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E was nothing outrageously terrible in this book There s a love triangle that didn t bother me at all because for the latter 50% of the book I was likedafu am I reading D The last half of the book was a journey into what the actual fucks villeI m just so utterly confused This book reads like a contemporary but it turned out to be a dystopian It started off fantastically The first 25% held my attention rapt But sadly this book didn t live up to its initial promiseIt s a little difficult for me to express my exact feelings on it so allow me to describe it to you through the use of DigimonIt starts off interestingly enough There s an egg You don t know what it holds Oh the possibilitiesThe egg is cracking open Oh it s so interesting How neat You the reader are intrigued However will it evolve nextAND WE RE ON A MOTHERFUCKING HORSE YEAH YEAH This is oing to be a hell of a ride It s hard to believe that this thing hatched from just a tiny little egg rightWait What the actual FUCK How the hell did we The Trouble with Valentines get from a horse toTHISThe Summary Emma doesn t remember anything She has been in an accident Nobody will tell her what happened She has to relearn everything Her handsome husband tells her what she needs to know Emma repeats and believes what she is told Declan her husband is so kind so loving She just wants to please him You are my husband Declan Burke I am your wife Emma We were married in a small ceremony with only our closest friends atop our mountain Yes Emma that s right You were absolutely beautiful Emma is attracted to her husband but Declan is strangely reluctant to touch her He rejects her advances Emma feels safe in his embrace His arms wrap around tight and hold me as if I would run away and he could not bear it But I will not Not ever I want to be with him always Emma undergoes tests after tests She doesn t feel like a patient so much as a lab rat She absolutely hates these tests Emma has nightmares she has flashbacks in which she is someone else After these nightmares doctors try to uestion her about them Emma always lies there s a voice inside her head that tells her not to trust these people This voice is called her she Emma and her mind are at war I told you to lie She says coolly You don t understand yet but you willI only understand that I am at war with myself and I do not know why One way or another I will win Her days are a litany of tests medication for some reason the doctors feel that Emma needs to be restrained When I look down I find I am bound to the table by Velcro straps Instinctively I jerk and the bindings burn and pinch my wrists What are you doing I ask panicked I ll remove them when I think you re no longer a danger to yourself Nobody will tell her what happened What is this accident Why did Emma lose her memoriesVery soon we realize that something s rotten Something s not right This is not our world as we know it There is strange technology Those take you out of the building She tells me Probably to other floors too They re teleportation units Teleport Teleporting Teleportation You know teleportersThey split you into a million different pieces and send your bits to your destination You tell it where you want to port and it sends you there Get it Tell a port Stranger still than the existence of teleporters is the slow buildup of knowledge that something is deeply wrong with this world I recognize the acronym from one of my earlier dreams with Toni WTC Women s Training Center Where all our young women are prepared for marriage There are so many uestions here There are no easy answers Who is Emma What is her husband hiding from her Who is the mysterious people who appears in her dreams Why is she in danger You know what I am talking about Why do you insist on keeping my past a secret from me If you are trying to protect me stop I do not need your protection I need the truth before thisets any worse The Setting This is a rather unconvincing dystopian setting There is absolutely no info dumping at all but it doesn t feel entirely convincing It started off feeling like a contemporary but we re slowly jlo Journal given the buildup that this world is not what it should be Slowly we uncover the details It s intriguing it is Here we are presumably in the future We have teleportation technology we have huge ass television screensand we have an issue with female infertility The women who are fertile these days he continues while he stands and moves to one of his bookcases are only fertile into their late twenties early thirties at most It isn t disease orenetics just the unfortunate way things have progressed This world is extremely vague and I don t uite understand it The background is pure telling not showing We re expected to believe that this happened that that happened without much of an explanation Part of the frustration comes from the narrator because of her amnesia and her innocence and placidity and acceptance of everything as factThe world itself is very two dimensional We have vague laws tossed out without much of a backdrop He slaps his hands to his knees and stands I m afraid you don t have a choice Birth control is illegal Abortion is illegal with a very severe punishment Emma pregnancy is not a choice I m sorry We have inconsistencies in technology and medical advancements Her finger is healed with lasers A couple of nurses arrive take our vitals and clean up our scrapes and cuts One uses some kind of laser to heal my knuckle While there s still trouble with using blood thinners to fix a hemorrage We have