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Terly or lack of a better term than is typical in a book like this and these carry no impact But it gives a genuine sense of what it is like to play pro The Obliterated Man football at that level androm a POV generally not heard Figlio dellolocausto from Jackson is a real NFL journeyman barely holding on each year in his career he s honest about things like pot smoking and groupies and strippers though he really has nothing significant to say about either other than that they exist in his life And he gets across the sense of tension that goes with playing in the NFL at that journeyman evel maybe at any level though there s no doubt that there was extra tension not knowing if you were going to be cutrom week to week Jackson struggled to hold on weight during the season because he was never very hungry because he was so wound up all the time And it s as good as any book Ive read on the injuries that go with the game his career was in many ways the story of one injury after another pulled hamstrings and groins are common and in Jackson s description he never just pulls a hamstring he pulls it tendon Mr Majeika and the School Book Week from bone and how these injuries usually came out of nowhere at a bad time when he was on theield You Outliving feel the tension as he describes the game knowing another injury is likely So the nature of pain in the NFL comes through which is hardly news but it has impact when one player is talking specifically about his experiences But I rated it this low and I admit it s a bit unfair to criticize a book or ailm on what it could be rather than what it is because I expected something with a bit existential oomph a book that had a critical POV about the whole process a jaundiced North Dallas Forty take on the business that simply isn t there Jackson is a true believer and remains one to the end of the book there s nothing of Pete Gent s Phil Elliott in Jackson We get zero sense of the real personalities at play in the league Mike Shanahan is a great man Bill Walsh is a great man he loves Jake Plummer and Rod Smith the best teammates ever this player and that player were great teammates Only Eric Mangini gets criticized and that takes up about half a page and involves only two or three days in Jackson s life I guess in the end without some larger coherent developed take on his experiences in the league we re essentially left with those experiences and while there s value there Jackson just isn t that interesting as a writer or Landscapes of Communism football player or thinker to carry a book like this all the way through. Arc of his career Jackson brings to light the story of hundreds of everyday expendable players whose lives unlike those of their superstar colleagues aren't captured in high definition From scouting combines to training camps off season parties to game day routines this remarkably written memoirunny candid controversial and artful is an unforgettable look at life in the NFL and the real lives of young men risking their bodies and ultimately their lives to play pro ootba.

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Arious no holes barred journey into the everyday life of a professional NFL ootball player not only during the regular season but also in the off and pre season periods I was particularly struck by the ollowing observation Jackson made as his time with the Broncos began to draw to a closeAn NFL ootball team is not built to depend on one man It is built to rely on one system The men are temporary The plan is permanent The scouting department brings in the talent and once they re in that Tough Girl front door they become cogs in a machine Jake the starting uarterbackor the Broncos has never been benched in his life Confronting the reality of the machine is something he hasn t had to do until now Franchise uarterbacks are the last bastion of sentimental aw shucks ootball airy tales Former uarterbacks and uarterback coaches wear suits on television and tell Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation footballans why the uarterback is all that really matters But someday the uarterback will be thrown out with the trash Eventually the lie reveals itself to everyoneI enjoyed the journey and Admittedly I probably gave my review an extra star Conversationally Speaking for being a Bronco san and Hoot for being a Nate Jackan while he was here Still this certainly isn t your average Red November football player biography Jackson has a uirky humor and an even uirky depth honestness if you will that I m pretty sure you wouldn t getrom Tom Brady or Peyton ManningWhile he offers candid honesty about his relationship with Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) football there is the sense that he glosses over his human relationships in the book With the jersey chasers as he calls them I think that is understandable even telling I think it would be interesting to hear a professional athelete s take on intimate relationships and throwaway sexual conuests in the context of beingamous or God given talent This isn t a book about that However I think that being a book about ootball and the camaraderie of teammates being so intrinsic to that he does A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, fall short on giving us a view of how it FEELS to be a teammateThere is so much aootball Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit fan WILL love in this book that what might be missing can easily be overlooked Afterinishing it I sincerely hope that Nate Jack is working away at his next book Maybe the next one can be a mystery thriller about how an entire Architecture by Birds and Insects football team goes in together to off their chubby 38 year old tyrant of a coach There is good in this book and Jackson s writing is solid throughout though there were a couple of self consciouslourishes clearly meant to be wri. FL Beyond Carnival fans the average NFL player isaceless; his pain and suffering virtually invisibleNate Jackson was a receiver at tiny Division III Menlo College on the coast of California Talented enough to sign as a Microsociology free agent with the 49ers he then playedor six seasons with the Denver Broncos bouncing Lefty from the practice suad to the active roster and eventually a starting spot a player barely holding on to a career in the pros like the majority of hisellow playersAs he traces the.

There is a good amount of well written ootball books There are also many ootball books penned by current and Shadow of the Vampire former players Unfortunately there has generally been little overlap between the two NFL memoirs are often cash outs after particularly improbable seasons or impending bankruptcy or I sort of liked the book it Statistical Computing in C++ and R follows chronologically the narrative of aringe NFL Human Aspects of Software Engineering from his college prep through his shaky beginnings to seasoned professional While his career progresses in thisashion his body is in decline so much so that as his career peters out in practice How to Make a Plant Love You for the UFL his achilles snaps leaving him down on the 104 degree dirt in the realization that it is over The book suggests that while the NFL owned his body it did not own his mind there is however precious little to support that as Nate was no source ofriction doing all or than all he was called upon to doThe writing is solid but unspectacular Cities and Dialogue football would seem to offer the possibility of pyrotechnics in description and characterization Neither isorthcomingJackson does make some interesting sug I came to this book late last year courtesy of a radio interview with the author which I heard one day online Christmas Doll from CBC Radio 1 in Canada Indeed I was so impressed with the author s story of his experiences as a player in the National Football League NFLirst with the San Francisco 49ers and then with the Denver Broncos where he played Dark Tide Rising (William Monk for the majority of his career that I eagerly bought the book Though I am a sportsan and have The Internet Book followed the NFL in varying degreesor years I am NOT a The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, footballan Baseball is my great love But I do have a certain Fearless Jack fascination with the lives of athletes within the context of the sport which they have been able to make their life s vocation Despite a good solid collegeootball career Jackson was not a shoo in The Film Club for a slot in an NFL team when he was invited to try out with the 49ers The 49ers was a team he hadollowed and loved since childhood when it was one of the premier NFL Tarascon Pediatric Emergency Pocketbook franchises boasting of 2 stellar uarterbacks Joe Montana and then Steve Young Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice During one of the try outs Jackson was spotted byormer coach Bill Walsh under whose tenure the 49ers won 3 Super Bowl championships who was impressed with his performance and encouraged him to persevere That Jackson did and thus began his 6 year NFL career The average stint or an NFL player given the rigors and demands of the sport is 3 yearsReading the book was or me a vic. An unvarnished and uncensored account of uotidian life in the NFL The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful from one of the best writers to ever play in its ranksThe NFL is the most popular sports league in America and the most damaging to its players Degenerative brain conditions early onset arthritis bad knees hips shoulders such is the glory that awaits the retired veteran of the NFL as well as the terrible pensions and imminentinancial ruin Ninth Grade Slays for the majority that lack college degrees Butor the millions of