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S just one of those super perfect insta love books with no real problems It was cute uick fun read but I wished there was just of everything in this book if that makes sense So jenika redid this series with few written stuff new cover edit stuff So im redo this review and below add stuff I missed New rating 35 Old review4 February aka Ary is with her girls celebrating her 30th birthday she got rid of her asshat boyfriend who always put her down about her weight and looks and she s looking to have some fun She spots a bear shifter and feels soemthing Charlie a bear shifter off the bat shes having some conflict about going home with the bear But she gives in Things are turned wayyy up After the animal dirty timesCharlie gives some pretty bad ad news the condom broke they have a slight freak out and push away for a second She waits awhile to see if anything happens to inform Charlie And when she does get the results back They connect again and charlie realizes Ary is his mate Now he has to deal with a ex and his brothers who are getting into fights Low angst No ow tiny om drama no cheating Slight secondary charas Drama sexy times no virgins both mentioned there pastRecommend maybeCover new coverSlowinsta 30h40HViolence ShifterSafe sexno condom RimmingSpankingOrgasm denial HeaEpilogue Extremely short story Charlie is a bear shifter who has a ONS with an ocelot shifter named February After their night together he just can t stop thinking about her A few weeks later he decides to seek her out and let her now what he wants her as his mate Ary can t believe her ONS with Charlie has resulted in a pregnancy She The Matriarchs (The Family knows she has to meet with him and let himnow the news that he s about to be a dad Alpha bear shifter insecure heroine no cheating no ow drama Ary s horrible ex tries tries to start trouble but doesn t succeed HEA with a small epilogue 2 years outThis is the first book in a series The other two books are about Charlie s brothers. Father he has no choice but to step up and take care of her and his baby It was only supposed to be that one night of pleasure so when a jackal shifter comes sniffing around her can Charlie show him that a bear always takes care of what’s hisBe Warned rimming spankin.

So Incredibly bad It was pretty lazy writing some details that changed throughout the book and pretending the morning after pill has never been invented because you don t Notes for the Everlost know how to do your book otherwise is the ultimate laziness 325 starsnot bad a little short 87 pages on an ebook Enjoyable Supposed to be about a girl who has weight issues per descriptioncover does not show that Little confused here but then I am a cover hound and hate inconsistencies Or maybe it is me Overall a sweet little read Yay for the idea meh for the execution It s the same ol same ol with books like this one too much sex not enough plot The scenes were hot yes but I d have preferred characterization there are so many characters and we get so little of them story telling those sex scenes were loooong and but everything else felt like it all happened too fast and the h and h spending getting tonow you time most of their getting to When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) know you bits were glossed over IIRC i actually l think there was plot in the synopsis than the actual book so yeah meh pretty much sums it up This was a decent shifter read for me even though there wasn t much that went on in the plot no real dilemmas conflicts controversy etc Here is my breakdownThe pros I liked the characters there wasn t a lot of depth to them but I still sensed the chemistry between the hero and heroine The sex was beyond hot No cliffhanger it read like a complete story even though it s part of a series The cons This book is WAYYYYYYY overpriced at its current listing price of 499 Its only 88 pages long Some serious insta love Hideous cover The book was mostly just sex which isn t always bad but I wanted some depth aside from in the bedroom I would have preferred some of those encounters were replaced with some story and character development The plot was basically non existent very little occurred in this readOverall this made for a pretty good uick shifter read However it won t be a series I personal. February “Ary” Felina an ocelot shifter with a weight complexnows going out on her dirty thirty birthday is a bad idea especially when she ends up in Charlie Wylde’s bed The big powerful alpha bear shifter is nown in the town of Sweet Water for never having th.

Ly continue Mainly because each book in the series is listed at 499 Um no I don t think I would pay 199 for these books I feel they would be fairly priced at99 or even offered as indleunlimited Jenika Snow Crush It! knows how to deliver hot intense decadence steamy and fast pacing romance novellas This is a uick read but steamy smexy as hell The hero is myinda OTT alpha male with every inch of masculinity The heroine is sweet as candy bathed with a good amount of feminity My go to character type when i want something uick but hot as fire 25 stars rounded up to 3 because I totally heart bear shifters A nice short read that was a bit thin on plot like really thin but the sex was hot and I finished it in one sitting The brothers are nice so I would like to read of them After a miserable relationship with a jackal shifter February Ary Felina an ocelot nows on her thirtieth birthday she needs to throw caution to the wind and be ravaged by an insatiable male Who better than bear alpha shifter Charlie Wylde Charlie Wylde has a reputation for being wild in bed and never sleeping with the same woman twice just want the doctor ordered that is until the condom breaksWhat Ary doesn t realize as she is a panicking over a possible pregnancy is Charlie wants her as his mate Although he is taking his sweet time admitting it to his human side his bear nows Ary is his to Deep Listening keepFantastic first book int he Wylde Bears series Charlie is a jerk in some ways because of the freak out moment but once he makes up his mind on what he wantsAry he is utterly sweet I look forward to reading the rest of the series all the brothers are unattachable in a sense but for different reasons Didn t realize how short this book was when I got it I just saw a shifter book and had to have it This book was alright but because I didn t realize it was a short book I was expecting something major to happen especially because everything was going so perfect in the book but no it wa. E same female twice But that one night stand turns into a disaster when the condom breaksWhen Charlie sees Ary for the first time he wants her The bear in him needs to mark and claim her until everyonenows she is his When she tells him she is pregnant and he’s the.

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