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I adore the ONS love at first sight trope mostly because I don t believe in it in real life but this one didn t work for me It had the right ingredients plain plump heroine with a reading disability who works as a humble filing clerk in the billionaire s office He s been given an ultimatum to put a ring on it by his gf and while he s fuming in his office at her audacity hears the h crying Both are mutually smitten at first sight He drags the sob story out of her She walked in on her boyfriend in bed with her best friend turns out the two cheaters are in love Insert puke hereHe decides they should do a one up on their ex partners and show up at a charity ball together It s in a few hours but her fairy god Hero does his magic and surprise not she turns into a voluptuous hottie that he can barely keep his hands off and she s like cheating bf who that I got me a real man Before the night is over she wants him but she s virginal and he has fastidious rules about ONS he s sure she can t keep They succumb to passion and she keeps to the bargain but he does the Hero asshole thing and fires her in the nicest way possibly by offering her another ob in a galaxy far far away Sorry been binge watching Star Wars with kidsBut while Padme and Anakin had the mother of all reasons for keeping their union a secret this one was pathetic So you had a little office fling it was still a major dick move to get her to sign off on not suing for sexual harassment He redeemed himself a little and it was a good scene where she tracked him down to tell him of her pregnancy but they both lost me soon after Too much sex scenes not even steamy hot at the expense of character developmentAnd I hated really hated that she forgave her best friend for cheating with her boyfriend so uickly She even accepted partial responsibility for it and continued to stay with them Guess this was supposed to show her forgiving nature but I didn t care for it Cheating within a relationship is complicated there s always layers and I dislike Pilgrim Snail judging But your best friend Nope Best friends are people you run to when you ve been cheated on not people you run into when you discover the cheating Unlike other readers I enjoyed the fairy tale knight moment at the end so it upped a star for me but it wasn t a great read the writing seemed amateurish and I couldn t connect with the charactersNote to self Never read a HP after watching Darth Maul ui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan No H has enough testosterone to beat that Why can t they do believable covers The female model on the cover looksust that tall leggy model and certainly not a little mousesex kitten etc Or maybe the guy isn t as tall or broad shouldered as he s supposed to be Personally I still prefer and drool over the illustrations of the HPs of yore They knew how to make all your fantasies come trueAnyhow the h is really uite sweet and open hearted My friend Debbie has wipes Kool aid off mouth So many great reviews so I ll An Unsafe Haven just add my two cents This was a fun fast paced story with a wide eyed heroine and a hero whoust ran with his feelings at all times He was the antithesis of a careful calculating businessman hero and I really liked him When he said that he made his first million by investing in plastic bracelets that Loving Lies (Summer Lovin, just happened to get popular by chance I think that summed up his whole character arc Heust happened upon the heroine and hit the Caught in His Gilded World jackpot not really knowing how he got there He had absolutely noudgment about anything Case in point he couldn t see how cutting edge the heroine s The Viscount The Virgin jewelry designs were and how marketable He couldn t see how wrong the OW was for him He didn t demand a pre nup He didn t look into the heroine s past He constructed business rivals out of thin air The guy was pure instinct and pure emotion and he played it all out in public from their first meetingSo that s why when he had a meltdown in public for the black moment I thought it was his humiliation to bear and not the heroine s And it was in character He was an out of control wounded male animal and he gets to carry around that memory for the rest of his life If he had planned that public humiliation I would have thought he was in the land of no return But he didn t plan it Heust overreacted and it blew up in his faceWhat he did plan was ridiculous a knight in shining armor sitting in a truck Really Good thing he rarely plans He s better off winging it Read this one if you re in the mood for an OTT hero who isn t intentionally cruel Fantastic Stories of the Imagination February 2015 just pure id Update 113018 I read this book for the third time yesterday and the fourth time today There isust something about this story that draws me Every time I read it I end of reading it twice in a row I ust can t get enough of it I love the heroine so much There is a scene when she tells the hero that she s pregnant and it is awesome She ust wants him to be happy and she is willing to walk away so he can marry an evil woman who he says is his perfect match for a strategic business union That took guts and it ust gets better each time I read it This is a very good book one I definitely recommend It s a safe book and once the hero took out the heroine he was never with anyone else intimately If he was with someone right before he met her at least we didn t have to witness it or even hear about it Our hero and major manwhore Alessandro Caetani does not do happy ever afters He rarely if ever does nice He prefers ONS or a mistressmaybe both at the same time When the story begins he has a snake of an evil mistress Olivia On the way to a charity function she gives him an ultimatumbecome engaged to her or it s over He chose the later and drops her off at the ritzy hotel where she s staying It was an impossibility to like Olivia She was evil and wicked and determined to have Alessandro for herself No love was involved in their relationship Theirs was to be a match to benefit their respective businesses and fortunesLilley our lovely heroine has a fairy Like Cinderella at the ball Lilley’s fairytale wish is about to be granted She’ll swap her grey suits for a fabulous dress and killer heels and dance the night away with

