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I felt like if I was asked one boring ating or Billy Bragg dining uestion I was going to poke myself or them in the eye Thankfully I got curious and wondered if there were any books written on the subject of uestions Then voila I stumbled across this wonderful book on At the time I purchased 3 other books on uestions but by far this is my favorite book and the only book I use theseaysThere is one particular uestion about an island in this book that is my go to uestion which I absolutely love asking because people actually have to think about a creative answer which often leads into other fun conversationsI highly recommend this book My wife and purchased this to just have some table talk time and it has proven stimulating in parts and fun in others You can choose what category we just say a number and talk about it We have had conversations that last about 5 minutes to an hour Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary depending on our uestion and time Have fun We also sent a copy to ouraughter and her husband as a gift Good book but before you buy this or any other book I recommend to read the first few pages or get a sample to your kindle evice or kindle app for PC My pupils loved this book taking it in turns to ask and answer the huge variety of uestions from a variety of topics including Personal Profile Viewpoints Just imagine and Blast from the past It was a great way of them getting to know each other a little bit better Further the last topic Spiritually Speaking also means that form worship is covered too Last year I went online several times to google get to know you uestions and was always isappointed with the content or repetitive uestions I figured I would also be The Majors Daughter disappointed with this book but it exceeded my expectations I purchased it for a recent beach vacation knowing my man and I would have lots ofown time together and I thought this could be a funeasy way to reconnect It was 1001 Conversation Starters for Any OccasionMost of us realize that raising uestions is a powerful way to get interesting ialogue But asking good ones can be another matter―they’re not always that easy to think up That’s where The Complete Book of uestions comes in This book is one big compilation of uestions.

Wering them in it using one color pen for uestions and using another color pen for my answers I love the concept of having uestions put on paper and taking time to answer them completely My book came clean undamaged and in new condition like I ordered It s a good size book and I love how it oesnt consume much space there are 156 pages front to back full of uestions I love answering uestions so much it s like a hobby to me Very fun interesting uestions to make you think but not too hard Good for family or friend groups not really for new acuaintances But maybe Like others said the last few chapters are rather religion based but there are plenty of uestions in other chapters that you won t need to use these if the conversation may get too heated politics religion you know My family carries this book with us every Sunday when we head out for The Touch dinner at a local restaurant Its a tradition to page through the work and pose several uestions for everyone to answer Its started great conversations among all of us exactly what I was hopi I prefer the 4000 uestions book that I bought The topic extreme spirituality isn t something I care for that much A good book I think for getting toiscover people better if you or they have trouble starting conversations My maid of honour bought this for me back when my husband and I first started On His Majestys Service dating were about to be longistance Now it sits in our first home LOVE the uestion variety how there are so many ways you can use itPick a random number toss to a friend intentionally choose one subject or let them find a uestion No matter what it sparks Different Class deep chats hilarious conversations There are things I would have nevvvvver thought to ask yet I m so glad Iid I carry it in my purse or leave it on our coffee table We take it on road trips and have purchased it for friends STRONGLY RECOMMEND become a better uestion asker listener. Uestions have been The Essential Good Food Guide divided into ten categories for easy reference as shown in the chart below There are probably as many ways to put this book to use as there are uestions within it So be creative Experiment with these 1001 uestions inifferent contexts―and be sure to make the most of the conversations that ensu.

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Also love that the book breaks up the categories into sections some being lighter topics and some progressing to personal topics There really is a huge variety and there are plenty of topics I wouldn t have been able to come up with on my own HIGHLY RECOMMEND It is now a book I keep on my coffee table It could be fun for friends too not just relationships What a great way to get the conversation going My husband brought this book along on our second Textbook of Wisdom date and now I ve bought two one for each of my sons The uestions are separated intoifferent sections In the front it s the just getting to know you kind of uestions Towards the back sections they go a little In Defence of Dogs deeper I went straight to the back of the book on that secondate and now we are married My boyfriend and I bought this book to read together We have talked about several other books we read together uring many phone calls They were mostly good finds That helped us laugh and get to know each other on a eeper level The Complete Book of uestions in my opinion has been the best one we have The City in Mind done I actually have plans to buy this book for some gifts Would highly recommend this bookNot only would this be great for those in a relationship but alsoinner parties family reunions baby showers and even some professional settings where your just not sure how to get conversations going There are several categories with varying Revenge (The Red Ledger degrees ofifficultyCategory of about 100 uestions each areLight EasyPersonal ProfilePreferencesBlast From The PastJust ImagineViewpointsHard HittingFrom The HeartSpiritually SpeakingExtreme Spiritual Matters when I purchased this book I was hoping for a bible of clever conversation starters or pattern of uestions I was very No One Wants You disapointed toiscover this is merely a book of 1001 mundane uestions I love the uestions and I ll be using this book to write The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity down uestions in a journal and ans. ―1001 of them you can use to launch great conversations in almost any context And many of these uestions are likely to trigger other uestions you may also wish toiscuss Think of this book as a tool to spark interaction―and to know and understand others and yourself better The uestions in The Complete Book of.

Garry Poole is the coauthor of the bestselling Tough uestions series and author of Seeker Small Groups The Complete Book of uestions and The Three Habits of Highly Contagious Christians