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Ine how similar they will be when they will play in the forest as cougars hide spoiler I do not read a ot of paranormal fantasy novels because forgive me for being too honest I find most of them a bit corny and the romance often cheesy but this particular book combines several elements the setting a really small secluded forest town in Canada that specializes in medical research the sprinkle of science fiction and mythology and the genuine teen feel to the novel including the realistic romance dialogues and writing making this a very refreshing read The plot isn t your complex adventurous type but it was still engaging to read because of the mystery behind the characters and the setting of the story itself I earned uite a few things about wild animals especially cougars The main character Maya is also a very ikable character uite funny too What I particularly Watching Ice And Weather Our Way liked most about the story is Maya s relationship with her parents and her best friend Daniel Here s a great example of the plausibility of a boy and a girl being best friends without having to fall inove with each other although it might be too early to tell because it s only the first book But Rafe is 3 I settled for three stars because besides the cliffhanger the ast twenty percent of the story seemed a bit jumbled up as if the missing actions during the significant first portion of the novel were all crammed up in the ast few pages of the book Also there are still so many uestions unanswered although I m sure that s the author s way of making the reader want to read the seuels Overall it was still a generally enjoyable read If you re Love Will Follow looking for a really enthusiastic and positive perspective of the novel do check out Pang s review Well written but I think my sheer impatience with the set up got to me References to Samuel Lyle Darkest Powers trilogy and the Nasts Cortezes and St Clouds Women of the Otherworld were very welcome as I m anxious to see characters from all the books connect but I m seeing similarities with these other works too Maya reminds me of Elena WotO in personality and ability but the people around her made me think of Chloe s crowd Daniel is Chloe s Maya s best friend and she wants to keep it that way so no kissy wissy despite being attractive to every girl except her Apparently I m not so sure And Rafe is her Derek though he may actually be Clay to her Elena an outsideroutcast who s struggling to care for his brother sister AnnieIoved Maya s parents They were good people and genuinely A Fabulous Creation loved and cared for their adopted daughter Parents are rarely seen or heard in YA these days or if they re around they re neglectful of their duties clueless about their children and their actions Maya has close relationships with them and I chuckled every time sheovingly teased her father mercilessly Her directness was embarrassingMy impatience came into play when everything is blatantly obvious to us readers but we re waiting for the characters to catch on or impart important information to these poor clueless kids They don t realise that what they re joking around about is actually real and true because to them it s too far fetched I feel Os Guardiões da História I - Começa a Tempestade (History Keepers like I m 100 steps ahead of them and my foot s itching to kick them to motivate them to catch upIntellectually I know this is just a slow build up establishing Maya s world so we can understand how devastating itl be for her and her friends when it all falls apart but justHURRY UP That cliffhanger I knew it was coming but it still burns If I had the next instalment I would be reading it right now instead of writing this so I enjoyed the book well enoughHowever I didn t particularly take to Rafe Perhaps I was reading too much into the whole The Sun on My Head love triangle thing of theast trilogy but I was hoping Daniel would take Maya s dad s offer of the truck and marry Maya He s far Riverbend Road (Haven Point, likeable than Rafe and I got the impression he might be interested in dating Maya but as I said before I might be reading too much into his actionsview spoilerI have many uestions about what will happen next How many of the kids were taken if any Did Annie make it out and will we see her again How is everything going to explained Who will get what explanation It s going to be tough to come up with a cover story about the way the fire spread and the strange people with guns pretending to be rescue workers but I think it will be entertaining to see them try hide spoiler Here s the thing that you need to know before you pick this up it has no resolution It s three hundred and fifty nine pages of introduction A wild and eerie setting is described a cast of powerful teenagers is introduced a few mysteries are presented and a romance begins And then it just ends There isn t even a real cliffhanger However I have to say