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Friends and instead tried to mold her into something else and then publicly humiliated her calling her a cheat and uestioned the paternity of their child I found that unforgivable so what that she didn t tell him that her father was wealthy she should have but he should have respected her enough to talk in privateOf course he makes a grand gesture to make up for it but in my book the heroine should have made him crawl Lilley the virgin is working as a file clerk at Caetani Worldwide and she s having a bad day She s new and she has dyslexia so she is not speedy at the filing What she really wants to do is design and sell ewellery She followed her boyfriend Jeremy to San Francisco from France where she d been working as a housekeeper for her cousin He definitely had a book I haven t found it yet but he s the count of St Raphael and vineyards He s been a pill to his wife and Lilley left in the spirit of female solidarity Jeremy has turned out to be a terrible boyfriend He was supposed to be helping the procrastinating Lilley set up her business but instead Lilley finds him in bed with roommate Nina And rather than being properly remorseful Jeremy chose the moment of discovery to berate Lilley for being a terrible girlfriend I think he may have withdrawn from Nina s body and got dressed before the berating commenced which was at least one thoughtful gestureIn addition to this Lilley s dad rang to tell her she was disinherited Lilley s a little cagey about the dad because it s a plot point of devastating conflict but generally speaking he issued an ultimatum that she come home and marry a manager of his choice and she didn t therefore he s done with herAll Lilley wants is to push her file cart into a uiet office and cryAnd that s how she meets Alessandro billionaire company owner and Italian prince No kingdom responsibilities Wellness, Not Weight just a billion dollar company that does fashion andewellery And French vineyards and something in Japan Alessandro s greedy and vindictiveHe s also down because his posh girlfriend Olivia issued him an ultimatum to reuest her hand in marriage Like Lilley Alessandro doesn t take kindly to ultimatums Although his version is to make big opposite rub your nose in it gestures while her response is passive inactionHe calls her a mouse uickly ascertains that she is a great beauty and whisks her off for a makeover and a ball One thing that I ve grown to appreciate about a Lucas hero is that he is incredibly definite and certain that the heroine is the most beautiful creature he has and will ever lay eyes on It doesn t matter if she s feeling a little chubby and is wearing some extraordinarily unflattering outfit It doesn t matter if he s ignored her for 5 years When the story opens it is very uickly established that she is beautiful to him He wants to worship her and give her the best sex in her life Isn t that lovely It s worth holding onto some level of appreciation because he will soon reveal his devastatingly crappy sideLilley and Alessandro smoulder at each other and negotiate a single weekend of wild loving in every room of Alessandro s mansion Their wild weekend sex includes the shower which is a big mistake because it is a rule of Romancelandia that virgins get pregnant in showers Alessandro leaves without saying goodbye and Lilley is taken on the drive of shame back to her flat by one of Alessandro s employees Nina and Lilley and Jeremy sort out their relationship so no one has to move out and no one is left feeling crappy about cheating because that s all swept under the we were never really together anyway carpetOne month later Lilley is trying not to pregnantly throw up while she s being fired She then gets a call offering her The Myth of Psychology job in New York Ah ha Lilley thinks Alessandro must be on his way back to the city He is and he s about to propose to Olivia when Lilley shows up to tell him she s pregnant That means Alessandro and Lilley get married Olivia is super pissed at how this all turned out and vows revenge Alessandro is only mildly relieved because he was grimly determined to have a terrible marriage with an awful person so he could prove to himself once again that relationships with women are a terrible ideaLilley feels like a slight departure from what I m used to in a Lucas heroine She s not sanctimonious about some ideal family and she doesn t make her hymen into a fetish She recognised that she was stuck in a rut about herewellery dreams and I saw and really liked her character growth across the story Alessandro has a lot of horrible to overcome That whole don t ultimatum me is a good example of his stupidly rigid thinking He holds business grudges which I thought were a little pointless but I also thought were probably a good demonstration of his alpha warrior nature He has the worst friends They are revoltingly fatuous and bitchy His first love chose another man and her betrayal cut deep I m not going to snark at that because even if it is bog standard it is heartbreaking But it s really not a good reason to be enemies with everyone in the business world he bests or almost bests you in a deal or to have terrible friends or to not call the virgin with whom you had the best sex in your life The action moves from San Francisco to Sardinia to Rome There s also a visit to somewhere else in the US but it wasn t an excitingly exotic location like these other ones There s even a guest appearance by Vladimir Zendzov I haven t read his book yet but I know all about him from A Reputation for Revenge A Night of Living Dangerously isn t in uite the same outrageous territory as some of Lucas other books Lilley seems a sensible decent person that Lucas usual heroines but that isn t necessarily saying much Alessandro does turn out to be a satisfying hero and I did like the way the shattering secret built to its grand revelation and the resulting fall out IMOFor a public humiliation THAT bigCute grand gesture epic grovelling Hero needed to lose a body par. Tting his Little Mouse secretary into bed Lilley has never taken such a risk before but this is her night of living dangerously Who is going to call time on the fairytale endi.

