Laura Driscoll: Rosettas Dress Mess Tales of Pixie Hollow #24

Ill take the combined fforts of her friends to come up with the perfect design and save Rosetta s fashion sense As always there s a strong message of friendship and loyalty woven throughout the book and a sense of staying true to who you are There s plenty of silliness Tink s plan to fix Rosetta got several chuckles from me to go around All in all it s a charming The Management Bible entry into a solid series forarly chapter book readers Why is it I want to read thisAnd what really bugs me is I used to have all the books in the series And yet they keep making so I must buy Oh goodie. She has so many wonderful ideasuntil a conk on the head knocks her style sense right out of her Now Rosetta is wearing a lampshade as a hat and her favorite color is drab Has she lost her fairy flair forev.

Rosetta Zu schnell ends up making a dress at thend and takes an idea from Sleepless (Bird of Stone, everyonelse s dress to add to hers making hers the most uniue dress My daughter Ella loves all the disney fairies series This book was a bit underwhelming as far as storyline went There could have been plotlines incorporated Review by KP I liked that it was fantasy I wish that this library had the novels Recommend to fantasy lovers I can t believe that I just finished this series It has been a lot of fun reading these over the last two years This book shows how ven the best intention nitpicking. Rosetta's Dress Mess is the 23rd book in our Disney Fairies chapter book series which features Tinker Bell's adventures with her fairy friends in Never Land Garden talent fairy Rosetta likes one thing almos.

Can lead to friends feelings getting hurt and how important it is to accept your friends help sometimes I really appreciate how Rosetta had to learn that not verything is as asy as it appears This was one of the funnier ones Tink and Rosetta s interactions usually make me laugh Another ntry in the Disney Fairies series this time focusing on Rosetta and love of fashion which gets her into a little bit of trouble After being invited by the sewing talent fairies to design a dress for their upcoming show Rosetta is knocked in the head and loses her fashion sense It T as much as her flowers pretty dresses She can never wait to check out the sewing talent fairies' latest creations When they decide to have a fashion show the fairies ven let Rosetta design a dress for it.

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Laura Driscoll is the author of numerous first chapter and beginning reader books including We Are Twins and The Bravest Cat She lives in central Connecticut with her husband and two children