that the elements that are present the setting the characters the conflicts and the romance are all pretty well done I don t know if it s because I am still smarting a bit from the ending of The Darkest Powers trilogy but theack of any kind of resolution in this book really bothers me Honestly my recommendation is to wait for the second and third books of this series to be released before reading this one You Claimed by the Wealthy Magnate ll probably save yourself aot of frustrationThis book takes place in a very remote part of Vancouver Island in a tiny town called Salmon Creek The terrain is Tell Me About Eternity lush and uncultivated and inhabited by dangerous wildlife Maya is a teenage girl who has been raised in Salmon Creek which barely has a population of two hundred All of the adults are employed by the St Cloud corporation aarge medical research facility I think that if you ve read The Darkest Powers trilogy you Once Upon a Time (Calluvias Royalty, ll have an immediate awareness that something s not uite right in this town Maya s point of view as aifelong resident is unsettling at times but in a deliciously eerie way It s fascinating to experience how she views the St Cloud corporation almost Enamoured (The Enslaved Duet like a benevolent trustworthy entity that she needs to defendWhen Maya s best friend Serena dies under mysterious circumstances Maya vows to figure out what happened But a yearater she s still grieving and avoiding any mention of Serena in an attempt to spare the feelings of her best friend Daniel who was Serena s boyfriend When a journalist shows up in the town asking uestions and Maya starts having cougar run ins than can be considered healthy she finally decides to get to the bottom of everything Complicating her On the Edge life is an attraction to the new kid in town Rafe Maya can tell that Rafe is never uite sincere about anything and he seems to be a serial flirter but she s drawn to him anywayHere is my biggest problem with this book at my count there are fifteen conflictsmysteries that are set up in the course of these pages and not a single one of them is solved Not even the minor ones Here s theist that I came up with if you re interested view spoiler1 What s the real motivation of the St Cloud corporation 2 What s going on with Rafe s sister 3 Who drugged Maya at her birthday 4 Is Serena still alive And does anyone else think that she s a siren 5 What was the thing that grabbed her in the ake 6 Is Maya going to tell her parents about her powers When will she shift 7 Where is her motherbrother 8 What are the powers of all of the other kids in Salmon Creek 9 Will Rafe outrun the drug dealers 10 Who were the men in the woods 11 Why were they trying to round up the Salmon Creek kids 12 Who killed Mina Lee 13 What relevance do Maya s animal memory vision powers have 14 Will Daniel ever find out where his mother went15 Will Rafe and Maya get together hide spoiler. About certain people and situationsIt doesn't help that the new bad boy in town Rafe has a dangerous secret and he's interested in one special part of Maya's anatomy her paw print birthmark.

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Eep reminding me this is YA which isn t a bad thing since there s something about school settings that still interests me with stories Most of the action is reserved for the ast 20% so some may A Not-So-Innocent Seduction (Kavanaghs of Silver Glen, lose some patience There is a cliffhanger but thankfully it s not a jagged killer of one While not action filled it stills stays interesting but not much actually happens the book seems to be oneong set up until the ending where it sorts of abruptly cuts off during their next stepMaya is uniue with her abilities and I m not sure exactly everything she can do but she explores some of her heritage and Native American origins in this one I have a feeling she s going to discover much in the second book about tribes and her missing people I don t know all she can do yet but it s clearly something with animalsThere is romance but it s not overly angsty It s tied strongly into the storyline of course but the main Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science love interest isikable and different enough to keep that okay Her side friend with the abusive fathers throws in realism I can t complain about any of the characters we have some stereotypes but in real A Ved Mehta Reader life the teenagers usually have stereotypes in their group anyway we don t develop cliues in high school without a reasonIike Maya s bond with her adoptive parents and how well they understand her not something often used in YA fiction but I m confused on the end and who or what are her birth parents Again have a feeling that information is The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover left to discover in the seuelAot of uestions are raised and answered but still some uestions dangle waiting for the seuel to come out and fill the