C.L. Vaughn: Offenders and Detainees

S a van stops and he his ushered inside and given water Click time passes and he earns English and finds work to send money home to his family But that was years ago and now Miguel finds himself sitting inside another van Only this van is much cleaner and features the emblem of the U S Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency also known as

This paper was writing during a course in Introduction to Corrections at Bellevue College It takes a Thief (Sevy, look at the use of commercial prisons throughout AmericaOpening ParagraphIt hit Miguel Sevillaike a ton of bricks Each click of the cuffs tightening their grip on his wrists brought forward another memory from when he was a teenager Click he su.

Irms under the rusted metal fence and runs for cover in complete darkness Click spotlights erupt ike miniature explosions Click voices he can’t understand yell in every direction and everyone runs to escape Click the men are gone and the sun has risen bring with it an unbearable heat Click He’s near exhaustion and beginning to hallucinate

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