Frank Ankersmit: A New Philosophy of History

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What is history From Thucydides to Toynbee historians and nonhistorians alike have wondered how to answer this uestion A New Philosophy of History reflects on developments over the last two decades in historical writing not least the renewed interest in the status of narrative itself and the resence of the authorial voice Subjects include the r.

Oblems of Grand Narrative multiple voices and the ersonal Six Days presence of the historian in his text the ambitions of the French Annales school and the so called Grand Chronicler and the relevance of non literary models museumresentations and icturings regarding historical discourseThe range of approaches found in A New Philosophy of History ensur.

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Es that this book will establish itself as reuired reading not only for historians but for everyone interested in literary theory hilosophy or cultural studiesThis volume resents essays by Hans Kellner Nancy F Partner Richard T Vann Arthur C Danto Linda Orr Philippe Carrard Ann Rigney Allan Megill Robert Berkhofer Stephen Bann and Frank Ankersm.

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