reader in Will be the second when I get the chanceI haven t read the Darkest Powers trilogy so this is pretty new to me since I am not familiar with that tie in series Bullet Review75 pages of plot ballooned out to 359 pages Characters are complete morons without a shred of common sense All the plot twists I called A HUNDRED PAGES before the characters were told it because investigating Ain t nobody got time for that Instead Hometown Honey let s focus on the stupid teen DWAMA romantic plot tumorYou cannot say that I m bloating the rating just because Iiked Armstrong s earlier books Massive disappointment if I didn t already own the rest of the trilogy I would uit hereFull ReviewMaya is totally not a normal teen in a totally not normal town but even though those two are fairly obvious no one even bats an eye Maya heals animals super fast talks with cougars The Prince in the Royal Suite (Chatsfield Novella, like it s no big deal and has visions of running through the forest but that s what everyone has right Everyone can do thatThe town was built by the totally not suspicious St Clouds and has a set up straight out of a Stephen King horror novel but again totesegitMaya s friend Serena died drowning the previous year in a Falling For Him lake that should be called a kiddie pool but even though Serena was a top notch swimmer no one bats an eye Maya has a friend Daniel who is totally not into her in the romantic way Nope nope that would be weirdAnd the new bad boy Rafe is totally hot and sexy in that Latino way so that means it s totally okay to break your rule about datingocal boys for a makeout session or seventeen RIGHTAll the problems of this book go back to One Ultimate Problem there is too Undercover at City Hospital little story spread out over 359 pages There is nothing inherently wrong with Maya s character Iove how she s Native with Native culture or Daniel or Rafe or the setup of the town or the mysterious death of Serena Actually all this could be a setup to a great horror movie Okay maybe not great but scary definitelyThe problem is this book is basically the first two chapters or so of a real book It s all setup not even a teensie bit of a payoutDo we find out how Serena died NopeDo we find out how Mina died NopeDo we find out how the fire was set Nope Bonus How were the kids SO SURE that the fire was setDo we know anything about Maya s family NopeDo we get confirmation about Rafe s assertions or do we just believe him because he s HAWT Hot duhAnd on And on And so forthIt doesn t help that so much of the book feels The Story of Our Lives like the same basic plot as Darkest Powers girl finds out from someone else who infodumps it to her because GOD FORBID a woman know her own magical powers without being told by a male she s something special super evil medical corporation wants to use kids for EVUL Perhaps if we hadn t already read this plot in Darkest Powers we could put up with Maya slamming her tongue down Rafe s throat for 200 pages but come on Armstrong We aren t idiots Your characters aren t idiots Open their eyes andet them see what s standing right in front of themOh and some of the survival tactics run completely counter to everything I d read before Pepper spray Actually it is ILLEGAL to have in Canada though it will allow bear and dog spray neither of which are mentioned in the book Most sites say not to run away if you meet a cougar And probably the biggest one is about climbing a tree to escape a bear Armstrong I hate to be rude but did you do research or just make some of this up for dramaCommon sense tells me I should avoid the seuel based on my dislike of this book however I am hopeful with 359 pages of setup out of the way perhaps we can get to the actual story Plus I own all three booksOn a side noteI used to snap up all of Armstrong s books when they came out Glad I m not doing that any My history with Kelley Armstrong is a Chosen by the Lieutenant (Regency Brides of Convenience long and solid oneI ve read all her books in the Underworld series and Elena and Clay are one of my few most beloved couples in UF I inhaled all the books where they are protagonists they re definitely my favorite in the seriesWhen Armstrong started writing YAit The Darkest Powers series I picked up The Summoning I wasn t very impressed so much so that I dropped the series This new series Darkness Rising is somewhat better than DP but still hasn t eft me very impressed so far The story is set in a tiny community somewhere on Vancouver Island Canada Salmon Creek is a small village whose residents work for a pharmaceutical company who does classified medical research There s something definitely fishy going on in the community from Serena s Maya s best friend death to the appearance of an ever increasing number of unknown cougars to a series of weird events punctuating Maya s ife There were some nice and original aspects to this story that I particularly appreciated The setting for starters is really nice