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Lege registrar and my job focus became administration Nonetheless as I continued to read I found myself apply the content to my new role as manager of the academic records team It is not that the book changed focus but that I saw the application to my new career In other words the principles in this book can be applied to teaching and management rolesThe book covered a wide range of experiential learning approaches The numerous case studies provided meaningful real world examples. And covers issues such as experience and intelligence; facilitation good practice and ethics; learning environments; experiential learning activities; and working with the senses and emotio.

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Basic understanding of experiential learning 25 This is the kind of book where you can use a pick and mix approach and still manage to grasp the overall ideas fairly well This is mainly because of the way it has been outlined and scaffolded by summaries and inside references to prior or previous chapters There is an ostensible effort put to efining and conceptualizing although I feel that the metaphorical illustrations of concepts the tumbler system is not straightforward and Experiential Learning enables educators trainers coaches and facilitators to unleash some of the potent ingredients of learning through experience It presents a simple model the Learning Com.

Ot really helpful The book is however uite readable and easy to navigate with references galore The practical side chapter 9 is not thorough which is understandable given the large scope of the book This book was a challenge to get through as it could get a bit ry However I believe it will become a regularly used reference When I started reading it my job focused on teaching and so I kept applying it to my role as a teacher When I was about half way through the book I became col. Bination Lock which illustrates the wide range of factors that can be altered to enhance the learning experience The theory is brought to life with hundreds of examples from around the world.