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Primary School kids love the tunes and many work great as an intro to eading notes though I would use along with another book which gives examples of note The Kaya-Girl reading every time a note gets added Tucker s secret life is so catchy I gave it to a few teens to play for a warm up and they loved it A great follow on book from book A the child. Faber Piano Adventures Book B of the Fabers' method for the young beginner moves the student into staffeading Music notation is explored through stepwise directional eading pattern ecognition and changing hand positions all in the context of engaging songs ga.

Ren love this 48 song to play you can t go wrong with this Use tnis boom a lot very popular with a lot of my pupils As described Music teacher euested this I find these books frustrating very slow Perhaps geared for 3 or 4 yr old than a 5 6 yr old My children love this book and they practice every day from it Delivered promptly Bo. Mes and creative exploration at the piano Maintaining the child centered philosophy of the series the friends at the piano from the A Books introduce students to the music of two new composer friends Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven Classic themes.

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Ok is great for piano absolute beginners This book is clear and beautifully illustrated with a helpful accompanying CD Good for teaching young students how to ead music and play from a score This is a very good book for beginners and has a CD to help them practice Daughter plays from it because Graeco-Egyptian Magick recommended by piano teacher Doing OK. Share the stage with contemporary pop and jazz sounds for young ears to absorb and enjoy The Book B audio presents a vibrant mix of sounds from boogie to Beethoven The tracks serve as a listeningesource which educates and as accompaniment tracks for play along.

Nancy and Randall Faber have combined their backgrounds as composer and performer to become leading supporters of piano teachers and students The husband and wife team has authored over 300 publications including the bestselling Piano AdventuresĀ® method and the PreTimeĀ® to BigTimeĀ® Piano Supplementary Library Their innovative student centered approach continues to enjoy an unprecedented response from teachers and students worldwide