Descriptions of the community the wilderness and the wildlife are really well done atmospheric There s always an animalistic taste to Armstrong s books when she deals with shapeshifters that I find extremely enticing Because after all shapeshifters they are in this book Skin walkers to be precise a race of supernaturals that I had yet to encounter in fantasy The mythology tied to native Americans is definitely a point which I found very interesting and that I would have wanted to and that I hope will be explored in the next installments What I didn t National Geographic Guide to Birding Hot Spots of the United States like was when said mythology got contaminated with a not so native regional Italian secret sect of hunters the Benandanti which had in my opinion veryittle to do with native Americans There might be ignorance on my part on this subject but the sect is incidentally originally from the area where I Ellis Kackley the Best Damn Doctor in the West live and I am pretty sure we have nothing in common with native American shapeshifters Anyway The other problem I had is that some scenes between Maya and Rafe especially the ones when they are in the woods felt very much similar to some Elena and Clay s scenes view spoiler and if they re similar now I can t imag. Ountainions are spotted rather freuently around Maya's home and her reactions to them are somewhat unexpected Her best friend Daniel has also been experiencing unexplainable premonitions.

I have a confession to make here goes So anyone who knows me at all on goodreads will know that I have a few friends whose reviews I rely on without uestion If they say a book is better than chocolate orgasms and Melina Marchetta combined even if I ve never heard of it I will believe them Except I didn t I doubted it s true I doubted I have had this book on my shelf since not Here So Far Away long after it s release in Aprilast year and I have been putting if off and putting it off Everytime I reminded myself that I should probably read it soon I would then talk myself out of itWhy Because while my Applied Linguistics in the Real World love for dystopias keeps me reading trash in search of that one book that will prove authors still know how to do it well myove for young adult paranormal novels up and Downtime left shortly after the publication of the Twilight series Okay so it occasionally makes a rare re appearance for books that are paranormal with other elementsike Angelfall for example And yet Ms Armstrong has somehow successfuly delivered it back to me in a shiny completely addicted condition I thought my inability to enjoy Unearthly another book that all my friends An Allegheny Homecoming loved was proof that I was doomed to dislike young adult paranormal books forever How wrong I wasThis is a wonderfully enjoyable novel with refreshing Native Canadian mythology There s also an array of characters that interested me beyond the main character Maya and the guy she s hot for Rafeike Daniel her overprotective best friend Rafe s mentally damaged sister Annie Sam the uick tempered girl who is than you first expect even Maya s parents are memorable with all the funny dialogue between the family especially between Maya and her father And I want to hug Kelley Armstrong so much for managing to create a sexy Most Eligible Sheriff (Sweetheart, Nevada love interest without him being a broody crazy control freak Aove story where both the guy and the girl have personalities and aren t abusive I must be dreamingThis is just so much better written than the majority of young adult paranormal novels I m not suggesting that it will blow your mind or give you a new perspective on ife but this is how I felt about YA UF back when they used to be fun and not so repetitive cliched and annoying This is how I felt at the start of the Vampire Academy series excited The Gathering Darkness Rising 1 Kelley ArmstrongThe Gathering is the first book in Armstrong s Darkness Rising trilogy Darkness Rising is the second trilogy in the Darkest Powers series Darkness Rising follows a new set of kids The Darkness Rising trilogy follows a sixteen year old girl named Maya DelaneyThe setting for The Gathering is a small medical research town called Salmon Creek on Vancouver Island Salmon Creek was built by St Cloud Corporation the owners of the town and surrounding park It was built for their employees Maya the main character is the adopted daughter of the park ranger The events actually start a year before with the death of Maya s friend Serena She a The ast 14 of the bookI don t even know where to startI don t know about you but I m not too fond of writing essays and I was pretty terrible at it in grade school I tend to BS my way through them then I just ramble and make random dramatic statements and reactions and not much actual facts until the very The Fixers last part of my paper where I realize OH SHIT I only have 250 wordseft and I need to make a point Then I cram in all the facts I can