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Will never be the same I have not had this problem with other bird books Use better ality heat resistant glue for the book binding Context I was a totally crazy avid birderlister in the late 80 s so by the end of that decade I was pretty good and rarely carried a guide Since then I have gotten 100% burnt out on listing and no longer spend every weekend birding But never lost my love of birds I Probably the best you can get You don t need anything else Arrived in pristine condition well packed and arrived promptlyThe contents of the book are stunnign to behold the plates art are beyond words and it truly is a must have if you are even thinking about hunting vagrants here in the UK or going to the USA for a briding trip Excellent guide with good drawings and appropriate information on bird id behavior and locales However it is too thick to carry into the field easily I keep it as a reference book in the car and carry the thinner Sibleys Western Guide in my birding backpack One can never have enough birding guides I also gave it as a gift to a friend who just wanted it to id backyard birds It is not what I was hoping for It has a great many birds listed but many are very seldom seen in the USA Some are listed as last reported in 1974 and similar what the crap It was once blown in by a hurricane And many listed are only seen in the tip end of the islands off Alaska as wayward. D of all North American bird field guides Filled with hand painted illustrations from top nature artists including the ever popular hummingbird this latest edition is poised to become an instant must have for every serious birder in the United States and Canada The 7th edition includes 37 new species for a total of 1023 species; 16 new pages al.

Could have been 5 stars but the text next to the pictures are very small Info about the birds are easy to read Grab this book and go birding Easy to Spank! use and has beensed loads Bought this book after returning from a recent trip to the Florida Keys and Everglades I am ite a keen wildlife photographer and came back with dozens of images of the abundant wild birds to be seen in Florida I wish I had had this book with me on the trip It has however proved invaluable back home to identify and confirm identification of the many birds I photographedA very well produced guide with full descriptions and images of the birds found in all parts of the USA Similar in layout to the Collins guide found in the UK Recommended for any bird watcher heading to the states I have had several birding field guides before but this is the best ever Besides being the most complete it includes most of the recent exotic species established in the states and even includes an appendix of species found here only one or two times but which could occur again The color plates are the best I have ever seen Perhaps some time in the future it could include the birds of the USA islands like Hawaii Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands I like the content of this book but not the binding I left this book on the front seat of my car on a summer day and the glue from the binding melted and ran onto the seat The book. This fully revised edition of the best selling North American bird field guide is the most p to date guide on the market Perfect for beginning to advanced birders it is the only book organized to match the latest American Ornithological Society taxonomyWith than 275 million copies in print this perennial bestseller is the most freuently pdate.

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Birds only blown over there from Russia during a storm Give me a break Way to much filler material I was also hoping for a lot information concerning specific details about habits or life style stuff of the birds too But very little is given for each bird It does provide very good description of the birds though Look at the actual size of the book before ordering It is a small book This field guide is beautiful and has some great features There is a ick index on the inside front cover to make it easy to find things fast and there are some pages that show raptors in flight from Bon Appetit, Yall underneath which is just brilliant There is a ton of information in this book It is my favorite field guide I also have the Sibley s Eastern US guide and I prefer this one It is well worth the price OK Naysayers Stop the gossip about which field guide is better between NGS and Sibley They are BOTH superb and they each have their strengths Personally for the field I prefer NGS for the size and information provided I keep Sibley in the car for a backup The NGS guide is just so much better overall for fieldwork and birding not to slight Sibley which is wonderful I find that identification keys illustrations behavior and ease ofse in the field is just better with NGS The 7th edition has done its homework and has come out with a winning product You won t be sorry with the purchaseDave KrueperCorrales NM. Low for 250 fresh illustrations; 80 new maps; and 350 map revisions With taxonomy revised to reflect the radical new American Ornithological Society taxonomy established in 2016 the addition of standardized banding codes and text completely vetted by birding experts this new edition will top of the list of birding field guides for years to come.

Jon L Dunn a leading expert on the identification and distribution of North American birds has served as chief consultant on all four previous editions of this book He is also a consultant for the American Birding Association magazine Birding and the former chair of the ABA Checklist Committee as well as a member of the California Bird Records Committee and the AOU Committee on Taxonomy and Nomenclature He lives in Bishop California