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It was OK Entertaining that s about it but otherwisetrying to find a point to all of the stories 35 rounded up for presenting four peoples life stories in an entertaining fashion If I new what I was in for I d have skipped it but I don t regret reading it the time taken was my problem The art is rough but it fits the themes moods characters and storiesThis took me many sessions to read so I recommend preparing to read in four sittings one for each character It s Richard Burton Richard Harris Oliver Reed and Peter O Toole as the ghosts of A Christmas Carol warning Joe Guy about what alcohol is capable of ruining in his life Despite good intentions they still make booze abuse look fun most of the time Despite being entirely dialogue and inner monologue there are so many time periods scenes and people jammed into this book I recommend the lengthy three page introduction but it s not necessary A bit of a strange book though the drawings of the actors was good This graphic presentation of Hellraisers The Inebriated Life and Times of Richard Burton Peter O Toole Richard Harris Oliver Reed is good fun as the hellraising stars appear as Dickens like ghosts yes O Toole is still alive but whatever to relate their tales of wild debauchery Jake does a good job of drawing each actor from their initial youthful appearances to their older and well remembered imagesBurton takes us through his meeting with Errol Flynn who introduced him to a Hollywood brothel and then on to the Liz Dick years which means pictures of Burton in fur coats and sunglasses Richard Harris shows up as the wild man he really was his hairline receding as the years pass by Oliver Reed is menacing still looking like the Hulk until the end and then the flamboyant O Toole who saunters through life as though he were still playing the nobleman in THE RULING CLASSHaving worked in Hollywood and seen the so called puritansober stars and producers most of whom were whacked out of their minds on drugs and plastic surgery I have always found the take us as we are alcoholic binges of these four British actors to be far refreshingand honestBook Season Winter just live in the pub I normally love graphic novels but I found this to be a really bad interpretation of the original book in the sense that it added nothing if not managed to magnify the flaws of the book It glosses over so much of the detail I enjoyed in the book and it also adds in a dumb narrator character in an attempt to turn this into some sort of moral tale Framing the story as a drunken Christmas Carol could have worked had they put care into crafting any sort of emotional both or truth with both the narrator character and with each ghost The problem with the book was how it would gloss over some truly horrific incidents as a cheeky lark ha ha those boys and in the comic is seems ten fold dismissive as it tries to boil everybody down into 12 pages of material Showcasing Oliver Reed for example as a circus ringleader who gets to relive his glory days after his death doesn t exactly make me feel like I m learning how dangerous binge drinking is just the opposite Of course none of these guys were black and white morality tales they all had their hefty share of issues with their ups and downs which is all good and fine for a gossip heavy biography but not so much for a remake of A Christmas Carol I was also just so so on the art sometimes it was great and other times it felt too broad Raise a glass to the story of four of the greatest actors and boozers of all time Richard Burton Richard Harris Peter O’Toole and Oliver Reed This inventive graphic work seamlessly weaves their four biogra.

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Ike that narrator who was so characterless it was almost insulting The graphic part is OUTSTANDING Worth the price alone The framing story angle makes no sense So it s ind of a draw Should ve just told the stories straightThe art is GREAT though to reiterate The Oliver Reed visuals are especially awesomeCheers For once the artwork was absolutely perfect for the subject With too many graphic novels I find this a sticking point JAKe s drawings are angular scuzzy thick lined black and white they suit the drunken and sometimes chaotic lives of the characters they give a sense of very strong personalities personalities from the past who started their screen careers in the black and white era and who are presented in the story as Christmas Carol style ghosts What has stayed with me about this book is an ambivalence about the way it treats its subjects It s easy to see why an author might want to present an alternative to the lionisation of notorious drunks and still make it ind of fun and laddish But there were a few too many instances when I felt like I was watching some paper euivalent of a public information film about the dangers of too much booze Dunno if Robert Sellers prose book on this crowd is similar There are screeds of internet writing already tearing down such former heroes And I can t stand the images and memories of the relatively recently deceased being used for causes they wouldn t necessarily have agreed with How many of Burton Harris O Toole and Reed would have wanted to come back as these ghosts of Christmas teaching a lesson to a thirtysomething dad who likes a bit too much to drink It s a little embarrassing in a teenage inda way to fall in with the contemporary trend of liking memoirs but really I would much rather hear people in their own words