Michael Morpurgo: The Silver Swan

This is a beautiful story for older elementary kids about the love of the outdoors the ways of swans and foxes and human animal affection This book brought out many raw emotions for me as I read it to my children It s about love hate and the healing cycles of life and death all emotions humans experience through life I believe it to be very appropriate for children and adults Life brings forth challenges that may be painful but there is a time A boy living by a Scottish loch sees a beautiful silver swan land on the water She remains at the loch mates and there are soon five cygnets too The

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Ver swan land on the loch He watched her for days radually Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide getting close enough to bring her crusts and stroke her neck A cob arrives and they build a nest Foxes arrives So does the snow Five cygnets are born The narrator is fearful for the tiny swans but n michael works his magic again He has areat way of portrying the innocence of childhood Kind of odd but fascinating nonetheless I ot into Morpurgo after reading his adaptation of Robin Hoo. As cubs to feedA remarkably dramatic and compassionate story about Nature magnificently told and stunningly illustrated with sweeping pastel landscape.

Or healing too What better way to illustrate that than through this touching story this book was very sad we read it in year 4 with my year 4 teacher It s baffling to me why so many of Michael Morpurgo s stories wind up on the Junior Fiction shelves in my local library Just because they re short and illustratedThis is another of his lovely and lyrical exuisitely poignant tales The narrator is fishing for trout in the moonlight when he sees a sil. Oy watches them in awe and pride When snowy winter sets in all the birds and animals around the loch must scavenge desperately for food The fox also

Sir Michael Andrew Morpurgo OBE FRSL is the author of many books for children five of which have been made into films He also writes his own screenplays and libretti for opera Born in St Albans Hertfordshire in 1943 he was evacuated to Cumberland during the last years of the Second World War then returned to London moving later to Essex After a brief and unsuccessful spell in the army