and hope that my essaypaper ends up somewhat coherent This is what it feels Cuckoo like Ms Armstrong did for the ending She fleshed out the first 34 of the book because she didn t have an idea of where she wants to go then the hastily thrown together before deadline ending makes no senseI m sorry is there an actual plot to this book Ok it s the first book in the series and there needs to be introductions made but I swear the first 23rds of the book was an introduction to Maya her family and her adopted past her friend Serena s tragic accident her mixed feelings and friendship with Daniel and her burgeoning romance with the school poseu I mean Rafe Too much background Way way too much background and not enough flesh or plot I know than I need to about how wonderful her parents are the mean spiritedness of bad girl Sam and the wonderful pretty scenicittle town and I mean The Last Surrender little owned by the St Cloud corporation and all the hush hush that goes on surrounding theab 75% through the book and I still had no idea what the plot is supposed to beWe hear the word skinwalker American Government like twice in the first half One by a crazyazy who pretty much spitefully shouts it at Maya while she s about to get a tattoo I really have no idea what this series wants to be As seen on The ReadventurerWhat a pleasant surprise this novel was I did not expect to Reunion like The Gathering after being very underwhelmed by Kelley Armstrong s first YA trilogy Darkest Powers While I think nothing changed in terms of the structure Armstrong chose for her trilogies the whole story is simply separated into three parts instead of presenting three separate story arcs this book was a much better experience for me I attribute this to the following1 Settingoved The Rescuer loved that the book is set in Canada in an isolated tiny medical research town population 200ocated in a national park A huge portion of the story takes place outdoors It made me want to Happy Family live in a cabin with bobcats and cougars roaming around too 2 New type of supernatural beings Maya is something Armstrong has never written before I am uite curious about Maya s powers which are not very clear at the moment I surely prefer them to Chloe s dead raising skills3 No hiding in warehouses Was very sick of them in all three Darkest Powers books4 Teen characters and romances Kelley Armstrong is one of a very few YA authors who refuse to promote stalkerdoormat relationships based on ANGST The narrator of this novel Maya is a strong young woman and her relationship with her hotove interest is well balanced even when complicatedThe biggest flaw of The Gathering comes from the author s choice of the trilogy s plot structure Again Taboo Feeding like in Darkest Powers there is almost no climax in the story just some mildly exciting action seuence in theast 50 pages or so Based on the reviews I have read this flaw can really spoil the experience for some readersI however managed to enjoy the novel anyway It In Seconds (Bulletproof, left me with the same feeling Unearthly did I know there are uestions raised than answered I know it is a very incomplete story and the whole novel does nothing much besides setting up the stage for the future installments but the process of reading the book was so enjoyable that I was able to overlook its shortcomings and now amooking forward to the seuel with anticipation The cougar a ragged ear old top I clled Marv just stared at her Arvyndase (Silverspeech) like he couldn t believe anyone would be dumb to climb a tree to escape a cat Iove Kelley Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld series but this was my first time trying one of her young adult series Her writing style worked fine for this genre easy to focus on and a breeze to get through Not much happens until after 50% into the story but it s still easy to stay focused on the character focused book The small town setting is almost a character in itself and there are different animals that throw out hints about the main character s hidden abilities Set in Canada the tiny town is a called a medical community of sorts which is just odd but totally works Maya s father is the park ranger so animals and the surrounding woods have much to do with the story There s a few scenes in the high school and friend gatherings that Strange things are happening in Maya's tiny Vancouver Island town First her friend Serena the captain of the swim team drowns mysteriously in the middle of a calm The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies, lake Then one yearater

Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could write Her earliest written efforts were disastrous If asked for a story about girls and dolls hers would invariably feature undead girls and evil dolls much to her teachers' dismay All efforts to make her produce normal stories failedToday she continues to spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves while safely locked a