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Sy read even with very little programming experience The book doesn t cover Cocoa r the Sins of Treachery other higher level frameworks but you ll be completely ready to pick it up by the time you re done with this bookI would have liked to see a centralized presentationf memory management in the memory chapter Instead information n memory is presented throughout the book with the memory chapter being f a summary Coming from webscripting languages like PHP and Perl I skimmed My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City over the memory parts as they were presented and it s difficult to go back and find every example and mentionf it If you are a beginner and interested in getting started with Objective C buy this book It is very well written and thought ut If you already know C then there s a great deal f repetitive material mixed in with the Objective C additions And the Objective C additions aren t really explained just shown as patterns to use I can type them in and they work but I don t really know what they re doing under the covers like I do with CC I d really like to know how properties are treated differently from conventional structure members this would reuire coverage Whos Next? Guess Who! of exactly what effects dynamic and synthesize haven a property beyond just making them accessible Coverage f memory management so. Ce and experienced programmers alike can use this book to uickly and effectively learn the fundamentals f Objective C Readers can also learn the concepts f bject riented programming without having to first learn all f the intricacies f the underlying procedural language C This approach combined with.

Kochan does a tremendous job f explicating topics in a digestible way This book best serves as an introduction to Objective C rather than a complete language reference it is less concerned with being exhaustive than it is with building a strong foundationIt is important to note that this text does not strive to teach iOS programming but merely Objective C That said it does cover the Foundation Framework グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] onef the 3 frameworks that comprise iOS fairly extensivelyThe author s approach is particularly uniue in its lack f conc This was a good book for introducing myself to the language I wouldn t use it as a guide for good practice in class design though I found places where I thought it could have done bett Good comprehensive for those beginning with programming in generalBad lots f repeat material for those with experience in ther languages especially C r CUgly Lots The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of really basic stuff makes it boring for experienced programmersI mostly just skimmed the book If you are tota Objective C This book spends half the time talking about the Objective C language itself and half the time talking about Apple s Foundation framework The chapters are wellrganized and concepts are well explained so you end up with a solid foundation in the language It s an ea. Programming in Objective C is a concise carefully written tutorial The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry on the basicsf Objective C and bject riented programming The book makes no assumption about prior experience with bject riented programming languages r with the C language upon which Objective C is based And because f this both novi.

Called ARC Automatic Reference Counting pretty much amounts to it just happens don t worry If you like the way Stephen Kochan write which I do I read his Programming In C during my College days apart from the K R book you ll enjoy this book as wel This book is perhaps the finest book Powerless Against You on programming I ve ever readI started with just a little experience with C ten years ago and the BASIC and LOGO from childhood and within hoursf picking up the book I had a firm grasp f bject riented programming concepts and was writing and compiling Objective C codeHighly recommended coupled with Cocoa Programming with Mac OS X by Aaron HillegassCocoa Programming with Mac OS X focuses n Xcode and the Cocoa frameworks Programming in Objective C focuses entirely Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training on the language itself A good book for learning Objective C Some essential featuresf ObjC are well explained Good The Texan Meets His Match overviewf the Objective C fundamentals The book introduces the basics f Objective C and nly briefly touches the underlying C concepts though including blocks some Foundation classes Cocoa and Cocoa Touch in a few chapters in the second half f the bookI think it s kay if you want to get a basic understanding but it probably isn t that interesting if you ve been exposed to Objective C before. Many small program examples and exercises at the end f each chapter makes it ideally suited for either classroom use r self study Growth is expected in this language At the January 2003 MacWorld it was announced that there are 5 million Mac OS X users and each f their boxes ships with Objective C built.

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