Ale dream and she has no idea it s about to come true Alessandro has been noticing her as she works in his company as a cleaner To himself he calls her Little Mouse because she s kind of plain and mousy but something draws him to her She is not impressed when he calls her that to her face He asks her to go the charity function as his date and waves his magic wand taking her to a stylist where she has a makeover and is adorned in a beautiful gown Our hero is stunned when he sees her beauty and very sexy body that has always been covered up by baggy work clothing She does this because she is not fond of her curvy body thinking she is too heavyHe is positive he will let nothing happen between them because he can offer her nothing But Lilley is hard to resist Her sweetness her innocence They were so drawn to each other He promises her one night and ends up giving her two So he leaves town on a business deal and she awakes alone He has her fired from the business he owns and finds her a Modern Korean Literature job 3000 miles away He s too weak to have her anywhere near him and remain a faithful partner to the awful Olivia who he has now decided to marry regardless of what he feelsBut what happens when Lilley comes to his home to tell him goodbye on her way to New York and thanks him for the little gift he has given her Loved this sceneI 122618 2nd readJust re read this and I have to admit it wasn t as good on second read I really wish he had been a better man and notudge her so much I know he did that epic grovel at the end but the whole Olivia thing and the things he said at the party Perfect just not nice Sorry I re read it I still love the h She was so wonderful21818 1st ReadI loved this book I liked the heroine so much I love when a heroine loves so much and is so selfless I know I am a dissenting opinion there but Iust loved how her love made him a better man I liked her personality and I actually gave it a five star even though the H and his ex biatch were so horrid to her at the 2nd party There were a couple of parts that Going Om just made me cry She loved him so much and I liked that she didn t ever waver She was even strong enough to walk away and I loved that about her I want to find the other stories that are related to this I think I have read them before but it made me curious to go find them and put it all together This was actually a reread and I gave it a higher score even I do love Jennie Lucas however and as long as her hero s are faithful no matter how much pain they cause I root for themI really loved the ending too It was so sweet to see the hero do that for the heroine Whatever he had done before was forgiven I didn t realize it but I ve read this three times Okay read once skimmed it two timesMy problem with it is the hero if that is a term that could be usedForget the tropes of the poor pitiful virgin fleeing from her evil background she seems stupid but is actually Idiot savantly talented OTT makeover that drives H wild etc These tropes all pale in significance to the fact that the H would rather listen to his his evil bitch ex than the woman he unknowingly loves He reject the abandoned heroine when she arrives at his engagement party to the evil ex and only takes her on when she admits she is there because she s pregnant After a happy interlude he rejects her again humiliates and debases her in front of a whole party of people after the evil ex fiancee arrives with some info Go to hell heroThe author does tack on a OTT cutesy knight approach that only made me dislike the H I actually liked a JL book wow I am still in shock Lilley is a very sweet but totally unconfident woman and Alessandro is the usual JL alphahole but in this one JL finally gives him enough POV to make him understandable and really kinda likeable He is an ass to Lilley several times in the book but Lilley really wasn t a doormat in my view She was very honest and very giving and very open about how she felt and what she loved She develops a lot of self insight over the course of the book and once she figured out her problems with how she handled new experiences she set out to have what she wanted Alessandro made some big idiotic mistakes because of his own personal short commings but I felt like he understood where he went wrong and I was also forgiving of how he came to be the person he was The usual trope of a past woman doing him wrong was given an unusual twist and I respected that and importantly I believed it There is an ugly scene where Alessandro denounces Lilley with the encouragement of his former mistress and in front of a huge crowd of people but IMO that scene was Lilley s shining moment You could see how far she had come in her own self respect at that moment and plus you know that Alessandro will be begging for a second chance really soon Alessandro did act like an idiot but he also finally figures out how to get his head out of his rear and he does come through with a really cute grand gesture at the end Not only does he make the GG but he also explains his idiocy to Lilley and his contrition comes across as very sincere I believed it anyway Overall I am still in shock that I liked this cause usually with JL I get tired of the melodramatic angst filled internal musings and I also think her H s areust too rotten to live with Happily none of this applied for me in this one cause JL managed to write a tension filled emotional story with characters that were understandably human and made some bad mistakes but I still wanted to see both of them be happy with each other This was not my favorite book by this author his behaviour with the heroine was despicable he found her crying in the office took her on a date to make the heroine s cheating boyfriend ealous took her innocence and then ignored her as he said he would fired her and found her a ob somewhere else and when she told him she was pregnant married her told her she couldn t follow her dream of a ewellery business never helped her out with his. He man every other woman wantsbut only for one night When the clock strikes twelve Alessandro Caetani does not do happy ever afters In fact his charm extends only as far as ge.

Jennie Lucas had a tragic beginning for any would be writer a very happy childhood Her parents owned a bookstore and she grew up surrounded by books dreaming about faraway lands Her mother read aloud to her in French when she was little; when she was ten her father secretly paid her a dollar for every classic novel Jane Eyre War and Peace that she read As a chubby teenager Jennie covere