Paula Graves: Secret Hideout Cooper #9; Cooper Security #2

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Direction In Grave s romantic suspense novel Isabel Cooper was a former FBI agent who had stood watch at her partner s funeral after his death investigating a case that lead to a deadly setup meant for her And then they came in pursuit of her Drugged and running for her life Isabel runs into the arms of Ben Scanlon a man she had buried six months before More rugged he carried himself like the Texan he was at heart Deep ndercover in pursuit of the mafia determined to take her down Scanlon was fighting hard to save her without revisiting their past As they faced down danger together their passion flares to life giving them even of a reason to surviveThis addition to the Cooper Security series holds its own in the suspense department This is the 2nd book I have read by Paula Graves So far it s a double Thumbs UP This one was Great It kept me turning pages What a shock for Izzy to have Ghost Ben rescue her when she thought Very good Great romance and myster. Ght he could save Isabel without revisiting their past together But when every step led to a trap and every touch they shared had a conseuence he wasn't going to waste a second chance or another bull.

Secret Hideout reviewSecret Hideout is the second fast paced romantic suspense book in the Cooper Security series written by author Paula Graves I really enjoyed this book It s been a while since a read an Intrigue Love the mystery not that fond of the glazed over love scenes I think I would have loved the book had I read the firstothers in the Cooper series I felt a little lost at times in reference to past stories Scanlan and Cooper however were a wonderful pair and I loved their chemistry Great story too with a satisfying ending even though it was left open for further stories in the series Good read Recommend it An exciting book that takes you to the mountains of Alabama were family clansmen will do anything to keep their secrete from the law Even as one that s gone O viziune a sentimentelor undercover I think I m done with any Cooper Justice or Cooper security books They always leave menderwhelmed I generally don t expect the same level or amount of romance from a Harleu. They came after former FBI agent Isabel Cooper in her hotel room Drugged and fighting for her life she ran right into the arms of a dead man But Ben Scanlon was very much alive and now her life was

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In Intrigue as other Harleuins but the Intrigue part barely touches the surface at times either and I ve read a significant amount of the Cooper books I want deeper not superficial but there is only so much room in a Harleuin format I guess Miniseries Cooper Security Very good book kept me turning the pages past my bedtime Isabel was stunned when she found out Ben was still alive She had been devastated by his apparent death and had left the FBI soon afterward Ben had gone along with the deception in order to go ndercover When Isabel discovered what he was doing she decided to stick around and help and also spend time with the man she loved Ben wanted nothing than to get her away from there to protect her He rapidly found his resistance to her failing as she did her best to convince him that his past and his mission still left room for them There wasn t alot in this one that seemed to lead to solving the overall mystery but steps have been taken in that. N his hands tooHis face was rougher and his hair longer than when they'd last met but he still carried himself like a born Texan Undercover with the same redneck mafia that was after her Scanlon thou.

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