teleportation technologies but we re still using phones and tablets and 21st century technology I mean these days we re starting to have Google Glass and etc don t you think in a future where we can teleport around telephones would be obsoleteThe Characters I had a lot of sympathy for Emma in the beginning because she is so innocent so trusting so naive My sympathy for her had severely diminished before the first half of the book is through Emma makes everything feel underwhelming She just doesn t feel like a real person with human emotions to me Emma ended the novel like she started a pretty doll slightly beaten upThe Plot I have a problem with the flashbacks We are pelted in every single chapter with memories flashbacks I One Night...Twin consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles get that these are important but it felt like I was reading two separate books at the same time without knowing what exactly wasoing on in either There was no infodumping regarding the world but there was a massive amount of infodumping regarding the characters in the flashbacks and dreamsThe story itself became intriguing to uh oh we re not in Kansas any and then uickly turned into a clusterfuck of tremendous proportions The book completely lost me around the 50% markThe Romance Very unbelievable since from the very beginning we are set up to hate and distrust one of the love interests I didn t have a problem with the romance because it was unconvincing it had no subtlety It like the book itself is completely predictable A One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic good love triangle works because the emotions are convincing the characters are likeable and the reader is caught holding his or her breath to see who will emerge the victor There was no uestion as to who would win in this book it was that obvious 25 starsFrom the few reviews I m seeing here I d say I m definitely in the minority Everyone else seems to love this oneAnywayI didn t enjoy the story and I had a hard time caring about the main character Possibly because she had no idea who she was for the first 80% of the book Without a strong sense of self she just seemed like a shell who allowed things to happen to her Which I think is what the author wasoing for It just went on too long for my personal taste If her real personality had emerged sooner I think I would have been able to The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City get into the story a bit Then there s the fact that I hated her true love and her husband Not so much at first but by the end of the book I was hoping there wasoing to be another option besides either of those uysBlechThe writing isn t bad at all but I was really bored the entire time I was reading this However I think this is less a case of Awful Book and a case of Not My Type Of Story Thank you to Edelweiss for a copy of this ARC Initial reaction I ll admit I enjoyed so much of this novel and I felt for Emma s experiences throughout the novel Sci fi mysteryfuturistic thriller with uite a few WTF momentsFull reviewArchetype might be one of my favorite stories of recent memory for the kind of story it portrays There are elements of it that are familiar to stories I ve read but MD Waters captures Emma s experiences with a vibrant vivid and sensual The story revolves around Emma having no memories in a futuristic environment where she s established as the wife of a very wealthy yet secretive husband Declan She s said to have been in an accident that left her in horrible shape but as Emma starts wading through the fog of her dreams and teasing internal clashes she realizes there s not only another person whom she holds closer to her heart than Declan but also there s sinister actions behind the people who are supposed to be her allies and loved ones It takes the novel a bit to reach the point where Emma starts to put the pieces together but I ll admit the journey watching her et to that point and then act against the forces pushing against her was well worth the wait The novel has than a few curveballs to throw at the reader Some of them I definitely saw coming but there were others that even threw me for a loop as Archetype marched to a stunning conclusion I went back and forth on my rating of it but in the end it s the kind of sci fi story that completely pulled me in and I loved for what it offered I m definitely looking forward to reading the follow up book Excellent audio narration from one of my favorite readers Khristine HvamOverall score 455 stars I read this because a friend reviewed it and I was intrigued by some plot elements she mentioned And if you re a hater troll who enjoys harassing reviewers please bear in mind that my friend thought this book was just okay and I wanted to read it anyway And then I ended up really enjoying it So piss offIf you re a hater I mean If you re not do please stay Here Have a cup of tea Darjeeling or English Breakfast I d offer you some chocolate but I m hiding it I MEAN we re all out Completely SorryAnyway E between her reality and dreams shatters In a future where women are a rare commodity Emma fights for freedom but is held captive by the love of two men one her husband the other her worst enemy If only she could remember which is which The first novel in a two part series Archetype heralds the arrival of a truly memorable character and the talented author who created

