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Kness so continuing Nefri and Santiago s story was a pleasure Santiago to Nefri Oh I haven t even started my mauling This is only a small taste of my pre maul Hello sexy alpha male that any woman would swoon into a puddle over Santiago is a man that when he sees something that he wants he takes it He doesn t ask he just takes In his long life he has grown sed to getting exactly what he wants when he wants except when it comes to Nefri Nefri is not a woman that one just takes though Sh Fantastic addition to the GoE Series Love this series so many wonderful creatures and characters Thank you Karla for introducing it to me Did something die in hereI smell vampire LevetDarkness Avenged is the first book in the series that features a vampvamp pairingNefri the legendary vampire clan chief is given a mission find Gaius and bring him before the CommissionLittle does she know that she s not the only one with this misssionSantiago is shocked to learn that his sire is still aliveAfter the Dark Lord was defeated they all expected that his minions would be defeated as wellBut Gaius has returned stronger that everThis book is a follow p to Cassandra and Caine s storyThe danger that the Dark Lord posed may have passed but a new threat seems to be rising powerful and determined to destroy them allI really enjoyed the book despite the fact that not many of the previous characters made an appearance except of Styx Viper and of course Levet who was present in too many scenes and as always managed to irritate Santiago and charm NefriWhat I loved was the secondary story of Roke and Sally a witch previously seen in Fear the DarknessI loved their story and I can t wait to read the continuityAll in all I loved the book and I highly recommend itI hope the next book wil be about Roke and SallyFirst posted on 2013 ReviewOk I struggled a little with this one but think it was solely because I had to keep flicking back through the previous full story to refresh my memory of certain characters and seuence of events The problem is that as I read so many books with different plots and characters etc I find it impossible to retain all that information in my little grey cells and Darkness Avenged picks p directly after the end of Fear The Darkness If I had known that I would have waited ntil I could have read them back to back but once I realised I should have just read Fear The Darkness again before starting this one and I would have probably sailed through Once I gave in and stopped flicking back and forth I actually found I was really enjoying the story as it was well written and did flow easily This series was one of the very first that I read when I discovered this genre and Ms Ivy continues to be one of my favourites Santiago is suffering from the loss of Nefri she disappeared soon after the destruction of the Dark Lord His moods are effecting all those around him including the guest at the demon club Styx shows p and tells Santiago that he needs him to se his bond to track down his sire Gauis Reluctantly Santiago agreesNefri has returned to the veil and her clan but the Oracles aren t done with her yet and send her on a mission to find Gaius Leading Nefri and Santiago on a collision coarse Santiago wants to imprint himself on Nefri so she can never leave him again but an ancient imprisoned evil has escaped and threatens the world Meanwhile Sandy Gaius s witch has turned herself over to Styx Scared for her life and the madness eating at Gaius it was an act of self preservation Styx locks her in his dungeon Discovering Gaius is on the loose and infecting others with his madness Sandy at. T have His traitorous sire Gaius is nleashing a violent scourge pon the mortal world and Santiago must stop him before it’s too lateLEADS TO A DANGEROUS SEDUCTIONTo her dismay the all powerful Oracles have sent Nefri on her own mission to find Gaius and failure.

Our Review by LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha Michelle L OlsonARC Received from the Author in Exchange for an Honest ReviewWhew talk about bang for your buck 2 12 power couples multiple villains interweaving storylines surprises around every corner It was greatI ve been a GUARDIANS OF ETERNITY fan since the very beginning like any long running series there comes a time where the books start to feel like filler I was getting a bit worried about that with this series because while I was still enjoying the books they didn t keep me reading til all hours of the morning and ignoring everything else around me like they haduntil this one I ve always been a fan of Dante and Viper in the series but was immediately drawn to Santiago when he was introduced way back in the series He s one of those ber confident semi cocky sexy as sin alpha males that you just can t help but fall for Nefri is a very confident and strong female as well and her story is intriguing to say the least she s an Ancient and has been behind the Veil for longer than Santiago has been alive and ndead When the two are paired together by the Commission to hunt down Santiago s sire as he wreaks havoc on the world things get incredibly interesting in SO many ways The things revealed in this book were so intense It s any GUARDIANS OF ETERNITY fans dreamI loved this book and easily give it 5 Skulls I do not recommend that readers jump into this book if they have not read the other books of the series though there s just too much history Outside of that HIGHLY recommended We finally get Santiago and Nefri story Nefri is a Clan Chief who is ancient and a legend among the vampires She was ite an interesting character She is powerful strong can kick ass but only wants peace Santiago is the perfect mate for Nefri He crashes down her walls and makes her feel like a woman again He isn t afraid or awed by her powers and legend He sees the real Nefri I loved the romance and courtship between these two I now can t wait to read Roke and Sally s story 45 Darkness Avenged Stars Darkness Avenged is book ten in the Guardians of Eternity series by Alexandra Ivy AIvy has sueezed loads of awesomeness into this installment It s full of action romance and plot twists and turns Santiago and Nefri had to team The Ascent of Man up in the last book Fear the Darkness to help stop the Dark Lord so ever since that teamp both have not been able to get the other off their minds Santiago is a sexy alpha male that would make any girl droll I was total enthralled and loved every minute of Darkness Avenged Not only do we get Santiago and Nefri but AIvy does an amazing job foreshadowingsetting s p for our next couple Sally Roke I loved having two couples in this novel The twists and surprises kept me glued to the pages Levet is also back and his Winners Dream usually self I was also fascinated by the Oracle and evil plot that is in this story Darkness Avenged is a fabulous read in the Guardians of Eternity series I could not put it down and had to pickp the next book Hunt the Darkness just to learn about our next couple So good I highly recommend this book and series Each book can be read as a standalone Alex has sueezed so much awesome into this installment of her Guardians of Eternity series It almost feels like two books in one Readers are not only introduced to what I am assuming is the couple for the next book but we are given an amazing amount of page time with that couple I have to say I cannot wait to read their book They are already intense Their book is going to be out of this world As for the main couple for Darkness Avenged I enjoyed them in Fear the Dar. THE SEARCH FOR A TRAITORAs the demon world celebrates the defeat of the Dark Lord the vampire Santiago’s mood remains bleak He still yearns for the sensual raven haired Nefri who has inexplicably disappeared But brooding for Nefri is a luxury that Santiago does no.

