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Use he wasn t necessarily a good guy actually uite the opposite but until you know that you actually like him so it s dissapointing when you find out he s not as honorable as you thought The only other thing is that it wasn t slow moving but not exactly fast paced It didn t keep me iveted to the pages but it was still interesting enough that I wanted to know how it would end Overall though that was my only Essays One real issue with it I definitely enjoyed andecommend it I loved the setting of this novel and the twists and turns it took The author seemed to have a good grasp of the medieval time period which helped to enhance the story It dragged a bit in places and the ending felt Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose rushed but it kept me interested and wanting to know what happened to the characters after the book ended A light forgettable tale of knights and commoners The only item of note is that the hero is a young man named Hodge I met Randall Wright at locally sponsored book signing I had many uestions but he kindly took the time to talk about himself his book and other things which I appreci. Back who has to save them all Long ago Castle Marlbyang with the comings and goings of kings and princes Now the castle is a uiet sleepy place where everyone seems to have forgotten those golden days Everyone but Hodge that is Though his hunched back earns him the unlovely job of mucking out the latrine he dreams of serving a prince someday But when

Ated I bought the signed book for my 11 year old boy for Christmas but as I typically do I borrowed the book so I could The Kaya-Girl read it myself I like to do that with most of the books I get for the kids especially if it falls within one of my favorite genresIt is aare book that causes me to have to get out a dictionary and my Noah Webster 1828 eprint at that There are now at least 10 new words elating to castle life for which I have picked up than a guessed meaning I thought the book was very well written and the story uite heart warming I plan on seeking out other books by this author This is one I would highly Omnibus Films recommend Hodge has always dreamed of serving a prince just like in the stories But no one comes to Castle Marlby any and who would let a hunchback serve a prince His brother Fleet doesn t believe in him either But one day a prince does come but he seems to be a prisoner I wasn t going to bother with this book because it was disappointing that it wasn t the hunchback of notre dame but I liked this story even better it was so wonderful I decommend thi. Ne finally appears he is nothing like Hodge expected Prince Leo is kept hidden away behind locked doors as if he were in terrible danger Or is he himself the dangerous one When Hodge discovers the truth he tumbles headlong into an adventure that proves far exciting than he could ever have imagined It will take all his strength to survive and all his hea.

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Hodge has always dreamed of serving oyalty Instead the young hunchbacked teen is the lowest of the servants He mucks out latrines ovens and stalls When Prince Leo arrives at Hodge s keep everything changes and Hodge discovers that getting what you want isn t always the best thing I found the story depressing and was a little unclear on why it mattered that Hodge was a hunchback because it didn t seem to cause him any problems and gave him advantages in some instances but those advantages didn t eally matter What a charming story about midevil times Don t let the title sway you and think Notre Dame I couldn t put it down It ended kind of abruptly and therefore I wish he would write seuel A woman in my ward named Fae Her son wrote the book Good Book I definitely enjoyed this it was interesting and well written The characters were developed well and it was a sweet story Hodge the main character is a courageous sweet and wonderful character who I love and the bond between him and his brother Fleet is very sweet The prince was a little confusing though beca. You shouted a voice from near the willow tree Stop Hodge heard the jangle of a horse's bridle He spun about the other way but a dark shape jumped out of the shadows and knocked him to the ground Light flashed into his face as a lantern was uncovered A spy hissed the figure A stinkin' spyA glorious adventure of castles kings traitors and one humble hunch.