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Te science fiction and fantasy Interesting information Not well written and uestionable source material I thought Porter Rockwell A Biography by Richard Lloyd Dewey was a very good book I enjoyed learning about the history f The Church f Jesus Christ f Latter day Saints and about this unforgettable character in the beginnings f the pioneer history f the church I believe the author did a commendable job f telling all sides f the story A very interesting fact is how the media crucified good people in the early days Porter Rockwell: A Biography of the church just like they do today This book has been sittingn my shelf for at least fifteen years I m not sure if I bought it Satire on impulser if it was given to me but it had a bookmark that my at that time girlfriend gave me after moving three states away to sunny San Diego Deflower the Boss on page three There is a beachn the bookmark Porter Rockwell failed to satisfy my boyish longings fifteen years ago but I am no longer a lovesick boy I am a man And this is the kind Hebrew magic amulets of book men read And like Porter Rockwell would have done I kicked that girl to the curb long ago There arether ways that I am like Porter Rockwell He didn t shave r cut his hair I have not shaved in two months and it has been at least ne month since I cut my hair He lived in Lehi Utah I ve driven through there So Being There on the first lazy Sunday after school gotut for summer break and I no longer had to deal with thirteen fourteen هذه بلادنا: الجواء or fifteen yearlds and their somewhat pleasing but Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom oftenverly simplistic YA literature I decided to give Porter Rockwell another shot That s a pun because he shot guns This book is kay I liked reading it I like Utah history and I can easily get wrapped up in books about what my hometown was like ne hundred and fifty years ago Dewey has clearly done his research and has a source to cite in nearly every paragraph There are two hundred fifty pages f notes references and bibliography But this book also has some problems Although he s done a great job including sources Dewey isn t able to let them speak for themselves Any time he thinks a source might not support the image f Porter Rockwell he wants the reader to go away with he interrupts the source to correct it And these interruptions and corrections never have their wn sources which means that the corrections are unsubstantiated and unsupported Dewey wants to entice the reader with the image f Porter Rockwell as a gunslinging roustabout going against the grain in early Mormon Utah but he also wants to make sure the reader knows that Rockwell was an bedient and faithful Latter day Saint despite his fondness for whiskey and swearing And killing people Though there are than enough sources to convince me that the author has done the legwork the information isn t presented bjectively so it doesn t really paint a clear picture f who Porter Rockwell was To an extent I can understand why Dewey approached the subject in the way he did It s clear that there was a lot f misinformation in contemporary sources about Rockwell s character and it s understandable that a Rockwell aficionado would want to clear some f that up But Dewey ver corrects It s not enough for Dewey to demonstrate that Rockwell was not a hit man for the early church He goes ut f his way to leave the reader with the impression that Rockwell was pretty conventional as far as LDS doctrinal bservance is concerned that a modern Latter day Saint might expect to run into him in sacrament meeting if he we. Succeeded Outlaws actually sang compfire ballads about him Latter day Saints are proud to view him as a folk hero Reading this book allows us to see what a real hero is Famed British journalist Jules Remy wrote in 1861 He is the stuff from which heroes are wrought It is he who is ever at hand where there is a sacrifice to be made which can be f advantage to the ppressed Richard Lloyd Dewey uotes hundreds f riginal sources journals letters and court records some from sources never before tapped and weaves them all together in fascinating form In the process he clarifies the controversies dispels the shadows and melts awa.

