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Kind of treatment It s horrible Cause we worked through lunch Hudson said a subtle plea in his toneThere s leftover roast beef in the fridge she told them You can make yourselves a couple of sandwichesAce frowned Isn t that your obCARMEN Excuse me What did you Im Not Millie! just say to her Did you seriouslyust tell your 8 months old pregnant sister who is babysitting a child right now that it s her JOB to make YOU lunch The fuck You re grown Make your own damn sandwiches I didn t see your servant in her Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) job descriptionAnd she MAKES THEM THE FUCKING SANDWICHES WTF And can I stress that theseokers were in no way presented as villains and they never get the beat down from her the hero her good for nothing drunkard father no one ShitHmmmmmmmm what elseOh yeahTHREE I don t know what you would call this But tons of statements like people meaningfully looking at Antonia s belly and sayingDon t you believe that every child should have a father this happens a lotand with Clay s situation a lot of people saying stuff like A man needs a wife and That baby needs a motherAnd this isn t part of the malicious gossip stuff it s as if we re actually supposed to agree with themCan I A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just point out that both the mother of Clay s baby and the father of Antonia s baby are HORRIBLE people who hightailed it as soon as they could The child does NOT need those people around I am in the camp of having parents or a parent who loves you as being better than trying to force a relationship with some sorry ass excuse for a human being who doesn t love or want the childOf course this is a romance novel and the whole point is that they will eventually come together as a complete family but Iust want to say for the record that single parents are amazing and bust their asses to raise their kidsHow s the sex CarmenIt s okay shrug It s not as described as I d liked and it s very glossed over But at least they use condoms YayTl dr I don t think this is worth getting exciting about but you could do worseONE REAL STAR ONE ROMANCE STAR I LoveLoveLove this story Antoniaa seven month pregnant woman who has been left to do the pregnancy by herself by the man she loved who she thought loved her and Clay a new Daddy of a 6 month old boy whose Mother abandoned him and doesn t want a thing to do with him The coming together of these people and the problems they have to work through on both sides is a fantastic love story and a work in progress from the very beginning AntoniaLittle Miss Independent as her brothers call her has decided to have a fling with Clay as she knows there is no way he could love a pregnant woman carrying someone else s baby Clay is still trying to figure out his way with taking care of a little one on his own So he doesn t know that he can handle another baby and a wife His speech at the very end where he is trying to win her over is ust sooooo Awesome I had to read it over again and again Wish someone had said that to me back when I was single pregnant woman Recommend this book to everyone Such a sweet stor. Ularly in her condition But how can she resist Clay's magnetism when he's living so close Never underestimate the power of a Traub big or small Stay tuned rough riders and see if the cowboy daddy can lasso Toni's hea.

Stess give us menusBecause I preordered our dinnerDon t you think that was a little presumptuousMore than a little he admitted smiling at her across the table But I think you ll be pleased with my choicesWhat did you orderEverything on the menuLOL That was such a cute sceneANYWAYClayton is taking care of his 6 month old son Bennett He s staying in a boarding house run by Antonia Antonia is 8 months pregnant and the hot topic of the small town s vicious gossip Who the father is she isn t saying and many people believe she got artificially inseminatedAt first drawn together because of their single parent situations or soon to be single parent eventually they can t deny there s a huge spark between them I d say something like Will they learn to love and trust again But we all know that they will so moving onThis book is the 2012 Reader s Choice Harleuin Special Edition Award for the Romantic Times Book ReviewPLUSES It s not poorly written The scene with the menu and him ordering everything is cute Just the setup of a man with a baby and a pregnant woman falling in love is inherently cute Well I think it s inherently cute Pro adoption it doesn t have to be your biological kid for you to love the kid and be a parent messageMINUSESOkay About ten years ago I read a really great pregnancy romance Obviously I was not on GR at this time so I have absolutely NO idea who wrote it or what the title was called But not only was it heartshatteringly touching but it was HOT I mean the sex was like fans selfSo I m probably holding this book up to an impossible and unrealistic standardONE It really annoys me when pregnant women dis themselves It s hard enough for Antonia living in a town where people are painfully hostile to her how dare she come to church every week It s sinful How can she plan on raising a baby without a father etc but then to hear her describe herself as huge unattractive and an elephant really grates my cheese This goes on and on throughout the novel It was painful I really wanted her to stop putting herself down You re eight months pregnant Obviously you are not going to look like you did 8 months ago And that s fine Please love yourselfAnd I hate fat shaming and this smacks of fat people are disgusting because pregnancy makes you bigger than you were before you are instantly fat and therefore unattractive No man is going to want to fuck a pregnant woman ust like no men want to fuck fat women unless in both cases they re freakspervertsIt would take me days to fully unpack this but it s very offensive on many levels Believe meTWO Not only is the town filled with malicious gossips who make Antonia s life hard but her family isn t great either Her father and her older brothers DO NOT act in the way I d expect men to act when their family member is pregnant with no man in the picture They Souvenirs de dbauches judge her sneer at her and order her to cook for them etc And Harlen isn t even portraying them as villains here They never get reprimanded or get their comeuppance sheust has to live with this. T now tipsters tell us Clay's got a new main sueeze in Antonia Wright Yes that Antonia feisty independent and eight months pregnantAntonia knows better than to fall for a wrangler bunking at her boardinghouse partic.

