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Excellent read An illuminating look at the reality of contemporary astrology in the US You may be disappointed to learn that our favorite astrologer can. A penetrating astrological readinghow does the astrologer do it Watch twelve experts representing twelve different astrological traditions interpret the same natal chart blind All they knew was the birth data of the woman whose birthchart they analysed Read how each one applies his or.

T even read a horoscope but most haven t really been taught to do it that way More fall flat on their faces than shine but the ones that do are incredible. Her real world techniues just as they would with a client To deepen our understanding all of them explain their underlying interpretative strategies and answer ten pressing uestions about their work A uniue and groundbreaking astrological study that includes an autobiography by the.

Kudos for effort but a strong editorial hand would ve made for a much better book He wanted to remain unbiased but the result is unfortunately way too lon. Birthchart's subject readers can see how well each interpretation fit Includes interpretations by Demetra George Evelyn Roberts Gary Christen Hadley Fitzgerald John Marchesella Ken Bowser Kim Rogers Gallagher Robert Hand Robert Schmidt Ronnie Gale Dreyer Steven Forrest and Wendy Ashle.