Colin D. Flint: Vibronic Processes in Inorganic Chemistry NATO Science Series C

O hold this ASI but the final trigger was given at a meeeting in Padova when Marco Bettinelli Lorenzo Disipio and Gianluigi Ingletto asked me to recommend a text where the diverse conceptual spectroscopic and structural conseuences of the impossibility of treating the motions of the lectrons and nuclei independantly in inorganic compounds were presented There seemed to be no suitable comprehensive text where the

This volume reports the main lectures and seminars given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Vibronic Processes in Inorganic Chemistry held at Riva del Sole Tuscany Italy between 7th and 18th September 1988 In addition to the about 40 hours of lectures repres nted by this volume a further fifteen lectures on current research topics were given by the other participants Many factors contributed to the decision

Elationship between the relatively simple theoretical ideas and the huge range of their application in inorganic chemistry and physics was developed The Institute and this text are a contribution to filling this gap Seventy nine participants from fifteen countries attended the Institute Topics raised in the lectures and from the participants own research freuently led to discussions which went on long into the nigh.

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