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Ave been research into subjects unknown I m not sure if the author plans to add to this series but it is not a series that I plan on continuing to read I cannot recommend this book The abuse that James took rom Nathan was hard Heres to the Ladies for me to read I was really upset with him that he mistook that horrible treatmentor love I did not understand why he Saying Yes to the Millionaire felt that way I wished the author had made this book longer I agree with Dallison s review age and immaturity have something to do with it I m not veryamiliar with this issues so maybe I m wrongAnyhow this is another wonderful story The Majors Guarded Heart / The Highlanders Dangerous Temptation / Paying the Vikings Price from this author Hmm What to make of this oneTheirst two books in this series threw everything even the kitchen sink at Nick and John We were introduced to James in book 2 He s the Sons of the Devil, Vol. 2 focus in this book James has bad things happen to him until he sees the light 20or being generous With my rating just not my idea of a well executed story Written with all the exuberant and dramatic emotional makeup of its young adult audience the third installment to the Surviving Elite High series Merry Christmas, Daddy found me immersed in the life of James Gordon the young tutee of John Ames the lead character in the previous booksSixteen year old James is a bundle of anxious energy Upset that hisather is getting remarried it s Roped in far too soon in his opinion but who asked him he s also the target of the worst bully in his school and he despairs of everinding a boyfriend His single bright spot is the inspiration he inds in the loving relationship between his tutor John and ootball jock Nick Wild Hawk How did John do it How did he Secrets of the Tycoons Bride (The Garrisons, find a cool blistering hot jock to come outor him Transforming his upset into dogged determination James decides that he will Samanthas Gift follow John s example he too willind a jock to love him His newfound Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous focus takes a blow when he learns that he is expected to have a meet and greet dinner with not only hisather s intended bride but her teenaged son as well Crushed at his dad s abrupt dismissal of his Courting Miss Adelaide (Noblesville, Indiana, feelings James heads off to school where a single kind wordrom his nemesis basketball team captain Nathan Parker has him certain that Nathan is the jock A Convenient Wife for him He s just got to win him over rightWhatollows is a tumble of surprising and catastrophic events A Colton Target fraught with the turbulent emotion of a hormone ridden teen as in trying to win his jock James learns a slew of lessonsunder the worst possible circumstances As with the previous book once I adjusted to the uick change emotional makeup that is at the heart of teen angst I enjoyed this dashing dip into the life of young James as he struggles toind a way out of the Love Isnt Enough fire he has unwittingly jumped into Kudos to author John Amesor penning this arresting don t let this happen to you morality tale As I sank into the Prodigal Prince Charming fallen dominolow of the story my adult self was prone to murmurs of Oh no noNo Oh God was I ever this dumb A slideshow of the dubious mishaps of my own teen years provided a resounding Uh ye ah and I eagerly turned another page hoping that James would Task Force Bride find his way out as I have Thank you John Amesor allowing me to romance upon the A Soldiers Family (Wings of Refuge, folly of youth In a word Engagin. Ns And yet through it all James hopes that that his steadfast loveor Nathan will change the jock into a lover rather than an abuser Unless a certain hot loyal guy in the background can Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, find a way to show James he is really truly loved and has beenor a long time Before it’s too lateSurviving Elite High Loving James is the third part of the Surviving Elite High Saga which Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue features one the mostamous and loved characters in the series Jacob Ash.

