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Gh the book the mystery got into full swing and I wound p enjoying the book Absolutely delightful from beginning to end Confusing start for me then everything came together with Callie getting into as much trouble as she can without trying When Santa gets a shock and Rudolph dying at the mall event Callie and her dog Elvis start searching for clues as who would want to harm Santa Then there is the fact that Santa displays are being taken why and who I love this series and this book was no exception How can you not like it with a Basset hound who thinks he is Elvis the King reincarnated Callie his human mom who owns the towns s beauty salon her BODACIOUS friend and cousin Lovie her over the top mother Ruby Nell and Jack her husband who does mysterious as in special ops things While technically separated this book is bringing them back together as Callie and Jack really love each other Hopefully in the future Jack will change his mind about having babies and then Callie s life will be complete This story centers around Christmas When Charlie s ncle almost get electrocuted and his helper elf does the mystery is who is out to kill Santa and why Throw in a few Christmas Grinch type characters who try and sabo. Wrong stockings And Elvis the basset hound is out for revenge on the Lhasa Apso who's been singing Merry Christmas Baby to his sweet French poodle behind his tailEveryone finally gets into the spirit when Uncle Charlie is pressed into service as Santa at a weekend charity event in the mall But Yuletide cheer turns to Yuletide fear after a killer tries to zap Charlie back to the North Pole marked Return to Sender and sends Rudolph to the big reinde.

Elvis is at it againThis story continues the hilarious adventures of Callie and her Bassett Hound Elvis who thinks he is Elvis Presley Peggy Webb does a great job of bringing the characters to life I especially love home Elvis gives his opinion about different things I can t wait to read about the next adventure Dogs have instincts about these things but humans have washed out drowned out preached out and legislated out their natural instincts They twist and turn with every one of life s storms They get lost start over pray agonize discuss debate and rationalize till it s a wonder a single one of them ever finds his way to peace Callie and her cousin Lovie turn sleuths after the mall Santa and his elf are electrocuted With the help of Callie s basset hound Elvis who is the King reincarnated and her almost ex husband Jack they manage to keep themselves from being next on the killer s hit list A fun holiday read I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review This is the first book in this series I have read and initially I found the large number of irky characters and the alternation between a chapter narrated by Callie and a chapter narrated by her dog Elvis a bit odd But about halfway throu. Someone's ringing slay bells and Callie her bodacious Cousin Lovie and the basset hound who believes he's the King reincarnated must go on the hunt for a killer who's anything but jollyIt may be Christmas in Tupelo but there's precious little peace in the valley for the Valentine gang Callie Valentine Jones' not Up Close and Personal uite ex Jack is trussedp like a holiday turkey recovering from a shattered leg Cousin Lovie's on the rebound looking for love in all the.

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Tage the holiday by stealing Christmas decorations and putting ex lax in cookies for children it makes a story that is funny and a great read Oh and the bonus is the recipes at the back of the bookButterscotch cream pie for startersYUM Another great installment in the Southern Cousins series This series is just so cute Callie owns a saloon and a god who thinks he was Elvis back in the day Part of the A Southern Cousins Mystery Series this book takes The Ice Maidens Sheikh (Sons of the Desert us to Christmas where Santa himself is on a lista murder list Callie her cousin Lovie and others work to find who is taking the Merry out of Christmas in the most naughty wayThis book was ok a bit hard to get into if you haven t followed the series I wonder how much Dodge Ram gave to the authoror perhaps should EVERY time they got in the truck we heard it was a Dodge Ram even from the dog Elvis As the book moved on I began to like it The Romance of the almost ex husband was weird with out the history of it all from previous books In the end the couple feels right however I did love the cousin bond made me wish for being closer to my cousins Over all an ok book for a cozy mystery Not as entertaining as the other books in the series and I can t put a finger on wh. Er pen in the skyDetermined to find out who's decking the mall with Christmas corpses Elvis and the Valentines fillp their sleigh with suspects Could it be the cookie lady who puts than sugar into her Christmas goodies The deranged vet who vows to barbecue Santa Or the former beauty een who's been stalking Charlie in her spare time Can the Valentine gang nmask this devil in disguise in time to turn their Blue Christmas all Christmas y and white.

wwwelainehusseycom An actress and musician as well as a writer Peggy composed the blues lyrics that appear throughout The Sweetest Hallelujah She has been in many stage plays at her local community theater and says the role she enjoyed most was the Witch in The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe I was playing against type she says Peggy loves gardening playing piano singing in her church choir hanging out on her front porch with friends and owning dogs who think they are the boss She considers her greastest accomplishment raising two wonderful children who are good people good citizens and good parents She says I adore my four grandchildren who call me Gigi Thank goodness the feeling is mutual Series