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Tempts to influence Roke her vampire guard to help her escapeand it works But it also forms an O viziune a sentimentelor unbreakable bond a bond that shouldn t even be possible Fate finds a way leading Sandy and Roke to a discovery that could save them allThis was another fabulous adventure in the Guardians of Eternity series Hot and spicy romance fantastic witty banter strong and tenacious females and incredibly sexy alphas take this wonderful story to extraordinary Still going strong at book 10 in this series I am anxiously awaiting the full Sandy and Roke story By Alexandra IvySeries Guardians of EternityPaperback 352 pagesPublisher Zebra Published Date May 28 2013ISBN10 1420111388ISBN13 9781420111385Rating 5Genre Paranormal RomanceAge Recommendation Adult sexual content and violenceFind this book on Find this book on Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or finds on Facebook I just finished listening to Darkness Avenged in audio and I really liked itThis is book 10 in the Guardians of Eternity by Alexandra IvyIt s been a hot minute since I have dived into this world and I was hit with that nostalgic feeling I came to love this series a long time ago and I am lucky enough to have the 13th book in my possession arcThis book was really good It had not ONE but TWO romances involvedI love how Alexandra creates a world that you can just close your eyes and feel emerged in the audio was fantastic I really loved listening to it I was loving our main characters Santiago and Nefri but to have Sally and Roke as the second story was brilliant I loved how it all connected and we saw some beloved passed charactersThis story had me on the edge of my seat and it was really intense as them hot sex scenesWith it being book 10 and me not A pretty good installment in Alexandra Ivy s Guardians of Eternity series This one features the vampire Santiago who runs one of Viper s infamous demon clubs paired with legendary vampire clan chief Nefri It s the first vampirevampire pairing in the seriesOverall Santiago and Nefri are good together She s all beautiful icy reserve and he s all arrogant smoldering hotness They run around the Midwest in search of Santiago s sire the vampire Gaius who survived the last book and is about to Harveys Revised English Grammar unleash some new apocalypse The book did feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the series as really only Styxx Viper Jagr and Levet make appearances in the story No Salvatore no Harley no Darcy or any of the other were vampire fae or djinn characters which was a bit disappointing especially since Styxx had a large part so Darcy in particular being left out felt oddIn all honesty Santiago and Nefri aren t hugely memorable characters and the Big Evil isn t all that terribly interesting The whole story is a bit anticlimactic following Cain and Cassandra s book in which the Dark Lord was finally defeated and which was also a reunion book with all of our favorite characters appearing throughout and aiding in the big battle at the end But Santiago and Nefri pull out a victory and find their HEA in a satisfying manner The much much interesting part of the book was the substantial secondary storyline given to Roke clan chief of Nevada ordered by Styxx to hang around Chicago and he does so in delicious bad temper managing to irritate intrigue and interfere with a cute powerful little witch who is annhappy resident of Styxx s dungeon I don t want to spoil the identity of the witch but the set p of her relationship with Roke given substantial page time in this book left me eager to read their story and really made Darkness Avenged much fun than it otherwise would have bee. Is not an option Nefri’s search leads her to the vampire’s abandoned lair and straight into Santiago’s path It’s clear Santiago intends to seduce her but then an ancient banished evil reappears threatening to thrust the world into a madness it cannot survive.

I'm not exactly sure when I fell in love with books Probably on my mother's knee listening to her read Dr Seuss to me I do remember that I was barely old enough to cross the street by myself when I discovered the delights of the local library Could anything be wonderful than spending summer days surrounded by stacks of Nancy Drew mysteries Over the years I fell in love with Victoria Holt