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To it but now I really like how different it was Book three wasn t any exception I liked learning and about the world and the characters and then finally wrapping things p The conclusion to the story was awesome and I felt as if all loose ends were tied I didn t have any Beyond Band of Brothers unansweredestions and was left with a feeling of satisfaction Owen and Lilly our two characters are still out to complete their mission of making things right but things were not easy and so many things went down I liked all the twists and turns and the ending was very satisfying I was happy with what the author did with it Overall as stated before this book was really good And it was an easy read with all the refreshers There was action romance adventure but there was also sad moments as well You know everything that keeps you turning the pages I know the review is kind of short but I don t want to give spoilers to the other books in the trilogy This book was a bit of a letdown I wasn t totally captivated by the first book but the second one was fast paced and had a few twists near the end that made me hope this book would get interesting because that book was a pretty The Water Of Life uick and entertaining read Spoiler Alert It didn t Actual spoilers are needed tonderstand what I didn t likeview spoilerCharacter deathsBy the time Lilly got around to dying I didn t really care about the resolution much any I assumed she d either be brought back or have some thing where Rana ended The Year of Living Biblically up becoming human and she and Owen lived happily ever after Lilly came back but that doesn t cancel the half of the book where Owen moped and tragically felt his feelings and felt empty and blah blah blah Maybe I d be sadder if I CARED about Lilly and Owen s 3 week relationship but I don t Lilly was barely in the last book and during most of that time Owen was busy kissing Seven not that he WANTED to mind you but it kind of happened and he s a teenage boy and he kinda sorta didn t hate it So I didn t buy his emotional state that supposedly fueled the remainder of the book Plus his random italicized outbursts about Elissaoh god Okay I get it It s tragic His sister is dead Move onAnd Leech was killed off last book so that sucked any sarcastic fun from this book Everyone else I couldn t even remember their characters from the first book so who caresFlashbacksThe flashback to Atlantis was WAY too long You cannot spend so much time on characters I ve barely gotten to know If I didn t care about Lilly and Owen there s NO way I m going to care about Rana and Luk in their never ending flashback to an extremely cliched andninteresting mystical Atlantis Which segues intoAtlantis as a Plot PointI haven t read very many stories that are set in Atlantis but one I did that s still stuck with me is Prospero s Chi This series definitely didn t go where I expected it to which isn t a bad thing I enjoyed this YA series ite a bit This book is a nope sandwich with extra nope sauce Reviews of previous books The Lost Code The Dark ShoreActual rating 35The action gets amped p again in Far Dawn with this one being the fastest paced and the most exciting of the seriesThere s not much for me to say about this book that I haven t said in a previous review I did like Owen then I did in Dark Shore but not as much as in Lost Code More seems to happen in this book then in the others which I did appreciate I worried some about where things were going but I like how it wrapped p even if I did think i Title Far DawnAuthor Kevin EmersonGenre Dystopian Science Fiction Fantasy YA fiction RomancePremiseGoodreadsIn The Far Dawn Owen and Lilly are on their own two of the three Atlanteans left on a journey to find Atlantis and protect it from the selfish greed of their nemesis Paul and Project Elysium As time grows short and darkness overtakes the planet Owen must face Paul s greatest treachery yet He must choose does he save the planet or the people he lovesPerfect for fans of Star Wars Percy Jackson or The Hunger Games The Far Dawn takes readers on an explosive journey through time and space with heartrending decisions pulse pounding action and fascinating estions of Ichael GrantIn The Far Dawn Owen and Lilly are on their own two of the three Atlanteans left on a journey to find Atlantis and protect it from the selfish greed of their nemesis Paul and Project Elysium As time grows short and darkness overtakes the planet Owen must face Paul's greatest treachery yet He must choose does he save the planet or the people he lovesPe.

I fell in love with this series despite the bad reviews from others and after finishing this last installment I am so happy I took a leap and read that first book The story has a message that anyone can find meaning in Owen experiences trials that would make men twice his age wither The first book was a test of believing in himself the second was a test of his strength as a person and this last one was a test of his belief Owen Parker is pulled through the mud as Paul the Terra the truth and his own dark thoughts test him without rest or mercy There are some tough moral and emotional decisions that he is faced with and he won t always make the right choice There is doubt and there are mistakes that cost lives lives that will weigh on Owen in ways he never thought But Owen shows For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde us that in our darkest corners there is a far dawn He also showss that faith is worthless Scary Stories 3 until it is tested and Owen is tested harshly This book really demonstrates the idea that believing in something has its conseuences but when we persevere and grow the rewards are far extraordinary This trilogy wasniue in its genre style like how they incorporate ancient mythologyhistory and good old dystopian sci fi It was thrilling with dangers around every corner and plot twists that I honestly never saw coming The main character is someone who you aspire to be but isn t aol pure that he s The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species untreatable On short this trilogy and author are outstanding and brilliant i really wish there were stars to givethat s right i am CURRENTLY READING THIS MAY 21i got a copy paperback ARC last night at the Story Crush tourKevin Emerson had two for the ENTIRE tour and i fricking got one sooo freaking ecstatic oh and it looks read and it was in his bag so it s like i got HIS personal copyi received an ARC from the author at the Story Crush Tourlove loved loved every single second of this bookthe ONLY downside to this book is that it s the last oneno Atlanteansso sadyou know how when you get to the end of a series and you think to yourself that one or two things would have been better done a different way or slightly different or just a little info or closure on one aspect well not the case with this book the ending was simplygratifyingcomplete closure all threads wrapped backp and just overall satisfyingwhile i was suspecting one ending and although it turned out to have a different ending it was perfect and i wouldn t have changed a thing which is a rarity for me lolthere were a few grammatical errors the weirdest was a double period but this was an The Bartender uncorrected proof and i believe these will get sorted out before printingi did have an oh no you didn t how dare you moment at the penultimate chapterSERIOUS FRICKING SPOILER AHEADDO NOT CLICKmaybe i won t even write itview spoilerseriously do NOT readnless you ve read the bookview spoileranyway i was all oh no you didn t just send them back to the beginning like none of this ever happened then i got to the next chapter and it was a HUGE relief hide spoiler It was okay It is aimed at a younger audience By this book I was only interested to see how it was going to end Best book everThis book is awesome especially because of the starting in action and then calm down and then action again like in any other book of the atlanteansAnother reason why i like this book is because i like reading distopia and sci fi and this book is perfect for these The Far Dawn was a great conclusion to the Atlantean trilogy and I m glad decided to give the series a try way back when it first came out Book one was a pretty good start to the trilogy and continued to get better in book 2 and 3 I believe this book had a great balance of everything especially with the action and the romance There wasn t too much of one thing but just a very good mix of everything I was also glad for the refreshers in the beginning of the book to jog my memory of the previous book Those are always welcome and appreciated Overall the trilogy was good and I thought it was really different from a lot of the things I ve read I think my favorite part of the trilogy is how Tono Bungay uniue it is It took me a little while to warmp. The Far Dawn is the third and final novel in Kevin Emerson's Atlanteans series bringing the story of Atlantean descendant Owen Parker to a high stakes dramatic conclusion The Atlanteans series has been praised for its emotional sucker punches Kirkus Reviews solid world building ALA Booklist and mind blowing fantasy with characters you'll love bestselling author

