelation affects not only Alissa and Syd but him as well He has to keep his guard up and I can see how that plays with his emotionsIN THE END was such a fabulous zombie read and a definite page turner We were doing some flooring work at our house so I wasn t able to pull an all nighter and finish it like I wanted to like the book was calling me to do Although I can see how it could be one that someone reads all the way through without stopping You never want to put the book down It is that intense and that suspensefulThis series had me all kinds of crazy My nerves were shot my heart near exploding and my taste for zombi. Infected is building as city after city is devoured As they head east into the mountains they will be forced to fight both the dead and the living as they search for a safe place to weather the stormBut what they believed would be the death of them might actu.

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