Good book Clay has come to Thunder Canyon for two reasons one to keep his brother Forrest company as he works with a veteran s group and two to get away from the gossips in his Texas hometown They and his infant son are living at Antonia s boardinghouse Clay finds that he really likes Antonia who is also very good with his son She is also very pregnant and not interested in forming any relationships I liked both Clay and Antonia Antonia had been deserted by her boyfriend as soon as he found out she was pregnant But she is very independent and uite determined that she can handle being a single mother She also finds that she is very attracted to Clay but blames it on her hormones As she gets to know him she discovers that she really likes him and those feelings start to strengthen She also knows that any relationship they have will end as soon as she has her baby since he has stated that he has no interest in going through that again I liked her independence though she certainly seemed to go overboard with it at times Clay is a great hero I love the way that he stepped up to being a dad even though it had not been in his plans He obviously adores his son and I love seeing him be a daddy He also has no intentions of having any sort of permanent relationships intending to devote his time to his son He is Mes recettes veggie au robot-cuiseur - 150 ides faciles et rapides ! just as attracted to Antonia as she is to him and loves getting to know her He is still thinking about a no commitment relationship up until she goes into labor I loved seeing him work at convincing Antonia of his love and his proposal at the end was terrific Miniseries Montana Mavericks Back in the SaddleCategory Heart Home Cuenta la leyenda ue en tiempos donde Cristina a n no cerraba la importaci n los harleuines eran los nicos libros ue llegaban a mi campechano pueblo De hecho tengo un caj n repleto de ellos Mis favoritos son los JuliaEste libro es unaoyita Ultimamente me va re mal en mis lecturas as ue me dije Debo volver a mi ra ces y encontr este Y fue tan tan lindo Amo las historias con beb sTenemos a Antonia una muy embarazada casera de un hotel y a Clay un reciente padre soltero de un hermoso beb de cinco meses y algo Me gusta la interacci n de ambos la manera en la ue inician una relaci n y c mo de a poco se van metiendo la piel del otroClay sabe ue no est interesado en ser padre de otro ni o cuando todav a no se ha hecho la idea de serlo del ue ya tiene Y Antonia dej de esperar ue alguien uisiera serlo No espera nada de l Y Clay lo sabe Pero por u la idea de no formar parte de la vida de Antonia lo pone nerviosoMi pega son los parientes de ambos ue no conciben la idea de una persona pueda criar a un hijo solo y pretenden ue se consigan una madre o un padre para sus hijos lo m s r pido posible Es una idea muy retr grada Y ofensiva de hecho Pero ambos me tuvieron sonriendo por un rato y eso se agradece As ue por las sensaciones transmitidas por una historia disfrutable le premio con miles de estrellas This was pretty cute Great book in a great series Why didn t the ho. Thunder Canyon Nugget Invasion of the Baby MavericksWhat could be of a handful than a babbling bouncing baby How about two Sexy single dad Clayton Traub already has a full plate with adorable six month old Bennett Bu.

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Brenda’s first love was readingAccording to her mother she fell in love with books even before she could read and was always content when she had a book in her hands It didn’t surprise anyone when she decided that she wanted to be a writer but she was encouraged to pursue “a real job” firstSo she did—she became a lawyer Two years of practicing law taught her a lot about the world—and reinfor