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Wers Afloat and The Borrowers Aloft All four novels are wonderfully uaint in their style they were written in the 1950 s and it shows in the language used I don t think I would have pictured the main characters uite the same way as I did if I hadn t seen the TV series first the portrayals by Penelope Wilton et all were filling my head when I read about Homily Pod and Arrietty They re lovely stories about a family of small people who live in human houses but under the floors or behind the crack in the mantelpiece or some other left alone cranny or nook I can well imagine such beings borrowing a dropped needle forgotten hankie or something and putting it to use as they see fit Part of me feels it s a shame no books were written about them but part of me also likes that there aren t any It s a bit like Fawlty Towers much as I wish they had done than the 12 episodes I also don t because there is the risk it would have lost its appeal if had been filmed I recommend these books to anyone who like me hasn t yet read them Loose yourself in the world of little people who could well still live among us Enjoyable and imaginative stories Didn t like the writing nor the idea Plus too many dialogues for my liking This book has such an impossibly high rating here on Goodreads that I am compelled to think that something s wrong with me These books are a family tradition I always wanted to believe in Borrowers when I was little. Rs AfloatThe Borrowers Alo.

As a child I had a box set of the four in this book but one got misplaced when I loaned it to someone The Borrowers in my opinion are better than the Littles although they are similar except I think its the Littles that have tails My first inclination is to say oh my gosh I love the Borrowers they re amazing The thing I like about them is their ingenuity how that take everyday objects some of which we find useless and do some pretty cool things with them The Author has an amazingly creative think outside the box ind of mind The movie although good from what I remember about the books it was loosely based on them I expected the book brought to life but it had its own story Its wasn t disappointing however and I wouldn t mind owning itIn my opinion the book is a definite must for any Library not only good for reading to any small children in your life but for a good nostalgia read of days gone by I found this series so magical I love when books do that for me I found myself as an adult uestioning and wondering if little people are living inside my walls The characters where fun and perfect for a young id A good friend of mine loves these stories and since I had never read them growing up or to my children I decided to read this collection The thought of little people li This is one of those books I can t possibly review objectively When I was a child my best friends were William Brown Nancy Blackett and Arriet. IncludesThe BorrowersThe

Ty Clock I loved the Borrowers stories passionately as a child and I still do Their world was so beautifully and vividly drawn and the original illustrations by Diana Stanley were also enchanting it felt very real The characterisation was superb too and the stories were involving and interesting I still think the first four books are the best children s books ever written Avenged is the reason this collection only gets four stars it was written many years after the others and while still very good it doesn t have the same tone as the rest Maybe the pointless introduction of ghosts and psychic Lady Mullings are the reason why I never liked it as much or perhaps it was that Miss Menzies seemed to have changed into a different person since Aloft but whatever it loses the series a star The children really loved the first few and then once she introduced human characters they uickly lost interest I truly enjoyed reading this series with my ids Since it was my mother s favorite children s series it was special for us to read it together We loved hearing the tales of the Clock family through the years We only wish that the tale continued My mum has always been saying I should read these books as I was hooked on the BBC TV series adaptation of their adventures when I was a child I never got round to doing so until recently though which is an awful shameThis Omnibus contains The Borrowers The Borrowers Afield The Borro. Orrowers AfieldThe Borrowe.

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Mary Norton née Pearson was an English children's author She was the daughter of a physician and was raised in a Georgian house at the end of the High Street in Leighton Buzzard The house now consists of part of Leighton Middle School known within the school as The Old House and was reportedly the setting of her novel The Borrowers She married Robert C Norton in 1927 and had four children