I have a bias here due to a couple of favourite exes having been alcoholics crazy adventures absolutely violent never who simply gave up as they got older deciding on their own terms that it was getting in the way of what they wanted to do or was no longer fun and managing fine without AA etc Maybe that s not an alcoholic by some people s definitions but the during certainly looked like one My experience of people who do a lot of drugs and don t like drink is negative I d much rather be around someone who s hungover than with a person with Tuesday blues Perhaps experience means I m not as into the premise of the book as some might be but the principle of it means there is a sort of puritan hijacking nowhere near as bad as Leah Betts at least that sticks in the crawWhich then begs the uestion why the fuck I gave it 4 stars I really enjoyed the drawings the faces particularly are great and the anecdotes there are plenty between the bouts of occasional didacticism and the historical detail and the construction of the story It has a Goldilocks the Three Bears kind of fanfic element this guy gets to go on a night out with his heroes A lot of it was funny Plus time travel A collection of great drinking stories But like all drinking stories the fun starts to dry up once the liver goes south Setting up Burton O Toole Harris and Reed as some sort of ghosts of inebriations past is an interesting conceit to tell the most salacious bits of their individual biographies The art is well done I like the strong lines Gossip makes the world go around and confirmed true gossip is the bestind especially when it involves high profile celebrities The four Irish actors present. Phies into one fast paced adventure of drunken binges orgies parties and fun The story begins at a London pub one sorry Christmas and is told through the eyes of Martin a wannabe hellraiser sitting at the en.

Ed here were stage and screen actors extraordinary Well let s say all but Oliver Reed who never seemed close to breaking through to stardom the way O Toole Harris and Burton did Oliver Reed was also the only one of the group who came from a well to do family The point of this book is to entertain the reader with story after story of these four actors drinking with many other theatrical talents indulged in what can only be described as inappropriate behavior There self destructive behavior in all but O Toole s case resulted in their early deaths and the suandering of their talent O Toole said it was marvelous to wake up in the morning and not now what country he was in He is alive today because in his 40s he had to uit drinking or die so he took up smoking and laid off alcohol My favorite of the group is Peter O Toole and my favorite O Toole story is When Peter Finch was working in Ireland in the early 60s O Toole joined him one night for a drink but the pub refused to serve them because it was after closing time Both stars decided that the only course of action was to buy the pub so they wrote out a cheue for it on the spot The following morning after realizing what they d done the pair rushed back to the scene of the crime Luckily the landlord hadn t cashed the cheue yet and disaster was averted O Toole and Finch remained on friendly terms with the pub owner and when he died his wife invited them to his funeral Both nelt at the graveside as the coffin was slowly lowered in sobbing noisily When Finch turned away unable to stand it any O Toole saw his friend s face change from a look of sorrow to one of total astonishment They were at the wrong funeral Their friend was being buried 100 yards away They were all alcoholics who lived hedonistic lives of misbehavior Richard Harris eventually gave up drink because he realized he remembered none of it Burton and Reed never did Burton fought the demons of great talent perhaps the greatest of all four especially on stage by preferring great fame and notoriety and great wealth over uality work He took the money and ran leaving one bad picture after another behind him Oliver Reed comes off just a first class jerk Reed it appears was a drunken fighting rude bloke with no charm and total disregard for health or life of even those around him His stories are mostly ugly and sad But the whole of the stories and lives presented from their dark sides are all sad O Toole less so as he has outlived the bunch and developed an eccentricity that is both charming and out of date As I read the book I could not help myself from telling others around me a story or two from what I had just read There just to amazing many funny many shocking made so because my generation grew up with this talent Who can forget Richard Harris in SNOW GOOSE perhaps the best Hallmark Hall of Fame film ever Or This Sporting life or A Man Call Horse or Mutiny on the Bounty Or Richard Burton as BECKET with Peter O Toole or his stage work as Hamlet or the ing in CAMELOT Oliver Reed not so much as he died before his last film the Russell CrowGLADIATOR even was finished Yet it is O TOOLE the eccentric O Toole that combined the best of all four with the luck of an amazing body of work As you may be able to tell this book is a fun light romp through these four lives as if told by their friend after a pint or two or seven or eight You will enjoy it and be outraged by the behavior of these four STARS. D of the bar alone drinking himself into oblivion He’s joined in turn by Burton Harris Reed and O’Toole who take Martin on tours of their tumultuous childhoods rises to stardom and chaotic personal lives.