Felix Fabri: Spices Saints and Saracens

E to meet their ships n Alexandria before they are left behind Along the way they are lost n the desert troubled by crocodiles and fleeced by their duplicitous hosts Sometimes philosophical often comic Fabri's fascinating eyewitness account of Cairo and Alexandria under the

Amluk sultan n the last days of Egypt's control of the spice trade s filled with stories and details that will ring true to anyone who has ever traveled off the beaten path or on a budget as well as supplying a wealth of nformation for social historians of the medieval world.

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In one of the most mportant and entertaining accounts of medieval pilgrimage Felix Fabri a German Dominican friar narrates his adventures n 1483 returning through Egypt after making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Mt Sinai It Anabella Giggles All Night! (Annabella is Ramadan the Niles flooding and the pilgrims rac.

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