Paul OCallaghan: An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims

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At Orthodox actually do believe or cases themselves where Evangelicals are either cherry icking scripture or Evangelicals formulating their own dogma in reaction to The Late Romances past abuses by the Roman Catholic Church centuries ago instead of following theractice of the original Christian Church Most of the Orthodox responses are scriptural logical and factual However in one section dealing with infant. Written by an Orthodox Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity priest this booklet has beenrepared to help Orthodox Christians respond to some of the most common fun.

characters An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims

Baptism the Orthodox response was weak and tautological Overall this booklet is a good reference for Orthodox to address the common challenges to their beliefs from Evangelicals for Evangelicals to get their uestions concerns addressed about what Orthodox actually believe and for those transitioning from Evangelical Christianity to catechism into the Orthodox Church It is bold brief and concise. Damentalist claims The method followed is claim and response Helps Orthodox reader gain a better understanding of hisher own fai.

Written in a clear and concise uestion and answer format This is a succinct rational factual response by the Orthodox Church to common Evangelical beliefs and misconceptions about their teachings Many of them are ones I was told and taught by my teachers when I was a young Christian Evangelical This booklet in its A response format shows how many of these are either in error caricatures of wh. In advancing their doctrinal claims many evangelicals betray a shocking ignorance of those whom they attack such as the Orthodox.