Jared Gardner: Master Plots Race and the Founding of an American Literature 1787 1845

The best book I ve ever written Seriously JUPDATE Nah I ve written better J Expl. While it is well known that American writers of the early national period were preoccupied with differentiating their work from European models Jared Gardner argues that the national literature of the United States was eually motivated by the desire to differentiate white Americans from blacks and Indians Early American writers were drawn to fantasies of an American race and an American literature came to be defined not only by its desire for cultural uniueness but also by its de.

Oration of the use of race as a way to develop an American Identity in the Early Fense of racial purity Gardner follows the shifts in American narrative's engagement with race from Royall Tyler's Algerine Captive through the novels of Brockden Brown and Cooper to Poe's tales and Douglass's autobiographies narratives that differently sought to rewrite the intersections of racial and national identity the first generation had plottedThe larger story Master Plots describes is how the racial language of slavery and savagery helped nationalist writers plot a uniue.

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Epublicantebellum period Chapters look at Poe Brown Cooper Douglass and some other. Identity for the new nation and the cost this master plot exacted when the empty rhetoric of one generation confronted the historical facts of slavery and Native American Removal in the next The uestion of what it meant to be an American had lost none of its severity and the desire for an answer none of its urgency As early nationalist writers wrestled with the uestion they proved how hard a uestion it is to answer and how great are the dangers in scripting its answers too easil.

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