This was a fascinating read I had heard about this badass from a friend and after repeatedly asking for stories about this guy I was presented with this mammoth tome While Mr Rockwel This book disappointed me I was hoping to find a book that would set straight who Porter Rockwell really was and separate the man from the legendinstead I got a book full f hypothesis and conveniently missing information There were good references for a lot f verall historical information but when it came to things closely related to Rockwell it was lacking Still looking for a book Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations on this legendf a man so if anyone knows ne that has solid record and references I d love to read it You grow up in Utah hearing all kinds f crazy stories about him but y if I could get my hands n something that was less guesswork This book lacks The Stringbean Murders organization both in the layout and in the writing The frontpiece contains 18 pages about guns withne page أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع of Acknowledgements The narrative itself is 339 pages followed by 129 pagesf explanatory Notes then 46 pages Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of References documenting the narrative then 16 pagesf References documenting the Notes and finally 35 pages The Sporty Game of Bibliography uantity not uality I am not thenly reader annoyed by the near impossibility American Yakuza II of finding the References cited in the Notes A tablef contents would have helped On page 25 Dewey writes Before his move to Caldwell County however Joseph Smith had led 204 Mormon soldiers from Ohio in an attempt to redeem Jackson County But Zion s Camp as the army was called had met with disaster The miserable excursion Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders over having never reached Missouri Joseph led them back to Ohio Zion s Camp did indeed reach Missouri and was disbanded near the Fishing River which anyone familiar with Zion s Camp history knows The Fishing River flows through Clay and Ray Counties in Missouri Dewey writesf activities and adventures with Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise only suggestionsr assumptions that Orrin Porter Rockwell was present Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing or involved which is not surprising because Rockwell was not literate and his life was not consistently written about Dewey s writing leads me to suggest a better title for this book might be Glimpsesf History Surrounding the Life Blood Love of Orrin Porter Rockwell I was especially disappointed in Dewey s treatmentf Colonel Patrick E Connor in the last 3 pages f Chapter XIII and all f Chapter XIV also Note 36 which portrays the Battle f Bear River against the Shoshone Indians also known as the Bear River Massacre pposite to the honorable character which Dewey probably correctly attributes to Rockwell I tried reading this book all the way through but kept getting annoyed as the author took too many liberties I thought this would be a biography as it says that it is but the author supposes and guesses and suggests way too much Stick to the facts I enjoyed reading this biography It read uickly and there was a lot f information that I had never learned since I did not grow up in Utah and did not get that as part f my history lessonsI thought the Notes section was a bit long and the numbering in the text for sources has no associated footnotes r numbered works cited section so that was a bit frustratingI also would have liked details about motive instead f just the ld event after event Of course I realize that is difficult to achieve for someone who didn t know how to read r write Rockwell but for me that is what is important not just what someone does but why they do it That must be why I like to wri. Read the true story DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting of Brigham Young's bodyguard a man history and Hollywood has completelyverlooked the nly man to kill utlaws than Wyatt Earp Doc Holladay Tom Horn and Batt masterson combined A man who believed from a blessing he received from Joseph Smith that if he never cut his hair he could never die in a fight Assassins ambushed him but no ne could kill him as confirmed by the Deseret News in 1918 stating he had passed through dangers unscathed as numerous as those recorded in the most lurid fiction after it had interviewed numerous settlers who had known him Gunfighters traveled hundreds f miles to get him none.

Re alive today and that he might even be assigned to Rockwell as a home teaching companion But despite his unwavering loyalty to the church and it s leaders the guy Civil rights, tool of communist deception owned a saloon and was a well documented alcoholic thatn a handful f ccasions clearly killed people who crossed paths with him in the heat Cutthroat of the moment Dewey s interpretationf Rockwell s character in this regard seems a bit strained throughout the bookThe first An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims one hundred pages don t really have much to do with Rockwell I can see why Dewey included them he wants to paint a picturef the hostile environment Rockwell and the The Claiming of the Shrew other Mormons endured to show how it shaped Rockwell s character The problem is that since Rockwell wasn t a well known figure at the beginningf this period there isn t much documentation for his whereabouts There are a few documents that tie him loosely to various places and events but nothing to shed any light Summoned on what he actually did As a result the first hundred pages read like a pretty standard recitationf LDS church history with insertions at the end f each major event saying things like Doubtless Porter was there The problem is that Dewey is reading his history backward placing Rockwell in the middle f events based n the ways he was known to act twenty years later when there is documentation about things he said and did I m getting a little picky here but I m also a little annoyed with some f the Dewey s stylistic choices He likes to set up paragraphs in which he doesn t really say what he s trying to get at but instead makes a few broad statements and then uses an ellipses to get the reader to infer his meaning And we all know how effective that can be in a book claiming to be an academic historical workI think Dewey would have written a much better book if he had been willing to embrace the ethereal and folkloric aspects Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return of Rockwell s character insteadf trying to cram his personality into Dewey s predetermined mold It is after all that legendary aspect Dead Inside of Porter Rockwell that makes him such a compelling figure First I should say that I never intended to read this book but I was stuck in the woods with no book to read so Porter Rockwell it was That being said I enjoyed it then I thought I would Onef the things that I didn t like was the way the author assumes Rockwell did this r that it is a biography if you don t have evidence to support the things that happened don t include it So annoying Porter Rockwell was the Chuck Norris f Mormondom I loved taking this The Taste of Spruce Gum opportunity to learn about the man whose namenly ever casually mentioned in any f my church classes has been so shrouded in legend With it I also learned a lot about Latter day Saint history and enjoyed getting a fuller context and deeper narrative for events I ve read and been taught about but still seemed fairly isolated from ne another I especially appreciated the chapters after Rockwell and his fellow immigrants arrived in Utah it was so much fun to read a history book about a place where I live and am so familiar withBonus points I also discovered some great information about an ancestor She Stoops to Conquer of mine Thomas McBride who was murdered during the Church s Missouri years but whotherwise I didn t know much about at all While the author does take some annoying liberties here and there like supposing Rockwell was present at a particular scene I found lots Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile of gems in this book and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get to know the man behind the myths. Y the myriadsf anti Mormon myths Journalistic fast flowing writing sweeps you through explosive early Mormon history with charm and style He reports little known events and unravels a bizarre yet faith promoting tale The Deseret News Orb of 1986 reports The writing is slick and the pace is fast Dewey has done his homework It's a story told with breadth and feeling the most intriguing ACCURATE account yetf Orrin Porter Rockwell Also the most comprehensive by far As the definitive work n him this fascinating epic biography is as exciting to read as a first rate novel Beautifully illustrated by western artist Clark Kelley Pric.

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