Emma was in an accident that has robbed her of her past While convalescing she is introduced to Declan Burke her charming and handsome husband whom she does not remember Declan is devoted and attentive but Emma is still having a hard time adjusting post trauma Haunted by disturbing dreams Emma turns to painting easily creating lush seascapes that lull her into a false sense of security When Emma s recovery is deemed acceptable she is sent home to the mountains with Declan The two fall into an easy partnership with one another but something is off Emma s dreams still undo her dreams of the WTC and of a man named Noah She begins to wonder if her dreams are only that or if they could mean the destruction of her entire world This book redefines the phrase trophy wife Archetype poses several frightening views of a possible future were women are bought and sold like merchandise Every mandate about what they do with their bodies is strictly regulated by men As such a woman s body does not belong to her It belongs to her husband and he is within his legal rights to do whatever he wants with his property It is a British Jihadism grim outlook of a future that could someday become reality Archetype is a dazzling debut a very sharp book It has such a dignified air to it a beautiful poignancy in the writing But the beauty is a skin deep mask threatening to expose itself at any moment Beneath the surface is a haunting corrosive tension that eats the reader alive It makes the reader nauseous in the best possible way This is one of those books that seeps into your consciousness It breeds discontent It forces one to ponder the possible what if What if this book was true and thisrim outlook implied a probably future for women What if this is what our Virgin Widow genders have to look forward to the selling of sex in the most literal wayThis book this book There are no words for this book 5 out of 5 stars review courtesy of wwwbibliopunkkreadscom 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum was not a book I thought I d like I mean dystopian romance and amnesia isn t a cocktail I d normallyo for But this book ended up being surprisingly enjoyableWe begin with an introduction to Emma our protagonist who wakes up in a hospital with no memory of who she is A kind and patient caretaker introduces himself to her as Declan Burke and BOOM also drops the bombshell on her that he is her husband Declan helps with her recovery filling in blanks but Emma finds herself having strange vivid dreams of a traumatic past Sometimes her subconscious mind also remembers happier times with another man a man who is not Declan and these dreams fill her with both love and fearEmma tries to put it all behind her and Wife in Exchange get her life back on track assured by Declan s presence and protection until one day she comes face to face with the other man in her dreams And just like that the illusion is shatteredThe dystopian future of Archetype is believable and well written with several features that make it sufficiently intriguing yet disturbing Humanity is on the path to extinction with fertile women being a tiny minority of the population This has led to serious social implications especially for women who areuarded very fiercely and in many cases are treated like rare commodities to be bought and soldBut while this provides a fascinating backdrop for the story the setting and in fact the world building in The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, general is probably not the novel s strongest aspect nor do I think it was meant to be Instead the focus is on characterization particularly when it comes to Emma s personality and the way she deals with her amnesia The main draw of the story for me was the progress of her recovery and regaining her memory Her transition from a scared trusting newly awakened patient to a wiser and uestioning skeptic made her feel very real to me because I imagine these are the logical steps someone in her position wouldo through Towards the end Emma is no longer content to take everything at face value or accept Declan s words as the truth especially when the inconsistencies start piling up Declan is also much too perfect which raised alarm bells for me early on and Emma eventually begins to Night And Day grow suspicious as wellI probably wouldn t call Archetype a Romance or at least I don t believe it fits in the traditional sense of theenre even though much of the story is charged with very passionate feelings and there are a couple very hot and heavy sex scenes Needless to say the relationship dynamics between the various characters are paramount to the plot and its themes It made for an emotional novel and that along with the fantastic development of Emma s character had my heart Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow going out to her at as certain revelations came to light in the climax and conclusionGranted this is not a terribly complex book and despite the many dream seuences and flashbacks the plot and themes don t vary too much But for all of that it worked for me The world building and probably wouldn t be enough for hardcore Science Fiction fans and not surprisingly there were many moments where I was left wishing there were details about the technology and history of the world of Archetype Still Waters wrote areat book here and it s my feeling that she was not aiming for hard sci fi instead The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid going for atmosphere and a character driven novel What you end up with is a straightforward book that knows where it wants too and I thought it was actually uite effective I am looking forward to the conclusion of this two book series in the seuel Prototype 45 STARSWhat a fantastic book This is a combo of sci fi and