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Girl it s rotica and it s about vampires Not that many of O have been only a dream followed by three similar dreams that summer She had not gone far along the path when she had ncountered a tall beautiful woman with long straight black hair who was dressed in a black satin shirt and black leggings with boots and with a long black cloak flung back from her shouldersShe had smiled at Alexis her white teeth gleaming in the dim light and had told her she was Benay Basuaist it was later Alexis had learned of her title Alexis had smiled in return and given her name as well I know who you are The Countess had said surprising.

Predictable nding simplistic plot but hey it s a girl meets. Eighteen year old Alexis Holden is immediately attracted to Dominiue Tinnel the new young teacher who arrives at Chenier Academy – an Love for Imperfect Things exclusive girls prep school located in the mountains and forests of Switzerland Dominiue feels likewise but refrains fromxpressing her feelings because Alexis is her student Both Alexis and Dominiue fall under the spell of the mysterious Countess Benay Basuaist who unknown to them is an ancient and powerful vampireEXCERPT It had seemed both real and yet not but verything that followed had been so strange she had known it had

He kind out there and the baseline is much lower so it ll do. Alexis I have seen you about on the school grounds You are new here at Chenier aren't you Although a uestion the Countess seemed to want no answerCome with me Alexis She had said in a soft coaxing tone and Alexis had willingly followed her off the pathway into a bed of fernsThe Countess had removed her cloak and laid it down atop the ferns and stretched out on it and held up a hand to Alexis and drew her down beside her She had turned towards Alexis and cupped her face in her hands and gazed deeply into her yes in a manner that made the young woman feel hypnotiz.

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Librarian note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameHelen Dunn is the author of “Untamed Women of Yesteryear” published by L Books – which received honorable mention by the Golden Crown Literary Society She has also been nominated for Favorite Lesbian Fiction Historical – by the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards group for 2011 She has written several anthol