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Cience and ethics alike Both the paperback and ebook editions include extra content on where science stops and fantasy starts in the world of the seriesPlot The story starts off with Lilly and Owen flying in L k s craft They pick Magical Sweet Mermaid up a signal someone calling for help They go to the place where the signal originated the Vista and meet MorosPeter a human being turned digital character inside the Vista a digitaltopia Owen is almost downloaded into Peter s digital body as a way for Peter to get out Owen and Lilly escape with the knowledge Peter had They flee to the mountains They find Paul there with Evan turned KaelLeech by genetic experimentation The two save Evan and find the Sentinel the spirit of Rana Lilly s ancestor The Sentinel says that Owen isn t the Aeronaut The story turns to the original Three with Owen inside L k s head He sees the Three trying to destroy the Paintbrush of the Gods and failing The world falls apart in the memory Owen comes out of the memory and finds that Lilly and Evan are gone taken by Paul Rana and Owen go to Antarctica where the original city is rud to be They meet a band of military men They almost save Evan and Lilly but the Terra is taken And the world is crushed by ice Lilly Evan and Matheu or however you spell his name are killed Owen survives with Rana s help Owen makes coffins for all three and send them out to sea He is cared for by the military before he leaves to go on a Flotilla to have changes done to him He gets a bionic eye and a bar code on his finger similar to the ones on the elite He then goes to an Eden seeking out passage to Egress the ship in space He gets on with the Nomads help He sadly betrays them when he gets there He doesn t blow The Choice up the station Instead Owen makes a deal with Paul to have Lilly revived When about to talk to the Terra part of his deal he meets Lilly in her skull They talk with Lilly making him decide he won t agree to help Paul L k comes in crashing into the shipsing a spaceship he repaired Rana Kael s spirit and Owen escape the failing Egress In the ship they crash into missiles Owen releases the Terra saving the world The Terra returns to the earth and starts healing the broken parts Owen is revived in the Eden his story began in Owen sees Lilly and the story endsCharacter Development Owen Owen isn t a favorite character of mine Love overtakes all rational thought And he s the surprise attack And he mopes I don t like him He s simply annoying I do like that he is human He mourns He feels pain It doesn t seem like the original Three are not human Even during the flashbackProblems A problem I saw was the world building I haven t read this series since the last book book two And the world wasn t defined anyways LoRad What Could there be a section that describes the purpose of these inventions That would have been good I like knowing these things Either that or it was explained and I don t remember The romance was a bit much Kissing every moment It was nice that Lilly didn t say I love you as if it was pass me the salt It was a bit cute that they kept count It was interesting why they did it And the fact that they did it at all I don t like the romance though I don t like romance in general And this was part of the general The plot while action filled is not too interesting I don t particularly like it It was just okay The plot was a bitdull Betrayal Fighting It seems a bit repetitive I don t know why I think that It seems like that happens often enough Fighting Betrayal Loss It s becoming common enoughGood points Far Dawn has certain things I like Only a few I like how Owen seems real He goes through emotional and physical pain He is real He feels pain He isn t indestructible When Lilly is dead he mourns He builds coffins He goes on a suicide mission Knowing he ll die if he goes through with it He is real I like that I like real characters The plot is action Action Drama Suspense Surprises It s odd that I don t like the story but I have a minor like for the plot It s the action that I like Not the story itselfScore 710Recommended If you like the series If you like dystopian with a supernatural twist. Rfect for fans of Star Wars Percy Jackson or The Hunger Games The Far Dawn takes readers on an explosive journey through time and space with heartrending decisions pulse pounding action and fascinating estions of science and ethics alike Both the paperback and ebook editions include extra content on where science stops and fantasy starts in the world of the seri.

Author of sixteen novels for children and young adults most recently LAST DAY ON MARS BREAKOUT and the ATLANTEANS series His books have been published in ten different countries Formerly a science teacher and a creative writing teacher Kevin is also a singer and drummer He has won a spelling bee lost a beauty pageant and once appeared in a Swedish TV commercial