dystopian fiction but also very much a romance I loved everything about this book It was fast paced intelligent thought provoking and considering the topic at hand easy to follow I found myself trying to figure out everything right along with the heroine Emma I don t want to Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys get into the plot because this truly is a book worth jumping into The synopsis is than enoughoing in so don t read too many reviews and spoil the awesome sauce this book was coated in What I loved was how we slowly Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, get painted a picture of what isoing on It was a Life Changing Smiles genius move on the authors part because by the midway point you can t put his down Actually within a few pages I was hooked The last third was incredibly tense and had me panicking over all the possible outcomes This does end in a cliffy but have no fear the seuel Prototype is already out I m immersed in this futuristic world and am diving right into said seuel The only thing only thing I wanted of was world building I wanted details of how what we know as North America had been fragmented in such a way Anyways this was awesome a fantastic edition into the sci fidystopian world And again for you romance lovers out there like me there s a plenty 45 stars Seduce my mind and you can have my body find my soul and I m yours forever AnonymousArchetype opens with thatorgeous uote and I find it completely fitting for this riveting story My emotions were strung up tight and all over the place throughout this read I read all 384 pages in one sitting because I could not set this book down I started the seuel which is the final book immediately after finishing because I HAD TO KNOW what happensEmma wakes up with no memories whatsoever the only thing she knows is that she s Declan s wife He s kind and patient and Emma has no reason to uestion him except her inner voice and dreams Emma has dreams and nightmares showing another life contradictory to what Declan and Dr Travista tell her She dreams of a Noah a man who scares her she dreams of happy times on the beach in the arms of a man who she desperately loves a man who is definitely NOT Declan She also dreams of Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, growing up in a Women s Camp and being treated like merchandise or worseEmma uestions what she can trust and struggles as memories and dreams keep coming Still everything Declan does seem to show he loves and cares for her and Emma tries to shove everything aside and let the attraction she feels take over settle into her life and move on When Emma meets a living breathing Noah she knows that she hasn t conjured up some of these scenarios and must sort through what is realIt is really hard to write a review and express my thoughts without spoiling things but I ll do my best Archetype is set in a futuristic world but one I could easily picture We already have the beginnings of some of the science described now making this world believable to me On some levels the type of injustices done to women that are described are happening today which is completely disturbing and made my skin crawl with the possibilities I felt for Emma and she brought out my protective instincts from theet o I wanted to shield her and punish anyone who dared to harm her There were times I wanted to shake her and say look at the truth in front of you but then I d put myself in her position and I really couldn t fault her Emma really showed strength and courage and kept it together while I d probably have been an incoherent babbling mess Plus not is all as it seems to Emma or the reader For much of the book I thought I had things figured out and I did have some of it right but I was surprised and thrown for a loop when all things were revealed Declan seems so very nice patient and perfect which immediately stirred my suspicions Even with my doubts it was evident that Declan did really care for Emma but this is the kind of book where you suspect everyone so I was still on high alert I m not sure what I could say about Noah without spoiling anything so I let you figure him out when you read this It s evident from the description there is a love triangle I DETEST love triangles but this one did not upset me I was upset by the revelations about Emma and how it related to the romance I was rooting for There is an obvious choice IMO and I think the reader is steered in that direction throughout much of the book I have to say my heart ached for Emma by the end sniff I can t write this review without thanking the lovely Lauren Love is Not a Triangle for recommending this series to me I can t believe this is a debut novel Bravo MD Waters This story was amazing and I ve been consumed with it for the last two days I m almost done with Prototype While this doesn t end with a cliffhanger per se I felt very fortunate to have book two on my Kindle so I could start it immediately You can find this. Introducing a breathtakingly inventive futuristic suspense novel about one woman who rebels against everything she is told to believe Emma wakes in a hospital with no memory of what came before Her husband Declan a powerful seductive man provides her with new memories but her dreams contradict his stories showing her a past life she can’t believe possible memories of

