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Me out stronger in the nd as a result of falling in love Anna and Desmond are two adorable little kids as well They play a major role in the plot and help Niall change his mind about kids always being annoyingWhat I really loved was how Niall and Rowan bonded while Niall did Desmond a favor by finding the Peeping Tom This subplot didn t detract from the story it added to it And I loved thatWhat Art else can I say about such a loveable novel I fell in love withvery character God Is in the Crowd except for the two villains and I have to say that this is a fantastic author I will be checking out her backlist soon Definitely recommended Grab by your local library or bookstore today Engaging story and characters Villain of the story was seriously creepy and over the top in his interactions with the main characters It was supposed to be a mystery as to the villain s identity but it was pretty obvious 35 stars This is the second detective brother s story Niall is happy with having no ties though now he has become closer to hislder brother Duncan Then his landlady dies and Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard everything changes the heroine moves in with her two kids and dog and now he can t get any distance They areverywhere and he likes it The hero would get close and then immediately try to back away The heroine had plenty of issues as well he in laws were interfering he parents separated and she didn t know if she wanted something again Her physical relationship with her husband was horrible and she Definately looking forward to the final book in this trilogy A well written satisfying story Niall was cool very cool and his attraction to Rowan was sweet and JKJ did a good job of convincing us his not so outgoing personality developed nough for him to love Rowan Rowan s virgin behaviour was sad she had my sympathy although I completely understood why she so reluctant to get involved specially when children are involvedThe side story with her in laws was troubling Well done but troubling Excellent story Notes for the Everlost excellently done Sometimes I get impatient with characters who waffle back and forth about theirmotions but in this story because of who the hero is it works and Johnson makes it work very well Oh and I didn t guess the villain until way late Really liked this one. Amily complete with noisy dog are When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) everything Niall thinks he doesn't want But he can't keep his distance when she turns to him for protection from a neighborhood threat And in thend letting her go might be impossible.

What a great story Both the hero and heroine had to grow The children acted like children There was No Biggy! external conflict as well at themotional background of the main characters Plus I got to see how the hh in the first books were doing I look forward to the story about the youngest brother This was a new to me author and I was uite impressed I love finding these kinds of authors and Crush It! even so when they have nice sized back listsThe hero Niall comes from uite a dysfunctional family His drug dealing father spent time in prison and his mother just up and left Niall his older brother Duncan and younger brother Conall As a result Niall and his other brothers have learned to close themselves off and to remain detached But this becomes difficult when his old landlady dies and her young granddaughter moves into the house and becomes Niall s new landlady Rowan is a widow with two young children and Niall is drawn mostly against his will into their lives He runs hot and cold with them being there when there is a crisis and then retreating when he feels they are getting too closeRowan for her part has her own issues her marriage wasn t the happiest and she has residue fears of intimacy She also has a rather contentious relationship with her in laws who are giving her a hard time Her own parents are involved with their own problems so Rowan doesn t really have anyone she can count on until NiallThere was nothing big or splashy about this book But I reallynjoyed its uietness Both Niall and Rowan were very likable people Considering his background I could see why Niall had his walls up and kept putting them up when Rowan and her children managed to keep cracking themWriting children in romances can be tricky but Ms Johnson has written Anna and Desmond very realistically They weren t Stepford children and neither were they brats This is the second book in the series and I now have the first and third books ready to read I m looking forward to reading about Niall s other two damaged brothers and how they ll be healed by love In this story we have a man an officer of the law who s very much a loner Things happen that make him get involved with a young widow and her two children and a dog There s really a lot going on in this. Is an independent cop the best family manNiall MacLachlan's one priority is the law He fought his way from the wrong side of the tracks to arn his badge and won't jeopardize it for anything After all trusting his fami.

Story including a very strange twist that keeps the action moving along An xcellent book I really liked Niall when I met him in Duncan s book I could tell he was a good man but like his brother didn t know how to love or be loved I loved the way he was with Rowan s two kids he was great at taking care of them playing with them protecting them He just didn t know how to deal with his feelings for them and for Rowan Every time he would get closer he would get scared and back off Rowan s marriage had not been very good Physical intimacy with her husband was not all that it should have been and she didn t know if what she read about in books was Deep Listening even possible I loved the way Niall and Duncan got closer and the way Duncan helped him understand his feelings I am really looking forward to the third book and seeing how that one turns out Niall MacLachlan has had a horrible childhood distanced fromveryone Bird-by-Bird Gardening except his responsible older brother Duncan He doesn t know how to love and doesn t want to be lovedor so he thinks Niall is no big fan of kids and dogs and loud happy messy families but all that s about to changeHis landlady Enid dies and leaves the small cottage to her granddaughter Rowan When Rowan moves in with her two children Anna and Desmond and their dog Super Sam Niall is getting ready to move He has no plans of dealing with children their pretty mom and and a slobbering annoying dogHowever a Peeping Tom is in town and Niall is determined to find out who it is The guy has been looking in the windows of boys in the five year old range and he s all over town Residents of the town are getting concerned and Niall does too when Desmond s window is peeked inRowan doesn t uite know what to make of her new tenant He s handsome reserved and plays with her kids And he s ready to hunt down the Peeping Tom But how can she deal with all of that when her mother and father in law through her deceased husband are trying to kidnap Anna and Desmond They re a horrible influence and Rowan doesn t know how to drive them away until Niall makes a big discoveryWhat a spectacular romance I was blown away by this book Rowan and Niall are probably my favorite couple out of all the romances I ve read They are relatable faulted and co. Ly nearly cost himverything as a kid So no This loner has no desire for a wife and children to call his ownSo why is his ntirely too attractive landlady Rowan Staley slipping past all his defensesShe and her young

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Janice Kay Johnson is the author of over a hundred books for children and adults Her first four published romance novels were coauthored with her mother also a writer who has since published mysteries and children's books on her own These were sweet romance novels the author hastens to add; she isn't sure they'd have felt comfortable coauthoring passionate love scenesJanice graduated from W