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Ould not erase Well I don t know how to explain it to you in the PG 13 version but here it goes It s a Mistress form of sex that involves a lot of whips ropes and other sexual toys Usually one is the dominant person and the other is the submissive person The dominant does anything to his partner in order toulfill their sexual desires I would like to note here that my problem is not with the subject of bondage but the definition I ve done some research on this subject in the past so to understand better some of the books I read And there is a difference between just bondage which is simply the act of restraint and bondage with discipline A Ds relationship is not so easily explained as a just bondage I Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) feel thator young adult readers to happen upon this misinformed explanation in a book is a A Ranchers Redemption failure to young readers who may not know betterThe violence in this book is another issueor me Don t get me wrong I m not against violence in books I simply A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby feel that it was over the top in this book Theorceful treatment of James by someone that he thought he loved was shocking I still can t understand why he was so enad with someone who physically abused and violated him It wasn t like they had any sort of relationship prior to the acts that put him in some sort of battered boyfriends category I would also like to point out that the aggressor s actions being blamed on his childhood molestation is clich d and was also used as the excuse A Mother in the Making for the antagonist in the previous book So it all justelt out of place repetitive and unoriginalOkay so off of those soapboxes Her Kind Of Cowboy for now On the subject of characters I couldn tind myself connecting with James I get that he s a confused sixteen year old who only wants to be accepted I m not saying that he wasn t an okay character in theory I just think he s poorly characterized He was stuck on the history of John and Nick His Pregnant Christmas Princess from the previous two books He was almost obsessed with wanting to be just like John instead ofinding his own voice It made him weak character wiseJacob is the one highlight in this story Through the Language Glass for me and he will remain myavorite character in this series Whereas this is James s story and the story is written in James s POV Jacob still shines like the diamond in the rough he is He is still caring patient and understanding The best riend The protector The most orgiving Jacob is the most stable believable character of all of the characters in the entire seriesFinally the relationship between James and Jacob I like this pairing if only because Jacob Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, finally gets a love in his life that wants him as well But the lack of relationship building in the story is disappointing James and Jacob don t really interact much throughout the course of the book I would have really liked to see them grow as a couple actually see the reason they might haveor You Are Not A Gadget falling in love Maybe it could ve helped me like James I don t know But the way it played out justell Sanctuary flat and was disappointingIn the end the only saving graceor this book would be Jacob but he was not enough to make me like the story The Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, facts stated are offensive confusing and incorrect Ieel that there should D the love of his life John came out to the whole school in previous years and made being gay at Elite High just another walk of lifeHowever even though the jocks have bullied James nonstop and made his life a living hell he can’t help but Friendfluence fantasize about the king of the jocks Nathan Parker Nathan is rugged straight and the most popular guy in school Whenate intercepts and places James and Nathan under the same roof James’ torture really begi.

2 starsReview originally written One Part Woman for JOyfully JayAfter James Gordon met John Ames and Nick Hawking he couldn t help but have hope that his own geekjock love story was out there somewhere James just has toind the right jock Enter Nathan Parker Nathan is everything James has ever dreamed of captain of the basketball team sexy domineering He s also one of James s tormentors and the biggest bully in school But James is determined to Stranger find a way change Nathan determined to turn Nathan into his jock But things aren t always that easyWhen James sather announces that he is getting remarried James is taken by surprise and than a little upset His mother has only been gone or ive years and he s not ready to move on To ind out that his ather is marrying Nathan s mother comes as a complete shock And once they are actually married things just go The English Spy (Gabriel Allon, from bad to worse Theirst time Nathan To See Paris and Die forced James to give him a blowjob James wasn t sure what was going on Theorceful actions were not what he expected but he had wanted Nathan Out of China for so long that he was afraid to complain Even as Nathan s actions continue to grow violent James is convinced that Nathan is in love with him but just doesn t know how to express that love So James decides to make theirst move the biggest move But one unforgivable moment changes James s mind about his Mary Tudor future with NathanJacob Ash one of James s dad s employees is aew years older than James but he s always been a good As Aventuras de Hornblower (Saga Hornblower friend to James always had time to spend with him and listen to his problems After Nathan s betrayal James begins to see Jacob in a new light and realizes he is the love that James has always longedor But when old tormentors threaten to ruin James before he has a chance to voice his The Accidental Tourist feelings to Jacob will love be enough to save James when his innocence and his life are threatened Surviving Elite High Loving James is the third installment in John H Ames Surviving Elite High series and definitely my leastavorite of the series There are just too many problems Barcelona for me to really like this book and I tried I can t say I loved the other two in the series but they were better than this one in so many waysFirst I have a problem with some of theacts stated in the book I Christmas Catastrophe feel like there should have been research into certain aspects of before stating them asact And if they weren t meant to sound the way they sounded they should have been worded differently For example but really there s no way Collected Poems for a guy to get raped so it couldn t be that Without giving too much of the story away some things happen in the story that may presumably cancel out this statement but it s never corrected This is a statement that stayed with me while reading the entire book The inaccuracy of this one sentence threw meor a loop For this to be included in a young adult book in which presumably young gay men will read it and possibly be influenced by it is misleading and sadAnother example of misinformation given in this book and on a less offensive note is the explanation of bondage Bondage What s that Jacob sighed and uickly looked around There was an awkward look on his ace that he Surviving a normal high school is hard enough Surviving Elite High Close to impossible Not until you learn the difference between love and obsessionSixteen year old James Gordon has it all He’s rich studious and bears uite a strong resemblance to Justin Bieber So what’s stopping him rom being a normal kid in high school The deadly jocks They torment anyone who’s gay or possibly closeted even though Nick Wild Hawk star of the ootball team an.

My real name is Juan H Alvarado and I was born in El Salvador CA I currently live in Belize and my passions are writing reading and spending time with the ones I love I began writing in 2009 After posting some of my work on an internet website and receiving positive feedback I went on to write several full length novels under my penname John Henry Ames My first completed series is the Su