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Review and at The Readers Den TL DR Three out of five stars The book has a really strong core concept and really ood writing but there are significant issues with characterization worldbuilding and theme that detract from the novel Full disclosure I received an ARC of this book from PenguinI thought this was an interesting book that while enjoyable suffers from what I often call first book problems The first half of the book is a bit of a slog but things improve markedly by the end I think Waters has the potential to be a powerhouse Copper Lake Secrets genre author but in Archetype she sometimes overreaches herselfThis book s biggest strength is in the uality of the writing Waters has a strong uniue and distinct authorial voice though it took me a bit toet used to her style I certainly thought it worked in terms of tone and tempo I was also very impressed with the way Waters handled the temporal narrative transitions That is a difficult techniue for even seasoned writers but Waters handles it with aplomb The shifts were smooth easy to follow and enhanced the story s flow rather than hampered it I also thought Waters language was lovely and appropriate it set the perfect tone for a sci fi dystopia From the sentence structure to the word choice Waters deftly uses connotation and denotation to color the narrative Beyond that I thought the book was tight considering its plot arc The actual seuential pacing works though I think the book opens unnecessarily slowly but on that later and shows the hand of a deft editor Additionally Waters has an intrinsic understanding of tonal and pacing shifts the way she writes fight scenes strongly differs from scenes where Emma is alone or contemplative This was such a breath of fresh air it Brooklyn's Song gets tiresome to read sci fi novels that lack nuance Structurally Waters decision to use a first person perspective enhances the feeling of disuiet within the story itself I was initially a little concerned about the choice but within a few chapters it hadrown on me By the end of the novel I found Emma s limited perspective to be essential thematically That said there are some issues with the story some minor and others significant On the smaller end of the spectrum as much as I loved the language of the story there were times when it could cross the line from powerful to overwrought For example there s a moment where Other Emma recollects that With each passing day I Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide grew to regret the sunset no matter how progressively beautiful the atmospheric effects became 97 Not only is that statement a mouthful but it s aoofy mouthful a powerful sentence might read something like this With each passing day I Plain Jane The Hotshot grew to regret the sunset no matter how beautiful it was Again this isn t a systemic problem Because the writing is soood on the whole these moments stick out like a sore thumbThe book s most significant issue comes in the form of exposition It is often clunky like when Toni says I m Toni Reece and I m about to make your life here a lot easier 29 It s an unnatural piece of dialogue and the fact that it comes so early in the story is off putting More to the point necessary narrative exposition is often missing Knowing what Emma thinks and feels is essential for creating sympathy with the reader and the decided lack of useful or relatable exposition in the early parts of the book are a real stumbling block to that end For example Emma doesn t freak out Family of Her Dreams given that there is a whole separate person speaking to her in her head She clearly knows enough about the human condition to understand that disembodied voices aren t normative and yet she seems comfortable or at least unperturbed that she s talking to herself Likewise Emma s love for Declan is never uite believable It lacks depth if you compare her descriptions of the way she feels about Noah to the way she feels about Declan even before she discovers the truth there s much less power She just sort of loves him without any real justification to the reader That internal narrative is so so important If we areoing to believe that Emma has to make difficult choices by the end of the book we first have to believe that she feels strongly for Declan in spite of herself Likewise we need to feel what Emma is feeling throughout the first two thirds of the story not just after she discovers her deep dark secret The story s plot twist is interesting in fact the whole book improves markedly after that reveal but it could be earth shattering for the reader if heshe only cared about Emma The best way to do that is by making the reader feel what Emma does and you do that through expository descriptions That issue leads to another problem the love triangle feels contrived Rather than being invested in Emma s right to choose whom she loves which is an important thematic point for the story Declan is very obviously not the right choice from page one Waters is too heavy handed in pushing the reader toward Noah so when Declan declares his affection for Emma it already rings hollow Likewise Declan s fate at the end of the story also lacks power since he Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed goes from being slightly unlikeable to completely unsympathetic A lighter hand with emphasis on therey areas of both Declan s and Noah s lives would serve better hereAnd that leads me to the last two significant issues which are actually fairly major for a science fiction novel worldbuilding and themes The worldbuilding in Archetype is surprisingly weak Although I understand Waters decision to only reveal information to the reader as Emma herself discovers it its actually uite unfortunate Even after finishing the book I m not sure I understand the machinations