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This series was the best ove story ever I dont usually read romance but this series has a way of pulling you in There is so much than just romance to this series but will touch the soft part of your heart Forbidden Ecstasy Dear sweet baby Great Spirit This book got on my nerves To not even have Gray Eagle in it but in the beginning and the end drove me insane I swear I will burn the next book if they find yet another reason to hate each other I grew up to my mother telling me of the greatest Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, love story of a indian and a white women And finally had to read the books They so far have been absolutely tormenting Please for theove of my sanity give me a book filled with The Subtle Beauty lots ofove and Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, little indianas I Read the Gray Eagle Series back in the 80swhen it was written people And Ioved itI have read some of what the other reviewers have said and there are some way out there opinionsWhen you read romance of any kind from the 70 80s Era you have to step back into that timeThe ideas of this Era do not apply to back then and you are basing your reviews on romances of todayAnd by doing so you are When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, leaving rather unfair reviewsJanelle was an amazing romance author of her time The Gray Eagle series is one of the most memorable series I have read on myong journey through the romance genreThank you JanellePSI wish you would not have changed the covers They were so beautiful I don t know I am a The Billionaires Runaway Bride little disappointed after reading the first couple of chapters I hope it gets better This book starts off where the second one ends on the honeymoon of Gray Eagle and Alisha Gray Eagle haseft Alisha after two wonderful days to get food and water saying he will return in a couple of hours Unfourntantely he does not because Alisha s best friend is Book 3 is the best book in the series Parts of it were almost Gothic Powchutu is a shady character in this one but he means well and truly Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover loved AlishaShalee Loved the main villian in this one he s unpredictable and pure evil Gray Eagle is still kinda a dumb asshole but underneath all the selfishness Il grudgingly admit that he has an obsessive Caught on Camera with the CEO love for her Dear Go. Forbidden Ecstasy by Janelle Taylor ALISHAwas silk and satin honey and fire Never before did the possession of a man fill her with such excitement as when she held her handsome Indianover in her arms That she was a white woman iving in the red man's world did

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O Jamie O Hara a odgings owner and sadly Jeffery Gordon the evil ex Army Arabian Nights lieutenant who somehow survived the attack on Fort PierreAs time goes on Jeffery blackmails Alisha threatening great harm to her and Powchutu if she doesn t marry him Alisha hedges and Powchutu is killed by Jeffery s henchmen Powchutu s death pushes Alisha into marrying Jeffery who makes herife hell on many Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place levels What neither knows is that Gray Eagle survived his shooting by Powchutu Gray Eagle comes to kill Jeffery finds Alisha and takes her back to the Oglala camp subjecting her to emotional mental physical and sexual abuse along the way Despite all of this by the end of the book Gray Eagle and Alisha reconcile as they discover that the bad things they thought about the other were not true They decide to continue the ruse that Alisha is Shalee make up with each other and are happy For now anywayUpside When Janelle Taylor is at her best she ranks with Rosanne Bittner as one of my go to authors Mrs Taylor s style isyrical evocative and she brings me and her readers into her characters Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss lives I felt as though I were watching theives of the characters instead of just reading about them Only the best authors can make me feel Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, like that Downside While I understand Gray Eagle s feelings about what he feels is Alisha s betrayal of him that doesn t defendexcusejustify the abuse he inflicts on her This kind of derails the Gray Eagle Redemption Tour Mrs Taylor was on in Defiant Ecstasy Much of the rancor between Alisha and Gray Eagle was due to aack of trust and communication which they haven t had since the beginning Sex Very Always You little and not terribly exciting Mrs Taylor does have a few books which have some spice to them The first three books in the EcstasyGray Eagle series are not among themViolence There is however aot of violence Assault battery attempted murder murder and rape None of the violence is super graphic but it s there Bottom Line The fact that Gray Eagle is still an unrepentant bastard and the Stockholm Syndrome romance between Gray Eagle and Alisha keeps me from giving Bittersweet Ecstasy a five star ratin. Bronze skinned warrior was goneHer ips were swollen from his savage kisses; her body bruised from his brutal passion and still she onged for himLost between two worlds she was desperate and alone Betrayed by her savage over she hungered for theirFORBIDDEN ECSTA.

D I can t put these down This book just annoyed the crap out of me I skimmed most of it because again we were rehashing the same crap from book 1 and 2 Why don t you ove me Why do you treat me so badly What am I doing wrong SIGHBut I am going to read the entire series just to say I did it The storyline in this book was really good I did Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti like the story but I wanted Grey Eagle and ofife between them What turned me off was the Misunderstandings againand againand again I don t get it they share so much together but still don t talk to each other before assuming thingsGrey Eagle just poured his heart out to herand that uick she thinks he wants to kill her againthat uick she believes someone other then Grey Eagleand the same for him He is suppose to be the Smart Strong Warrior but he is easily tricked so many times by others He can track or hear an animal 1000 miles awaybut can t see a One-Click Buy liar right in front of him thats what turned me off with this book Stupid stupid stupid waste of time The same melodrama from the first 2 books repeated but on crack The heroine is apparently beautiful than Helen of Troy and even corpses fall inove with her She s innocent guileless artless beautiful and sweet which w This review is of Bittersweet Ecstasy EcstasyGray Eagle 3 by Janelle TaylorThe Story The heroine of the first four books Alisha Williams and her husband Gray Eagle the hero have been married for four days They have only spent two days together however as Gray Eagle has Redeeming Claire left Alisha to obtain supplies When Gray Eagle doesn t return to her Alisha wonders what happenedWhat she doesn t know is that Gray Eagle was shot andeft for dead by her friend Powchutu There are two reasons he did this 1 To punish Gray Eagle for his abhorrent behavior toward Alisha and 2 Powchutu is in Return to Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles lovelust with Alisha Alisha believes Powchutu sies about why Gray Eagle hasn t returned and they set off together On their trip which culminates in St Louis Alisha and Powchutu will meet or meet again four people who will play a major role in their ives They are Joe Kenny a white trapper Mary O Hara a mute young woman and niece Ot matter They had promised each other their hearts forever nothing could keep them apartGRAY EAGLEwas fierce and gentle powerful and possessiveHe would never forsake his bride of two moons; he would never et her goBut when Alisha awoke to dawn's first ight her.

The legendary Janelle Taylor was born on June 28 1944 in Athens GA In 1965 she married Michael Taylor with whom she had two children Angela Taylor MacIntyre and Alisha Taylor Thurmond Ms Taylor attended the Medical College of Georgia from 1977 to 1979 and Augusta State University from 1980 1981 She withdrew from the latter after she sold her first two novels Today she is the author of th