Ashea Goldson: When Kingdom Comes

Bori. After spending six years on death row in southern Louisiana Trinity Crawford is finally declared innocent She returns home to a mother who never wanted her Immediately hit with a devastating medical diagnosis for her son Trinity sets out in search of estranged family members She travels first to New Orleans to reconcile the pas.

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Njoye. Ost pain in her life she must also struggle with the only thing that hasn't been destroyed her faithWhen she has run out of time and resources will the very weary Trinity ive up on happiness settling for what her mother calls her bad luck or will she realize that God is the only one who can heal the wounded and restore the los.

Ng T in order to reclaim her future In her search to save her son she enlists the help of her sassy Aunt Ruby who helps her make sense of the strange visions she has always had Trinity discovers the power of God that her paternal randmother had told her so much about As she wrestles with the relationship that has caused her the

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