of the world behind the WTCs and the Resistance It s hard to figure out whether we re dealing with futurism or an alternate reality likewise it s difficult to know why the Resistance iswellresisting What do they want What is their oal And to the point why do WTCs exist outside of maintaining patriarchal power There were also significant holes in terms of technology For example Emma s broken finger is healed with a laser but her body hemorrhages and there s no advanced medicine for this People can teleport but we still use tablet computing Cell phones still exist in any iteration I mean we can already implant people with optical cameras you don t think that telecom technology will be seriously altered in one hundred years Even if you re making up the world you still have to consider that social economic and natural forces still exist Thus the world in Archetype isn t really believable because it doesn t really exist it s just a two dimensional backdrop for the characters and themes I m not saying that there needs to be pages and pages of description I would actually point to The Road by Cormac McCarthy as an example of a book that does the same thing Archetype does It reveals the ualities of the world in small concise chunks but the reader still closes the book with a total understanding of McCarthy s post apocalyptic landscapeThematically I found Waters use of cognitive dissonance at the beginning of the story to be clunky and ineffective Waters could stand to look strongly at Lacanian and Freudian ideas of identity acuisition people establish their selfhood the same way they always do futuristic society or not What Waters is trying to do with her discussion of humanity autonomy ender agency and selfhood is interesting but she never fully realizes these ideas Instead she tries to address too many themes at once Doing so makes her never fully flesh out any of them in fact she often introduces contradictory messages For example we are clearly supposed to see cloning for fertility as an ethical abuse Obviously what happens to Emma is wrong but what about Lydia s choice How is that different from suicide Beyond that teleportation seems to be a parallel issue If Emma steps into a teleportation tube and is reformed with completely new molecules on the other side is she still Emma This is inherently the same uestion that Waters poses with cloning but she offers a different answer Another much troubling example is the way Waters handles rape When Emma believes she was raped and tortured she is completely emotionally overwhelmed She feels violated and uestions how she could ever forget such a heinous act However when Dr Travista essentially medically rapes her Emma wakes up completely unfazed Thus Waters offers contradictory evidence about how women should feel about the invasion of their bodies Again this is because Waters is trying to do too much with too many themes though I think her discussion of identity is much impactful after Emma s big reveal there is much potential for strong and important commentary in this storyAll in all this book was entertaining if not a bit thematically overreaching I will say that I enjoyed it much after the significant plot twist and I ll be interested to see how Waters refines andor enhances her plot world and characters in the series next installment I d Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) give this book a comfortable three out of five stars In a future where women are a rare commodity Emma fights for freedom but is held captive by the love of two men one her husband the other her worst enemy If only she could remember which is which GEE I WONDERThis book was nothing than YA dystopia written for adults And it s only for adults because of the characters ages and a couple of sex scenesNearly everything the main character does is based on the word of someone else She has these flashbacks and she can t tell if they re dreams or memories and it s SO FRICKIN OBVIOUS Predictable is too mild a word You don t even have to read this book to know how it turns outThe romance was SOOO BOOOORINGG which is unfortunate because all the drama hinged on it This book had so much potential but it was so unbelievably shallow with a phoned in plot and meh writing There was absolutely nothing convincing or compelling about this bookI m not at all interested in the seuel He sighs and slows to a stop There are a lot of things about the world we live in that you don t understand Things you ll find out in time This is such a strange book I didn t hate it but it was just too much too confusing This book is like a strange mixture of Gone Girl and The Handmaid s TaleFor me this book was so anachronistic I liked it and I didn t like it It was somewhat original while being completely predictable Ther. Ar of a camp whereirls are trained to be wives of love for another man Something inside her tells her not to speak of this but she does not know why She only knows she is at war with herself Suppressing those dreams during daylight hours Emma lets Declan mold her into a happily married woman and begins to fall in love with him But the day Noah stands before her the lin.

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MD WATERS lives with her family in Maryland When she isn’t writing edge of your seat science fiction thrillers abusing her muse or random dancing she's writing USA Today Bestselling romances as MISTY D WATERS Her first novel ARCHETYPE was nominated for a RT Reviewers' Choice award on the Texas Library Association's 2015 Lariat Reading List listed on Popsugarcom's The Best Books of 201