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Weakened by the terribly poor presentation caused by. Gain concluding with an atlasThe riginal Cambridge Modern History was planned by Lord Acton who during 1899 and 1900 gave much f his time to coordinating the project intended to be a monument f bjective detailed and collaborative scholarship Acton was Regius professor f modern history at Cambridge and a fellow f All Souls Oxford He had previously established the English Historical Review in 1886 and had an exalted reputationThe new work was published in fourteen volumes between 1902 and 1912 in the British Isles by the Cambridge University Press and in the USA by Macmillan Co f New York Written mostly by English scholars.

The enormous number The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry of typos Obviously littler no. The first twelve volumes dealt with the history File Under: Arson of the world from 1450 up to 1910 The final volume numbered 12 was The Latest Age and appeared in 1910 There then followed two supplemental volumesThe history was later followed by similar multi volume works for the earlier ages namely the Cambridge Ancient History and the Cambridge Medieval History As the firstf such histories it later came to be seen as establishing a tradition Wicked Sense of collaborative scholarshipVolumes publishedI The Renaissance 1902II The Reformation The endf the Middle Ages 19038III The Wars f Religion 1904IV The Thirty Years' War 1906V The Age f Louis XIV 19.

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An excellent and fascinating walk through Powerless Against You our last. The Cambridge Modern History is a comprehensive modern historyf the world beginning with the 15th century age f Discovery published by the Cambridge University Press in the United Kingdom and also in the United StatesThe first series planned by Lord Acton and edited by him with Stanley Leathes Sir Adolphus William Ward and G W Prothero was launched in 1902 and totalled fourteen volumes the last f them being an historical atlas which appeared in 1912 The period covered was from 1450 to 1910A second series The New Cambridge Modern History now covering the years 1450 to 1945 appeared in fourteen volumes between 1957 and 1979

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Sir Adolphus William Ward 2 December 1837 – 19 June 1924 was an English historian and man of letters